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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Chicago's Red/Black Alliance Targets White House

Chicago is a Democratic Party town. Though dominated by the "right wing" Daley machine for decades, the Democratic Party also has a strong socialist influenced/infiltrated left wing.

The city has a long socialist tradition and not by accident hosted the founding of the US Communist Party in 1919.

Chicago also has a huge black population, the second largest of any city in the US.

It's not surprising therefore that Chicago's socialists have historically been very active in the City's black community.

Chicago's two main Marxist organisations, the Communist Party USA and the Democratic Socialists of America have long used their influence in the city's unions and community organisations to manipulate the black voting bloc.

Black, Latino and "progressive" white voters have given Chicago and the state of Illinois a long list of socialist Aldermen, state senators, Congressmen and US Senators.

On September 30th 2007 a Special District Meeting on "African American Equality and Building the Communist Party and Young Communist League" was held in Chicago.

A report, arising from the meeting, by CPUSA Illinois organiser John Bachtell, to the Party leadership makes some interesting connections.

Every one of our clubs has within its geographic concentration an African American community and African American organizations. Every one of our clubs is involved in local coalition work, where we have the role and responsibility of fighting for multi-racial unity and of making the fight against racism the central aspect of unity building...

Chicago is a leading center of the African American community nationally, in the working class and organized labor movements, in the political and cultural arenas. It is playing a vital part of the emerging labor led coalition, in every struggle around economic justice, for political independence, etc.

At the center of many of the democratic advances has been the Labor-African American alliance, the heart of BBW multi-racial unity and all-people’s unity. It’s impossible to see the African American equality movement separate and apart from what’s developing in labor and the labor led people’s movement.

The legacy of Harold Washington’s election and his administration is in the collective consciousness not only of the African American community, but the entire city. Many of his democratizing achievements endure 20 years later.

The historic election of Washington was the culmination of many years of struggle. It reflected a high degree of unity of the African American community and the alliance with a section of labor, the Latino community and progressive minded whites. This legacy of political independence also endures.

Harold Washington was a long time associate and probable secret member of the Communist Party. The CPUSA and the Democratic Socialists of America mobilised all their forces to help elect Washington in 1983.

Though he died in office in 1987, Washington stacked Chicago's town hall with socialists and "progressives". The Washington era is still regarded as a golden age by US socialists.

The struggle for African American representation and political independence also led to the historic election of Carole Moseley Braun for Senate and many African American state legislators and local elected officials.

Carol Moseley Braun was closely associated with the Communist Party in the late '70s. Her successful campaign for the US Senate in 1992 was backed by the Democratic Socialists of America, the CPUSA and a CPUSA breakaway group, the Committees of Correspondence.

Moseley Braun was the first African American woman nominated for a US Senate seat by a major political party and only the second African American elected to the Senate since the 19th century.

Moseley Braun served only one term in the Senate, being defeated in 1998. In November 1999, she was confirmed as US Ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa, by then president Bill Clinton.

On her return to the US in 2001 Moseley Braun at first toyed with the idea of re-contesting her Illinois US Senate seat. Instead she made a short lived run at the Democratic Party's presidential nomination for the 2004 election.

Moseley Braun's decision, cleared the way for an up an coming young black politician, Barack Obama, to take her old US Senate seat. In 1992, Obama was Director of Illinois Project Vote, a voter registration campaign that allegedly significantly improved Carol Moseley Braun's chances in her successful Senate campaign.

The African American community, and especially trade unionists have played a crucial role in the struggle to defeat the ultra right. This includes massive voter turnout in election after election, but also the swing state mobilizations in 2004.

This was also reflected in the historic election of Barack Obama. Our Party actively supported Obama during the primary election. Once again Obama’s campaign reflected the electoral voting unity of the African American community, but also the alliances built with several key trade unions, and forces in the Latino and white communities.
It also reflected a breakthrough among white voters. In the primary, Obama won 35% of the white vote and 7 north side wards, in a crowded field. During the general election he won every ward in the city and all the collar counties. This appeal has continued in his presidential run.

Barack Obama benefited tremendously by the culture created during the Harold Washington era. Obama's first job in a Chicago law firm was with "progressive" lawyer Judson Miner, Chicago's corporation counsel under Washington.

