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Saturday, March 03, 2007

One Clenched Fist?

Anatoliy Golitsyn, the most important KGB officer, ever to defect to the West, warned us not believe propaganda about the Russia/China split.

Golitsyn claimed that the 1963 split was a disinformation exercise planned as part of communist bloc long range strategy, in 1958/60.

Golitsyn, in his classic 1984 book, "New Lies For Old" successfully predicted the fall of the Berlin Wall, the "velvet revolutions" of Eastern Europe and the "fall of communism" in the Soviet Union. All, he warned were long planned and in line with Moscow and Beijing's long range strategy.

Golitsyn explained that the Soviets and Chinese would re-unite in a military alliance against the West, when the balance of power had tipped in their favour.

Russia and China, together with much of the Islamic world and some Asian powers, including possibly India, would then face a demoralised West with "one clenched fist"

From Cuba's La Prensa Latina

Moscow, Mar 2 The imminent visit of Russia s highest-ranking defense officers to China, amid contradictions with the West, might lead to a political-military alliance with Asia, according to local media.

Army General Yuri Baluyevski will arrive in Beijing on March 3 to review the state of military cooperation with Russia s major military partner since the Community of Independent States.

Sources from the Defense Ministry told the Independent Gazette weekly that the newly appointed minister, Anatoly Serdyukov, chose China to kick off his first international tour a few weeks from now.

Both Serdyukov and Baluyevski will focus on the large-scale military maneuvers Peace Mission 2007, scheduled for July 18-25 in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk.

The countries of the Shanghai Group (China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan), of which India, Pakistan, Mongolia and Iran are observers, will participate in the war games.

The newspaper quoted expert Vitaly Shlykov, member of the Foreign and Defense Policy Council, who said that Baluyevski s upcoming visit to China would send a signal to the United States.

Moscow would like to synchronize the maneuvers of the Shanghai Group with the war maneuvers of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, made up of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Russia and Tajikistan, added the expert.


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