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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Obama File 110 Collusion! How Socialist Harold Meyerson Kickstarted the Obama Propaganda Machine

Obama File 109 here

I have contended for some time that Barack Obama owes his political career to three marxist organizations, Communist Party USA, Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism and Democratic Socialists of America.

Of the three, Obama's decades old ties to Democratic Socialists of America are most easily documentable.

Part of this support has come in the form of favorable media stories about Obama and in orchestrated attacks against his opponents. It is no coincidence that several members of the recently exposed, pro Obama JournoList had close ties to D.S.A.

Harold Meyerson is both a leading U.S. journalist and a vice chair of Democratic Socialists of America.

Meyerson is an op-ed columnist for the Washington Post and is the editor-at-large at The American Prospect.

While not an identified member of JournoList, Meyerson is professionally and politically associated with several.
On April 6, 2010, a seminar "Labor, the Left, and Progressives in the Obama Era" was held at Georgetown University - further evidence of D.S.A. -JournoList collusion in favor of Obama.
After the success of health care reform, what’s next on labor’s agenda? How can the labor movement grow and engage with a progressive movement that speaks to the Obama era? What is the role of younger workers, workers of color, and women? Is there a new “New Deal” on the horizon?
Speakers included;
One of the speakers above, Gerry Hudson has written how the late founder of D.S.A., Michael Harrington would view the election of Barack Obama.
It’s tragic for so many reasons that Michael died too young; his voice and his wisdom are sorely needed. How he would marvel at the election of Barack Obama and the promise that this victory affords all of us on the democratic left! He is sorely missed. But were he alive, I would hope—and expect, that he and others who are informed by this vision of democratic socialism would join with us in SEIU as we seek to take advantage of a moment most of us have spent our lifetimes only dreaming of.
It should come as no surprise to learn that Harold Meyerson was the one of the first, if not THE FIRST , journalist to promote Barack Obama outside his his adopted state of Illinois.

From the Washington Post February 25, 2009;
In March of 2004, a few days before the Illinois Democratic senatorial primary, I wrote a column for this page headlined "A Bright Hope in Illinois." It was, I believe, the first column for a daily newspaper outside Illinois devoted to a rising young pol named Barack Obama. Bolstered by polling that showed Obama to be the clear leader in the race, I fearlessly predicted that he'd become Illinois' next senator and quoted the assessment of Jan Schakowsky, the Democratic member of Congress from Chicago's Gold Coast district, that Obama would "march right onto the national stage and the international stage."
Jan Schakowsky, also a major Obama supporter, is of course also a very close friend of Chicago Democratic Socialists of America.

Jan Schakowsky 2002

At Chicago D.S.A's 2004 46th Annual Eugene V Debs - Norman Thomas - Michael Harrington Dinner, Jan Schakowsky told the story of a meeting in Washington with U.S. president George Bush.

The Congressional Black Caucus had demanded a meeting with President Bush to discuss the situation in Haiti.

Schakowsky had also been invited because of her strong interest in the issue.

According to Chicago DSA's New Ground, May/June 2004;
Bush finally, at the insistence of caucus members, made it to this meeting and spent enough time to display his ignorance of the issue. He noticed Jan, a lone white face, and seemed to "jump back" when he saw her button. Osama? No, Mr. President. Barack Obama, and you'll be hearing from him when he becomes the Senator from Illinois.
This is what Harold Meyerson wrote about Barack Obama in the original March 12, 2004 Washington Post article. The narrative that would put Obama inthe White House is clearly already in play. Meyerson touches all the bases that would be repeated endlessly in the media from 2006 to 2008.
You'd think his name alone would keep him from winning: Barack Obama. Put an "Obama for Senate" bumper sticker on your car and the dyslexic or myopic might just try to punch you out.

Yet, three days ago, in its last preelection poll before Tuesday's primary for the open U.S. Senate seat in Illinois, the Chicago Tribune reported that Obama, a 42-year-old state senator, had opened a wide lead over the six other candidates vying for the Democratic nomination to succeed the departing Peter Fitzgerald...

Organization men are a staple of Illinois politics, of course, and investment bankers seem poised to take over the Senate in our plutocratic age. Obama, by contrast, is a candidate who all but defies categorization -- and who would certainly mark a radical departure for the stodgy Senate...

But that scarcely begins to describe the distinctiveness of Obama. His father was Kenyan, his mother a white girl from Kansas. The two met and married at the University of Hawaii in 1960 (when miscegenation was still a felony in more than half the states). His father disappeared from his life when Obama was 2; his mother raised him in Hawaii and Indonesia. Obama went to college at Columbia, then moved to Chicago for five years of community organizing in a fusion of civil rights crusading and Saul Alinsky house-to-house plodding. He then went to Harvard Law School, where he became the first black president of the Law Review; returned to Chicago to run a program that registered 100,000 voters in the '92 elections, entered a civil rights law firm and became a senior lecturer in constitutional law at the University of Chicago. ..

