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Monday, January 02, 2006

"Terminator" Takes a Risk

California Governor, Arnold Scwharzenegger has risked losing conservative Republican support by appointing a leading Democrat activist as his chief of staff.

The woman in question is 45 year old Susan Kennedy.

Kennedy was once director of the California Abortion Rights Action League. She was later communications director for leftist California Democratic Senator, Diane Feinstein. Kennedy was a key activist in getting California's "domestic partner" law passed and "married" her partner, Vicki Marti, in 1999.

Kennedy is former executive director of the California Democratic Party and was number two cabinet officer to former Democratic Governor, Gray Davis.

California Republican Assembly president, Mike Spence told the LA Times, "I think the Kennedy thing was just the last straw....there's not even one Republican in the state qualified to be chief of staff." Spence added that Kennedy "embodies everything I have spent my life opposing...There is a list of things now where it appears we would have been better off if Gray Davis were governor."

Hope you know what you're doing, Arnie.


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