The Democratic Socialists of America, also endorsed Obama in his successful 1996 illinois state senate campaign.

Barack Obama has an outside chance of becoming the US president in 2008 and a better chance of becoming vice-president under Hillary Clinton.

He is young enough to be around for many elections yet, so barring the unforseen, he may very well lead the "free world" one day.

Will the son of Chicago's red/black alliance one day serve in the White House?

Jailed Mexican Anarchist Supports "Uruewera 17"

Still more evidence of Maori radical/anarchist/Zapatista links.

From Indymedia

Here is a letter in support of the Uruwera 17, from Guadalupe Venegas Reyes, sister of Oaxaqueño anarchist political prisoner David Venegas.

We as oaxaqueños (people of Oaxaca) know perfectly about what moves a people to organize to demand justice and respect. We suffer represion from a mafia network of minor politicians who are protected by a system that is malfunctioning and useless to the people.

Nevertheless in the middle of so much blood spilled by our fallen brothers, to even to think of that pain, we feel, the majority of this people, that it is worthwhile to fight for being free of body but above all of thought and ideal. I energetically join the peoples of the world who are against the selective raids that the government of this country (New Zealand) carried out against people that think differently and correctly.

A NO to racism, disappearances, unjust judgments, entire families pursued, and NO NO NO to all the arbitrary decisions that politicians make in the name of power.

Justice for all the people, justice.

Guadalupe Venegas Reyes
sister of a political prisoner (David Venegas) in Oaxaca, Mexico

Who is this man?

From Anarkismo

David Venegas Reyes is a young 24-year old Oaxacan student at the University of Chapingo. He is an APPO council member representing some of the largest barricades that carried on the resistance during the long months of the intense struggle of the Oaxacan people.

In recent months, as a result of his independent position and his refusal to demand “crumbs” or positions of power from the government of the state of Oaxaca or the political parties, he was accused of trying to divide the movement, when all he really wanted was a space in which all the different points of view of the Oaxacan people would be respected and in which one would not prevail over the other.

Due to the lack of a space that could bring art and culture together with the resistance of peoples, collectives, individuals and groups struggling for autonomy as an alternative to the current political system, at the end of February, David, along with many other people, built an organization called “VOCAL: Voces Oaxaqueñas Construyendo Autonomía Y Libertad (Oaxacan Voices Creating Freedom and Autonomy)”. Part of the work that VOCAL took on was to accompany the families of people who had fallen in the struggle in a walk with crosses through Santa Lucía del Camino, where policemen killed the Indymedia comrade Brad Will. David actively contributed to this activity.

VOCAL works with peoples in resistance in the Mixteca as well as in Oaxaca’s Isthmus (La Venta, Zanatepéc, Santo Domingo Petapa), the central valley region known as Valles Centrales (Zaachila), and in other communities and organizational spaces. This enabled David to carry the art, information, and voice of the barricades to other places in resistance.

APPO stands for the Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca (Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca), a violent revolutionary organisation that brought Oaxaca to near chaos in June 2006.

The rebellion in Oaxaca has received support from the Zapatista Army of National Liberation and from "intellectuals" such asNoam Chomsky, Michael Moore and Arundhati Roy.

Venegas is also a supporter of the Zapatista's "Other Campaign" (La Otra).

He is in jail for sedition, arson and drug dealing. Mexican activists claim that the drugs were planted by police.

A Sad Story

Fairfacts Media posted this on No Minister. It cut me up.

Some weeks ago, I blogged about a very good friend who fell from my balcony.
He had got into an emotional state because he had not heard from his partner, a male, for quite some time as he attended a family event.

The partner was in the closet, so found it hard to leave his family, even just for a few minutes, to contact my mate, his beloved.

Now, we have been told the partner, a young guy in his late 20s, has died in a car accident.

But we haven't seen anything in any of the papers, nor anything online.
My mate is reluctant to contact the family as they do not know who he is. As he says , he is 'nothing' to the family. They do not know he even existed. How can he pay his respects at the funeral when his likely behaviour would expose the fact that the deceased had a boyfriend?

Indeed, unbeknown to them, my mate had an insurance policy on his partner, so is in a position to pay the funeral expenses. But he does not want to 'out' his late partner. My mate says he does not want the insurance money either as it won't bring his partner back.

