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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Keep It 18!

"Keep it 18!" is a new group campaigning, to retain the current legal liquor purchasing age of 18. They deserve your support.

"In 1999 Parliament standardised the drinking age at 18. That was the right decision and it should be maintained in the current debate around changing the age.

Changing New Zealand's drinking culture isn't about changing the drinking age. It's about responsible drinking and proper enforcement of the age.

We set out our arguments for keeping the age at 18 here.

The media release launching the campaign (3 November 2006) is here.

Check back next week to sign the online petition and/or email your local MP.

"Keep it 18" is a coalition of organisations and individuals who support a standard age of 18. The youth wings of Labour, National, ACT and the Greens support the campaign, which also includes former student reps, law academics, concerned young people and citizens."

Chris Bishop is the spokesperson for Keep It 18!

You can call him on +64 21 738 559.

You can email him on


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're supposed to be a libertarian, aren't you? Why have a state enforced age at all?

Yet another typical contradiction of the right wing libertarians.

I believe there's no liquor purchasing age in France.

11:04 AM  
Blogger Trevor Loudon said...

Lighten up anon. If I had my way there'd be be no liquor laws at all (and I'm a teetotaller).

It's simply a matter of working with what we've got.

The age of responsibility in most areas is 18, so it makes sense that if we are going to have liquor restrictions, 18 is the appropriate age.

11:22 AM  

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