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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Islamofascist/Socialist Alliance

Islamofascist Iran allied with neo-communist Venezuela. A match made in Hell?

This is the 21st century version of the Hitler/Stalin pact.

The left seems willing to swallow this socialist/fascist alliance, just as their grandparents were in 1939.

From Iran's Islamic Republic News Agency

According to the approval of cabinet, Iran-Venezuela cooperation headquarters will soon be established.

A report released by the secretariat of the government's High Council on Information Dissemination, the joint cooperation headquarters will be headed by the first vice president, Parviz Davoudi.

Allocation of funds and credits to Venezuela, export of technical and engineering services, decision making on mutual economic and trade relations are among the issues to be pursued by the joint cooperation headquarters.

The joint cooperation headquarters members will include the vice president for executive affairs, ministers of foreign affairs, interior, information, economic affairs and finance, oil, roads and transportation, energy, commerce, communication and information technology, head of Management and Planning Organization as well as governor of Central Bank of Iran.


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