But being unable to find out what is going on, pay his respects and play a full role in the process makes his torment all the worse.

We can have our laughs poking fun at lesbians wanting to open an 'old dykes' home, but we need to consider the implications of 'homophobic' comments like saying lesbian mayors are 'depraved'.

It forces people into the closet. So the late partner of my friend felt unable to contact my mate, leading him to get into such a state that he fell off my balcony. Now, it means my friend is unable to pay his respects and have a proper role in the burial of his beloved.

The pair just wanted to live together in their own place. Have their own unit or family. They do/did not want to undermine 'traditional' values, as gays are accused of on other blogs. They wanted such a lifestyle themselves. To be together and be happy. Had they been able to do so, the deceased might not have been driving last weekend.

So to the 'homophobes' out there. Think of the potential impact of the comments you make and how it affects people.

New Zeal Accused of Human Rights Violations, Hate Speech, Threatened With "International Authorities"

Just got this threat on the comments section of my last post.

As the author of this article, I am directing you to remove this article and photo. As a freelance writer, I maintain the copyright to this article. I will be contacting Google Blogger regarding this copyright violation. Further, you do not have permission to use this photo, as it also carries a copyright.

People around the world are rising up to support the Maoris. Your hate site will only bring more attention to the racism against Indigenous Peoples. Ultimately, it will only bring more support as people around the world rally to support Indigenous Peoples' rights. I am also requesting an investigation into your human rights violations by international authorities.

Brenda Norrell

Should I delete the post and simply link the Norrell's article?

Should I ignore the threat?

Human rights violations?

Please check out the website that Norrell contributes to-Narco News and tell me who you think is guilty of inciting hatred-Trevor Loudon or Brenda Norrell?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Zapatistas Inspire Indigenous Revolution

The Mexican Zapatistas are an inspiration to indigenous revolutionaries the world over, from New Zealand Maori to the natives of Great Turtle Island (North America).

From the Narco news Bulletin
October 23, 2007

TUCSON, Arizona: Mohawk Warriors joined in solidarity with Subcomandante Marcos and the Zapatistas at the Gathering of Indigenous Peoples of América. They quickly learned that one factor is the same for indigenous peoples all over the world: corporations intent on seizing the land, minerals and water have no regard for their lives or rights.

Rarahkwisere, Mohawk Warrior, said the Zapatistas’ encuentro, or gathering, made it clear to him that the same thing is happening to indigenous peoples all over Turtle Island.

Members of the Iroquois Confederacy (Six Nations) make a presentation to Subcomandante Marcos in Sonora, Mexico, in October 2007

“All of our stories were the same, how we are being mistreated to this day,” said Rarahkwisere, among the Mohawks from the United States and Canada attending the encuentro. Mohawks and other members of the Iroquois Confederacy (Six Nations) were among the 570 delegates from 67 Indigenous Peoples, coming from 12 american nations at the encuentro hosted by Yaquis in Vicam Pueblo, Sonora, Mexico, Oct. 11–14, 2007.

It is all about the natural resources and the big money people,” Rarahkwisere said. In northern Quebec, the invaders go hunting for diamonds and pollute the water. What follows is sickness and displacement, as Indian people have to leave their homelands and search for places to live.

Remembering the encuentro, he said, “There is a revolution, at least on Turtle Island!”

Rarahkwisere said he had no problem crossing the border to attend the encuentro using his Haudenosaunee passport. However, his trip to Mexico revealed the dangers for Indians in the south, including the heavily-armed soldiers at military checkpoints. He said it was scary at first, until he realized that many of these young soldiers’ also had Indian ancestry, and supported Indian efforts.

Rarahkwisere said the attacks on Indian people are formulated in the urban minds with corporations; together urban minds and corporations want to exploit the peoples’ land and resources. In Mexico, and elsewhere in the South, he realized how often Indian people face death for the risk of speaking out.

You will get killed. The corporations hire paramilitary groups.”

Reflecting on the struggles for indigenous peoples, he said, “It’s hard being Indian, but we are not going to ever, ever give up. We are just getting started.”

Rarahkwiswere said that indigenous peoples in South America face far greater dangers than the people in the North. He said a Colombian attorney told how two groups were called to play football. Instead of a football, the chief’s head was presented. The people were told if they did not play the game, the same thing would happen to them.

