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Monday, January 15, 2007

Open Adoption, The Better Option

Modern open adoption is a far better option (in many cases), for mother and child, than abortion or fostering.

There were under 100 "Kiwi to Kiwi" adoptions last year, while large numbers wait hopefully for babies that in many cases will never come.

With 17,000 plus abortions and a completely overwhelmed fostering service, there is an obvious solution here for child welfare policy makers.

This letter from Sue Kingham and Larena Brown of Chch's "Adoption Option Trust" in this morning's Christchurch Press put the case well.

Better Option

Adoption of New Zealand babies have indeed plummeted in the last decade, but this is not for a lack of couples, wishing to give homes to children resulting from unexpected pregnancies.

Adoption may have fallen out of favour with the public, but for many teenage girls and women it remains a positive choice for them and their unplanned babies.

Open adoption, which is encouraged in New Zealand today, provides a loving environment for children, while still enabling them to stay in contact and in some cases, within relationships with their birth parents. International research shows that open adoptions are far healthier for all involved.

The Adoption Option Trust has been set up to provide information on adoption and can be contacted at


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