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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Former Green Goes Blue

This took me by surprise. Former Green MP, Ian Ewen-Street has joined the National Party and aims to help write their environmental policy. Hat tip David Farrar.

"I'm looking forward to the challenge of assisting National build a stronger environmental platform," says former Green MP Ian Ewen-Street.

"My values and passion for the environment have not changed but I have changed vehicle because more progress can be made on the substantive issues through a major party like National.

"I am frustrated by the lack of progress New Zealand is making on issues like biosecurity, water quality and sustainable agriculture. The likelihood is that National will be the next Government. I want to influence their policy making so there are gains for the environment.

"My discussions with Don Brash about National wanting a stronger environmental platform have encouraged me to join.

"Don and Environment Spokesman Nick Smith have invited me to make a contribution towards National's environment paper due for release later this year; a role I am excited about.

Ewen-Street was always a bit of an odd man out in the Greens. An organic beef farmer and a former Outward Bound instructor, Ewen-Street must have been very uncomfortable with the increasing Marxist influence in the party.

A great coup for National.


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