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Monday, January 14, 2008

Is Anti Smacking Law Turning Us Into a Nation of Narks and Nazis?

This is the logical consequence of Sue Bradford's evil anti smacking legislation.

It is turning this country into a nation of narks and Nazis-just as it was intended to.

BTW I last spoke to Jimmy Mason over a game of pool in Bates' Milkbar in Kaiapoi about 35years ago.

If he says this is true, I believe him.

From today's Christchurch Press

A Christchurch father is fuming after he received a police warning for hitting a child after he flicked his son's ear in public as a reprimand.

Professional musician Jimmy Mason flicked the ear of his son, Seth, at the Bridge of Remembrance just before Christmas after the three-year-old disobeyed his instructions while riding his new bike.

The toddler took off down a ramp and was followed by his brother, Zach, two, who was also on a new bike. Seth made the tight corner but Zach did not, and injured his eye.

"Seth just wanted to go on riding. He didn't realise the seriousness of it with the youngest one slipping in and out of consciousness," Mason said.

"So I turned to Seth and flicked him on the ear and told him to shut up while we fixed up the young one," Mason said.

A nearby teacher took umbrage, an off-duty policewoman rang the incident in and in minutes later Mason was surrounded by six police officers.

"They were going to arrest me and were trying to ascertain whether it was safe for the kids to go home with me," he said.

"It was pretty bizarre to tell you the truth."

Mason said he took his sons biking every day and they needed to obey his instructions to the letter in order to stay safe.

"When I say 'stop' to the kids they have got to stop," he said. "I said to the cops that I need to impress upon him (Seth) what he did was wrong and I need to impress it on him straight away and asked them how they suggested I do it.

"They didn't know and I said to them, 'Well, you've just told me what I did was wrong so you must know what is right'.

In the end, Mason was not charged but he was told that a warning would go on his record for hitting his child.

"It needs to be on record that I disciplined him for something he deserved, not that I'm a child beater.

"There's an irony there that they can spray, Taser or shoot me but I can't flick my son in the ear to stop him getting run over at an intersection."

He was considering legal action to have the warning removed from his record.

He felt sorry for the police having to administer the amended child-discipline law which came into force in June last year.


Blogger Andy said...

"I last spoke to Jimmy Mason over a game of pool in Bates' Milkbar in Kaiapoi about 35years ago."


10:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What sort of low class individual tells a little kid to "Shut up"?

And he said that he flicked the child on the ear. I would be surprised if that was entirely accurate, given the way he speaks to the child.

9:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This story has an authentic ring,it could be heard up and down the country on any day,and the terminology is also genuine.The shocking thing is that this became a police matter in such a short time,and that this obvious outcome was not considered by parents everywhere,as being something worth making a lot more fuss about,and demanding that this big brother legislation never saw the light of day.Shocking.

8:58 AM  
Blogger Simeon said...

They needed six cops. Thats just ridiculous.

Have you signed the petiton calling for a referendum on this bad law?

Go to
and print it sign it then send it in.

10:16 AM  
Blogger andywilson said...

democracy has been thrown out of the window in this country as we witness more and more vocal minority interests been represented by unwanted legislation been passed..83% of new zealanders were against this hideous bill....the anti smacking bill is just another nail in the coffin for democracy...
people reading this blog should be aware that whatever opinion you have it is "just that"..and democracy should still be upheld.

2:00 AM  

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