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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Towards a Socialist USA

The Communist Party USA is going all out to tip the 2008 elections in favour of the Democrats-particularly the left wing of the Democratic Party.

Currently, the Communist Party and the equally radical Democratic Socialists of America have 73 friends in the US Congress-the exclusively Democratic, Congressional Progressive Caucus.

They also have many allies in the US Senate, but are blocked by a Republican president with power of veto and by a sprinkling of moderate or conservative Democrats.

The CPUSA controls much of the US union movement and has considerable influence in several national women's, Latino, black, gay, youth, peace, environmental and even religious organisations.

This is what the CPUSA calls the "people's movement".

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both come from the far left.

The CPUSA and its allies plan to mobilise every sector under their influence to deliver a leftist President and socialist controlled Senate and Congress come November.

The Party aims to destroy the "far right" Republicans and take the US well and truly down the socialist road.

Below are two videos lifted today from the CPUSA's website.

Twelve tedious minutes.

However, you have just seen the programme for a socialist takeover of the US government.

The most important Communist Party in the world today is not the 70 million strong Communist Party of China-it is the few thousand strong Communist Party USA.

The CPUSA has the power to deliver a socialist controlled Congress, a socialist led Senate and a socialist US President.

Never before has US socialism had so many "ducks in a row".

If they succeed and its likely they will, how will it matter?

I believe it it could spell the end of the US as a force for freedom and as an economic leader.

How will the USA stand up to a resurgent Russia and China and a belligerent Iran, if its entire government is dominated by socialists?

How will the USA turn around a faltering economy when militant socialists hold the levers of power?

If Russia and China come to dominate the world, how will the rest of us fare?

If the US economy nosedives, how will that effect what's left of the free world?

The next US election will be a crucial one for the entire Western world.

While I'm no great fan of the Republicans, a Democratic Party victory could lead us all to disaster.


Blogger unaha-closp said...

The US economy is nosediving now under Bush.

9:51 AM  

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