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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Ati Teepa-Well Connected Radical

Ati Keepa is a relative of the bailed Uruwera 17 man from Ruatoki.

According to TV1 News

Ati Teepa was not at his Taupo home when the police called, so he called on them.

Local police seemed surprised that Teepa - wanted in the terrorism sweep - had come to their doorstep. But Teepa told them he just wanted to "do the right thing, bring myself in nice and quietly cause I've got nothing to hide".

Teepa is originally from Ruatoki, the centre of this week's police raids, but he was in Ngaruawahia for a health conference at the time.

However, back in Taupo, someone was at home - his partner as well as some overseas guests.

"They must have asked me close to 30 times the same question 'do you know if your partner is involved in any military activity in the Urewera and after about the twentieth time I said 'have you got a pea brain or are you deaf?'," says Teepa's partner Charlotte Pearsall.

Ati Teepa is also involved with the Concious Collaborations organisation, along with arrestees Tim/Ira Bailey and Emily Bailey plus previously profiled individuals such as Kiritapu Allan, Teanau Tuiono and Helen Te Hira.

Ati Teepa was also a cast member, with Tame Iti in the recent Maori adaptation of Shakespeare's play, The Tempest.

According to French languge indigenous support site Dans le Peau D'un Papou

Le moko est le tatouage traditionnel des Maori. Il peut couvrir tout le corps et le visage. 'Il est....un symbole de révolution et de résistance' dit Ati Teepa.

Which roughly translates to;

The moko is the traditional tattoo of the Maori. It covers the face and the body. "It is a.... symbol of revolution and resistance" says Ati Teepa.

Ati Teepa is also a former staff member of defunct Maori radio service Ruia Mai in Raglan.


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