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Thursday, August 12, 2010

An Interview with 12yr-old Author of a New Patriotic Coloring Book

Patrick Torma has recently finished illustrating a coloring book entitled the Alphabet for American Children Coloring Book - and he's just 12 years old. This is not your average color-in-animated-Disney-characters coloring book that you pick up in the dollar store. Young Patrick has instead created a coloring book which he hopes other young Americans will use not only learn the alphabet but also to reinforce American history. Patrick feels it is important to teach children that American History is fun.

We asked Patrick a few questions...

Why is it important for American children to know their history?
"It is important for us to know history because we do not wish to repeat the bad parts. Sometimes it is hard to find the real history in school. Sometimes you have to work to learn it for yourself."
Why is it so important that we uphold the Constitution?
"The Constitution is what keeps us from landing in Anarchy or to the other side Tyranny. It keeps us close to Anarchy, but not too close and hopefully far away from Tyranny. It is neat how the Founding Fathers wrote a perfect document for freedom."
If you became President of the United States, what is one law you would change, and why?
"If I was President I would not have Obamacare. I do not think the government can run health care. Government seems to make a mess of things that companies can do better. If I was President I would try to make government smaller, not bigger."
Who (living today) is your hero?
"My hero is my Mom. She cared enough to make me watch Glenn Beck so I could learn more about history and she insists that I read. I am reading the 5000 Year Leap right now. She also makes the best Chicken Intercontinental (my favorite dinner). Glenn Beck, Michele Bachmann and Steve King are also heroes. They are working to save our country. We will be attending the 8/28 rally in DC in a couple of weeks. Glenn Beck is going to have some heroes speak. I can't wait to go."
Who is your favorite founding father - and why?
"I like George Washington because he was honest and a great leader. My mom suggested my next coloring book be about advice from the Founding Fathers. George Washington wrote a book about manners when he was young."
If only a few more elected representatives in the United States would think along the same lines at Patrick, America would not be in the sad situation it is in now.

Patrick has attended almost every event in DC since the 9/11 march in 2009.
Glenn Beck helped inspire Patrick to illustrate the coloring book. When his mom was looking at creating a coloring book for children she came up against a brick wall; some of the images were copyrighted and would not be able to be published. So she asked Patrick to illustrate the coloring book.
Patrick and his mom have kindly provided us with an excerpt from his book which you can download for free here.
Buy Patrick's coloring-book at and either color it in yourself... or pass it on to children you know who would love it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a smart, intelligent, patriotic young man. His mother must be very proud. I'll check it out on Amazon and share it with my dtr whose a teacher. Thank you so much Trevor for posting it.

Here's another patriotic American - Lt. Col. Allen West. He's just opened a new campaign office. Unfortunately he lives in a DemoRat district -


6:43 PM  

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