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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Setting the Record Straight

Two comments on this thread warrant a reply.

Anonymous said...

It all goes to show how stupid democracy has been to tolerate anarchists and other extremists who would destroy democracy.

What will happen of course is that we will all have to sacrifice some of our civil rights to safeguard our system from these neurotic losers.

A government of a free society should tolerate all strands of opinion anon. Only if criminal activity-vandalism, intimidation, arson, murder, treason, espionage etc are involved should the state step in.

The state has all the powers it needs to deal with these threats and should be given no more. No sacrifice of our freedoms should be required to deal with thugs.

Private citizens like myself should be free to criticise any stupid ideas, individuals or groups we see fit. In return they should be free to criticise people like me-in their own media of course.

Secret Trev Fan just about but nearly re considering said...


It was good to see ACT party leader Rodney Hide stand up for liberty tonight in parliament and oppose the passage of the Suppression of Terrorism Act, alongside his parliamentary colleagues in the Maori and Green parties.

He questioned the draconian powers that Clarke and co now take for themselves- how, on the word of one woman, an organisation can be deemed terrorist, have its assets frozen, and people locked up.

Another right winger, Ross Meraunt, has also admirably spoke out for liberty at the moment, fearing a groupthink peer culture within the Intelligence community that has led to the present debacle.

You yourself have researched many of these people accused, who are now held without bail in a "Guantanamo" grey legal area, and you probably know deep down within you that these guys are not terrorist. Dreamers, maybe. Idiots, definitely. But a secret revolutionary organisation led by someone as public and as theatrical as Tame Iti? Cue belly laugh.

STF-I'm glad Rodney opposed the Bill. My desire to crack a walnut does not mean I want a sledgehammer held over us all.

The police have ample powers to deal with the likes of those arrested and to grant the state greater powers would be disastrous.

Unfortunately STF, I do believe some of those arrested are capable of some pretty heavy stuff.

I certainly think they would be capable of acts that would damage our tourist trade or agricultural sector. I don't want to give these fools any ideas, but burning down a few key tourist spots could do huge harm to this country.

Mostly however, I think most of these people would rather be martyrs to their respective causes. Their supporters are already busy blackening NZ's name with the UN and on the Internet.

Tame Iti as the Kiwi Leonard Peltier perhaps?

Certain anarchists and Maori radicals have been committing all sorts of criminal activity and thuggery for years. Had the police dealt with them sooner we might not now have 19 year old kids languishing in jail.


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