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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Extremist Makeover-Red Radical Redeemed Through Realty?

In the late '90s/early '00s, Mecina Stanbury was a leading light in the Waikato University socialist set. Involved in the neo-Maoist Radical Society, Mecina Stanbury helped overturn voluntary student unionism at the university.

As Women's Rights officer in 1999 and WSU co-president in 2001, Mecina Stanbury was your archetypal socialist feminist.

When she wasn't battling campus freedom fighters, Matthew and Madeleine Flannagan, she was opening a new "Women's Room" or bollocking the varsity volleyball team for being sponsored by an escort agency.

What's she doing now then-is she a "policy analyst" in the Women's Affairs Department? What about executive assistant to a Green MP? Maybe an organiser for the Service Workers Union? An aid worker in East Timor?

No Mecina Stanbury is a real estate agent in Hamilton!

That's right, Marxist Mecina is flogging off luxury flats to retired Waikato cow cockies. Selling first homes to student debt ridden Waikato graduates.

Mecina Stanbury has taken on the most capitalist industry in the country. Working on commission, sell, sell, selling for a living.

Has Mecina embraced the ethos of the job, or just the money?

Will Mecina confront reality through realty? Will realty make Mecina into a new capitalist woman, or simply a much richer socialist?

I've got my fingers crossed. I'm hoping Mecina Stanbury has abandoned the "dark side of the Force" for good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can see your blog now:

"Former peace activist redeemed through rocket launchers.

Cameron used to get all fired up about the US invading countries and bombing villages. When he wasn't posting comments on New Zeal he was railing against arms companies selling weapons to the Indonesian Military to use against his West Papuan comrades and Indonesian reds.

What is he doing now? Is he in the Green Party? Publishing his own anarchist zine? Being a community lawyer for poor "oppressed" people in South Auckland? No - Cameron is an arms dealer in America!

Cameron has taken on the most blood thirsty industry in the World. In fact he is using his excellent knowledge of US puppet regimes in the Third World gained both through his activism and studying Asian Studies at University to flog off machine guns and rocket launchers to some of the regimes he used to angrily picket! Is Cameron there for the ethos of the job or does he just want the money?

It seems this former Red Radical has been redeemed through retailing rocket launchers."

10:00 AM  
Blogger Trevor Loudon said...

lol very good Cameron-there's hope for you yet.

2:47 PM  

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