Rarahkwiswere, who spoke on the Haudenosaunee Great Law of Peace and Wampum Belts, said it was good to meet with Subcomandante Marcos and the Zapatistas.

“I want to thank them for hooking up with us. We all have to get together to fight colonialism. I hope to meet them again soon.”

When the Europeans came to Turtle Island, they emptied the prisons and insane asylums in Europe to populate this country. “That is why there are serial killers, it is genetic, hereditary.

“A lot of people from Europe didn’t really want to come here. They needed people, so they got all of this riff-raff and sent them here. They just brought them here and turned them loose. In the west, the women were either domestics or prostitutes.”

They emptied the orphanages and brought one million children to work the farms in this country.

“They couldn’t force the natives to be slaves. A native had rather die than be a slave to the white man. Native people were not used to being treated like that. Native people would starve themselves to death or run away.” The people of Africa were kidnapped, sold, enslaved and sent to this country. Their own people helped sell them into slavery, he said.

One hundred million indigenous people were killed by Columbus and the Spaniards in what is now North and South America.

When the treaties were written, they knew they were not going to honor them. If they are not going to keep the treaties and honor them, then they should get rid of them.”

Nowhere has there been more atrocities than in the north and south of Turtle Island, known as the Americas. Still, the truth is not taught in schools.

If you don’t know your history, then you don’t have a future,” he said.

Europeans came here for exploitation and that is what continues today. “It is all for exploitation. They even exploit their own people. My dad always said, ‘There’s going to be a worldwide revolution one of these days.’”

“The revolution is coming. It begins with this awakening.”

Labour Invites Top Chinese Communist to Party Conference

The latest dalliance in the Labour Party's long term love affair with Chinese totalitarianism.

From the International Department of the Communist Party of China

Zang Xianfu, centre

At the invitation of the New Zealand Labor Party (NZLP) and the United Malay National Organization (UMNO), Mr. Zang Xianfu, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Tianjin Committee, and Secretary of the CPC Taijin Commission for Discipline Inspection will attend the NZLP annual conference and UMNO party congress as CPC represent, and visit New Zealand and Malaysia from Oct. 30 to Nov. 10.
Until 2006 Zang Xianfu, was deputy secretary of the State Organs Work Committee of the CPC, which answers directly to the Party central committee.

Rodney's Letter of the Year-Trevor Mallard and Breach of Privilege

Letter of the year from ACT leader Rodney Hide, to Speaker of the House, Margaret Wilson.

From Rodney's Blog


Hon Margaret Wilson



Complaint of Breach of Privilege

Dear Madam Speaker

I am sorry I have to write this letter. I am sure it’s one you wish you didn’t have to receive.

But it’s an important letter. And your response will be very important for the signal it sends New Zealand about our country’s attitude to physical violence. Of course, I know your views – and I know our Parliament’s – but actions following incidents such as this speak louder than words. It’s what we do that counts – and that we are seen doing it.

We can’t ignore the assault and pretend that Hon Trevor Mallard didn’t punch Hon Tau Henare in the head with a closed fist – not once, but reportedly repeatedly.

I feel sorry for Trevor. I have known him for over a decade. He is a boisterous, aggressive and, at times, nasty Member of Parliament. As the Prime Minister would say, “That’s Trevor!” But he has never to my knowledge been physically violent. His punch is definitely out of character and I can’t imagine what he was thinking at the time.

I also know that he will be punishing himself more than anyone can punish him further. Trevor doesn’t do apologies easily and his public apology was fulsome and complete. But this is no longer about Trevor; it’s now about our Parliament and, our government, and our country’s attitude to violence. It’s now about what we as a Parliament do.

We can’t ignore the incident and by implication say punching someone in Parliament is okay as long as you apologise or whatever other excuse can be proffered. As the TV ads implore us – it’s never okay. It’s what you do now Madam Speaker that counts. It’s not just the signal it sends the country; it is also the signal it sends MPs. What happens now if an MP threatens to punch another MP? We would have to act against that – but we would look hypocritical if we did nothing when actual punches were thrown.

The responses must occur at two levels.

First, Hon Trevor Mallard is a member of the Executive. I have said publicly that he has to be fired. It’s not because I wish him ill-will but because of the need for the government to say unequivocally that physical violence is not okay. However, his position in Cabinet is up to the Prime Minister. As she has said, she will take her own time on the appropriate response.

