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Thursday, September 06, 2007

"National Question" 29 Radical Racist Radio

One example of how far the 1990's National Government swallowed the Maori Marxist line was the area of Maori radio.

By the mid' 90s taxpayer funded Te Mangai Paho subsidised a nationwide network of 24 Maori radio stations, to the tune of $12,000,000 annually . Many, if not all of those stations were (and are)are little better than propaganda outlets for the "Maori Sovereignty" movement.

Then Minister of Broadcasting, Maurice Williamson did nothing to rip racist radio from the state nipple, but instead allowed Te Mangai Paho to function under a board that even the Labour Party wouldn't have dared support.

During the 1995 protests at the Asian Development Bank Conference in Auckland, Te Mangai Paho board member Annette Sykes, publicly hinted that hydro dams might be blown up and state forests torched, in the quest for "Maori Sovereignty."

After the consequent media ruckus, Maurice Williamson sought assurances from Sykes that she did not support terrorist actions in support of Maori claims. Sykes assured the Minister she did not. Williamson let the matter rest.

Had the media, or Williamson examined the views of other Te Mangai Paho Board members they would have seen that Sykes' statements were not atypical.

For example, board member, Hone Harawira, in 1987 represented the Pacific Concerns Resource Centre at a "Peace" Conference in Moscow. According to Peacelink, September 1987, Harawira spoke on the "Indigenous Pacific View of the Nuclear Threat" .

According to Harawira,"In terms of resource monopoly, economic slavery and potential for death, European civilisation is more barbaric, savage and destructive than any other since the beginning of time. . . Our fight for a better world will only be won . . . when the white man comes home."

Head of Te Mangai Paho was none other than "Ms Cuba 1978" Ripeka Evans.

In a March 1988 Listener interview Evans shared her vision of Maori broadcasting and spoke of her use of "Structural Analysis", a Marxist based system of analysing social and power relationships structures for the purpose of altering them.
"If you understand nature you understand change. Structural Analysis is just a tool kit for achieving it. I think the most effective revolutionary is a change agent that can move and shake the world and get it to do what they want it to. .

Broadcasting is very important to us politically and socially because of the effect it has on our psyche. . . I haven't sold out one single bit. . . I've known very clearly what the aims and aspirations of Maoridom have been for the past 14 years. I've protested about land and about racism... My obsession in life is change. . .

I'm in pursuit of our freedom to be our own people; to be sovereign people in our own country. I think that's entirely within the realms of possibility within my lifetime. To do this we have to have the systems to manage our own financial affairs and there's no way we can do this unless we've acquired the skills of management and the financial resources."

Evans emphasised "I haven't sold out one single bit. I've been able to transfer the goals that I've had along with hundreds of other Maori people for the past 147 years."

Control of the media is indeed essential for social transformation.

The '90s National Government happily gave our Broadcasting fee to these extremists.


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