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Friday, December 30, 2005

Socialist Academic Profiles

The two main socialist nurseries in this country are the trade unions and the universties/teacher training colleges.

Academic socialists, from the pale pink to the rabid red, are in a great position to influence, even indoctrinate, students with their ideas.

These academics live off the taxpayer, are often protected by tenure and are virtually impossible to sack. They can often dictate much of the content of their courses. They have students minds and futures in their hands.

I thought it might be helpful to profile some of these academics, to give people an idea of who they are paying to educate their sons and daughters.

I'll start with some of the individuals working in the University of Canterbury Education Department.


Blogger andrewfalloon said...

T does Education at UC, I wonder if they can turn him into a socialist :)

Can't wait till you do the pols department at UC. Hirschberg has gone, but I think Amy Fletcher has left too :(

2:53 PM  

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