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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

US Communists Back Democrats At Every Level

A constant theme of this blog, is the huge influence of the US Communist Party.

While relatively small, the CPUSA dominates the US peace movement, controls or influences much of the union movement and has considerable influence on and in the US Democratic Party

In fact it is no exaggeration to say, that influencing and electing leftist and sympathising Democrats is the main focus of CPUSA activity.

Judith LeBlanc has been a National Secretary of the CPUSA and currently chairs its Peace and Solidarity Commission.

She is also co-chair of United for Peace and Justice, the peak body of the US "peace" movement.

Below is an interesting report on LeBlanc's speech to the recent US Social Forum in Atlanta, taken from the World Socialist Website.

Judith LeBlanc of the United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ) antiwar coalition gave what amounted to the political keynote speech. LeBlanc, a member of the Communist Party, also spoke at the UFPJ’s National Assembly held June 22-24 in Chicago.

In her remarks in Atlanta, LeBlanc noted, “We have lots to do to bring the nearly 70 percent who agree with us on the war, to bring that 70 percent into action against the right-wing lies about the war on terror. What’s necessary for today’s antiwar movement is to become a strategic movement to end the right-wing policies of endless, preemptive, first-strike war.”

She asked, “How can we engage, mobilize and organize that 70 percent? This dilemma is as old as dirt. Over the decades we’ve faced the dilemma of how to organize the people’s righteous reaction to oppression into a political movement to compel dramatic, and yes, fundamental change.”

LeBlanc then laid out her proposal to resolve this dilemma. “Our challenge is to work with folks we may not agree with on anything but this war,” she said. She then proceeded to elaborate who these “folks” are: Democrats in Congress and those “left” groups that operate within and around the Democratic Party.

She pointed out that the US Conference of Mayors and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) had advanced resolutions calling for the withdrawal US troops from Iraq. “Labor and community pressure is being organized,” she argued.

But her greatest praise was reserved for sections of the Democratic Party. “We have far to go in Congress to have the final showdown with Bush,” she said. “It makes a big difference who represents our communities and who sits in the White House.”

She then held up the Democratic “Out of Iraq Caucus” in the House of Representatives as the champion of the antiwar, anti-Bush cause: “Who has been the first of the strongest voices opposing the war in Congress? It’s women and women of color—Lynn Woolsey, Barbara Lee, Maxine Waters. They’re fighting for us now, so we have to fight for every candidate, from dogcatcher to the White House, to take a stand. They may not do it because they believe in their hearts it’s right, but because we’re in their face, because we’re doing some big-time strategizing.”

The obvious implication was that all efforts and resources must be mobilized to oust the Republicans in the 2008 presidential elections and elect a Democrat.

The message put forward by LeBlanc could not be more clear: the fight to end the war in Iraq must be directed to the Democratic Party, a party of American imperialism that is thoroughly complicit in the US military aggression in Iraq and elsewhere.

Although the Democratic Party was not openly represented at the US Social Forum, the trade union bureaucracy and the Communist Party were on hand to promote the notion that electing a Democrat in 2008 was the most important question facing working and young people.


Blogger mah29001 said...

I wonder would the likes of LeBlanc would want to use that sort of rhetoric to justify the next 9/11 style attack against the U.S. as how the likes of Ward Churchill referred 9/11 victims to "Little Eichmann"?

That is certainly where this falls under.

3:54 PM  

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