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Monday, April 03, 2006

Socialist/Muslim Co-operation

From Green Left Weekly, 5th April 2006

The fourth Cairo Conference took place on March 23-26 under the theme "With the resistance in Palestine and Iraq against globalisation, imperialism and Zionism.

Those attending the conference included the International Socialist Tendency, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, the Red Alliance in the Netherlands, Palestine solidarity activists from Canada and a variety of Egyptian participants.

Hamas representative Osama Hamden was among many speakers to address the conference. The conference discussed solidarity with the Iraqi and Palestinian resistance and planned opposition to any move by the US to invade Iran.

Note The International Socialist Tendency is headed by the British Socialist Workers Party. The SWP is a leading faction of the "RESPECT" elctoral coalition which includes former Labour MP George Galloway and some radical Islamic Groups.

The NZ affiliate of the International Socialist tendency is Grant Morgan's "Socialist Worker", which is behind the Resident's Action Movement, is active in the UNITE union and vigorously supports the Palestinian cause.


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