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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Disabled Liberation Supports "Urewera 17"

As I have written before-Marxists are now targeting the disabled as yet another "oppressed" group to be manipulated.

From Indymedia

Disabled feel great relief that terrorism charges being dropped against Tuhoe and otter protesters...However...

Disabled liberation, representing the doctrines of people with disabilities / disabled people (Nga Hauaa); feel great relief that terrorism charges being dropped against Tuhoe and otter protesters.

However the underlying issues surrounding colonization, marginalization and the bullying tactics of suppression by formal and informal authorities, is still of concern. If more of what we have seen continues, it shows violence (systemic and individual), leading to serious injuries, which brings these people into 'our' world.

Impairments of any kind should and must not be caused by politics and any subsequent actions. Able bodied societies such as Aotearoa NZ have an obligation to uphold all principles of human rights for an equitable system and raise their next generations (mokopuna) in the same fashion.

Please listen to us now, perhaps more than ever.

In Honour & For Peace

Doug Hay - Representative

Disabled Liberation - Aotearoa


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem associated with many disabled people is very simple.

many of them lead lives of meaningless and pointless existence that the slightest chance to stick the knife into those with all their lights showing green is a red rag to a bull. So many disabled people are just losers wanting to kick the rest of us. Disregard them. they dont rate.


5:06 PM  

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