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Friday, January 06, 2006

Save Lives, Get the Cops off our Roads!

The Whig has done an excellent analysis of the MOT report on fatal road crashes for 2003

"The next thing you find out from the report, if you are clever and do the maths, is that of the 461 people killed in 2003, 65 were as a result of speeding with no alcohol involved. Yes, that is of course 65 too many. But even if you were being hideously generous and said that 20 of those were in urban areas where the vast bulk of police revenue is gathered, that's a lot of resource to save twenty lives while another 441 are pushing up daisies somewhere else."

The police have become the IRD on wheels. They're losing the crime battle and have no answer to the road toll save slowing down traffic and robbing motorists blind.

I'm personally in favour of dedicating all police resources to crime reduction and re-establishing a body dedicated solely to traffic safety.


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