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Monday, December 10, 2007

Tankard Solicits Green Party Support for Anarchist/Tuhoe Hikoi

Here's another post by anarchist Green Party activist Kerry Tankard on Green Forum.

This one just before the November Tuhoe Hikoi on Parliament.

Tuhoe Hikoi arriving at Parliament, 10am, Wednesday 14th Nov Posted: 13 Nov 2007

This is a late request for anyone who can offer support to the Iwi of Tuhoe, members of whom are arriving at Parliament from 10am tomorrow, as they come to present a petition to Parliament regarding the events of the past month, and the effects of the TSA on Tuhoe of Ruatoki and surrounding areas.

A grave injustice has been done to the entire community of Ruatoki; there are complaints laid to the Human Rights Commission about the breaches of civli rights which have occurred in the blockading of the township of Ruatoki, and the manner in which the searches of vehicles travelling in and out of the district were done, as well as the proceedural irregularities which occurred with all of the arrrests in all centres.

This is a matter of importance, as Greens we support a charter affirming the primacy of Te Tiriti to all policy; Tuhoe have been targeted as a result of Tino Rangatiratanga activism, specifically Mana Motuhake o Tuhoe actions. This is an episode of political policing, on a par with the suppression of Maori claims at Bastion Point in the '80's, and earlier historical suppressions of peaceful dissent at Parihaka and Maungapohatu.

I urge anyone who is able to come down to be part of a Green presence in Parliament grounds to welcome the Hikoi, and show solidarity and support for Ngai Tuhoe.

Please contact Hannah Scott if you are able to help;

I am posting this at the request of a member of the Tuhoe Hikoi.
I will be attending this as a member of the local anarchist collectives, please confer with Hannah for Greens' marshalling details. ]

Kerry Tankard


Clear proof of anarchist infiltration of the Green Party.

This also indicates that Green Party Parliamentary staff have been used to further the anarchist/Tuhoe cause.

Why are no Green Party members defending this?

It's a safe bet they're reading it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lay a complaint with a state sponsored commission on the actions of the state.
And they call themselves anarchist's

6:35 PM  

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