Seven years ago Obama was elected to the state Senate from a district in Chicago's South Side. In Springfield, he developed a reputation as an impassioned progressive who was able to get support on both sides of the aisle...

In October 2002, Obama made an eloquent case against the impending war in Iraq at a rally in downtown Chicago. Declaring repeatedly that "I don't oppose all wars," he distinguished what he termed "a dumb war, a rash war" from a string of just and necessary wars in which the United States had engaged. He is surely the progressives' darling in the field, drawing enthusiastic support from white Lake Shore liberals as well as the African American community. But he's also won the endorsements of virtually all the state's major papers, many of which -- such as Chicago's Tribune and Sun-Times -- note their disagreement with him on the war but hail him as a brilliant public servant nonetheless. Should Obama win, says Rep. Jan Schakowsky of Evanston, who backs his candidacy, he'd "march right onto the national stage and the international stage..."

While practicing law in the early 1990s, Obama wrote "Dreams From My Father," a memoir and meditation of genuine literary merit that depicts his understandable quest for his identity -- a quest that immersed him in the world of Chicago's poor and that took him to a Kenyan village in search of a father he never knew. It's a story of worlds colliding, fusing and redividing, of a life devoted to re-creating in a grittier world the idealism and sense of community of the early civil rights movement, which provided the backdrop for his parents' marriage.

If by "American" we mean that which is most distinctive about us and our ideals, if we mean it to refer to our status as a nation of immigrants that could yet become the world's first great polyglot, miscegenistic meritocracy, then Barack Obama, if elected, would not only become the sole African American in the Senate: He would also be the most distinctly American of its members.

Here's Harold Meyerson plugging Obama outside the Democratic Party convention in Denver in 2008.

Yes, Barack Obama is Harold's man alright!

It is clear that D.S.A. has had "the fix" in for Obama, for some years.

Would Barack Obama be president of the United States today, without JournoList and a sympathetic "progressive" media?

Would JounoList have existed, or have been as influential, without Democratic Socialists of America?

Does America owe its current president, at least partly, to D.S.A. - a few thousand strong marxist organization, that most voters have never even heard of?

Obama File 111 here


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this plan to install Obama as leader of the free world into tyranny included the destruction of Obama's mothers passport for his birthdate timeframe.. How much more EVIDENCE of TREASON and SEDITION do we need????

10:30 PM  
Blogger Cobra said...

Trevor is doing the right thing in focusing on the treason lobby.
We need to know and understand who they are and what is their treasonous agenda.
Obama is a disaster but the biggest threat to our country and world freedom is the treason lobby.

1:51 AM  
Blogger Jim said...

i wish we had some people in congress with spines because when i read things like this i get so mad that if i told you what i want to do id be arrested. god bless you trevor. if i can read these articles why cant congress? they dont want to deal with this. its too much trouble for cowards.

6:42 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

* In 2003, Obama voted for the Affordable Housing Planning and Appeal Act, which required Illinois municipalities to make 10 percent of their housing units "affordable" (by definition, this included subsidized housing). This forced 46 communities just outside of Chicago to create more than 7,000 new "affordable" units - a huge boost in demand for area developers. The bill also provided loopholes for developers to circumvent local ordinances and regulations.

After voting for this measure (it passed narrowly), Obama then cosponsored a new bill that moved up its implementation by more than a year.

These and the other Obama-backed bills helped make millionaires of Rezko and other slum developers at taxpayers' expense. The developers - including his former law boss and an adviser to his current campaign - reciprocated, together giving and raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for Obama's campaigns.

To sum up: Obama got them subsidies to build. He secured them a steady income of government rent subsidies. He arranged special tax credits and abatements for them. He backed measures that increased demand for their services, and helped them legally circumvent local laws.

Perhaps Obama acted with only the poor in mind. Yet some of his developer friends weren't so conscientious - especially Rezko.

Notably, Rezko's company claimed that it lacked the funds to heat one of its 11 buildings in Obama's state Senate district from December 1996 to February 1997. But Rezko still managed to write a $1,000 check to Obama's campaign fund on Jan. 14. That month, his tenants shivered as 19 inches of snow fell on northern Illinois.

With his early and large investments in Obama, Rezko helped the Democratic nominee get to where he is today. Obama, meanwhile, helped Rezko with his legislative work and his letter-writing. Given this close working relationship, the Obama-Rezko land deal is far less surprising.

David Freddoso, a political reporter for National Review, is the author of "The Case Against Barack Obama: The Unlikely Rise and Unexamined Agenda of the Media's Favorite Candidate."

7:05 AM  

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