Second, there is Parliament. This is our place. Not just our place as MPs but our place as a country. It would be unacceptable if that punch was thrown in a bar or on a rugby field. That would be bad enough. But this was a punch thrown in the government lobby of our legislature – our place of law making, our place of law and order. Worse, the Minister aggressively invited Mr Henare out of our legislative chamber into the government lobby there to punch him to the ground. It’s hard to imagine worse conduct.

Parliament must act. It can’t wash its hands of this. To the best of my knowledge there has never been an MP punched by another MP in our Parliament’s history. I was in the lobby when Winston Peters pulled John Banks by the shoulder. That was a technical assault only. It wasn’t violent and it wasn’t meant to hurt. It was a far cry from a punch. Bob Clarkson himself told me that Trevor Mallard’s bopping him on the head with a folder of papers was playful and not violent.

What we have with this incident are repeated punches to the head driving a member to the ground and an ensuing fight where the two of them had to be prised apart.

I thereby raise with you a matter of privilege under Standing Order 392.

I am writing to you in time before the next sitting of the House. I realise that the incident occurred on Wednesday on the 24th but I did not learn that a punch was thrown until Mr Henare told me in the House after question time on the afternoon of the 25th. I could not have raised it any earlier. I simply did not know that there was a punch. I had Mr Henare’s account confirmed when Hon Trevor Mallard admitted the punch on the TV news of the night of the evening of the 25th.

I am in time because it is only when you learn of a breach that you can lay a complaint. It was that knowledge that triggered my duty to act. I learnt of the breach only after the sitting day of Thursday was underway.

I also had heard you rule at the start of Thursday’s sitting that your jurisdiction didn’t extend to the lobbies. I concluded on the evening of the 25th that there was nothing that I or you could do.

However, the following day TVNZ have alerted me to page 129 of Dave McGee’s Parliamentary Practice:

Indeed, formerly, the Speaker was not regarded as having jurisdiction over what occurred in the lobbies, except during a vote. Now the Speaker’s delegation of authority from the House to control admission runs as equally to the lobbies as to the Chamber and the galleries, so disorder in the lobbies could be dealt with by the Speaker if necessary.

The reference is to Standing Order 42:

42 Speaker Controls Admission

On behalf of the House, the Speaker controls admission to the Chamber, the lobbies, and the galleries, and may from time to time, may issue rules setting out who may be admitted to those areas and governing their conduct there.

It would seem you do have jurisdiction over the lobbies.

The specific contempt is covered by Standing Order 400(l):

400(l) assaulting, threatening or intimidating a member or an officer of the House acting in the discharge of the member’s or the officer’s duty.

My detailed charge is that Hon Trevor Mallard breached standing order 400(l) and committed a contempt of Parliament when he punched Hon Tau Henare when Parliament was sitting on Wednesday 24 October.

I urge you Madam Speaker to use your discretion to send this matter to the Privileges Committee for consideration. You can dismiss my complaint for two technical reasons: one, that your jurisdiction doesn’t extend to the lobbies; and, two, that I should have raised the matter before the sitting day Thursday. As I have explained I simply didn’t know of the breach until after the Thursday sitting day had commenced. And with the greatest respect I think you are wrong about your jurisdiction.

I think it would be a grave error to dismiss my case on technical arguments because that would be seen as sanctioning physical violence in our Parliament. I urge you to use your discretion to send my complaint to the Privileges Committee for our Parliament’s and our country’s sake.

I enclose the transcript of the news of Thursday evening where Hon Trevor Mallard admits to punching Hon Tau Henare as evidence of the breach.

Yours sincerely

Rodney Hide

Cc Hon Trevor Mallard

Cuba Moves on Samoa-Oh For A South Pacific Communist Free Zone

This is slightly old news and certainly not good news.

Cuba and China are both making strong inroads in our region.

From Radio NZ International

It has been confirmed that Samoa and Cuba have established diplomatic ties.

This follows reports from Havana which said Samoa had become the 186th nation to have diplomatic relations with Cuba.

The relationship was formally established last week in New York according to the acting chief executive officer for Samoan Foreign ministry Petila Sila.

Oh For A South Pacific Communist Free Zone.

Wellington Zapatista Supporters To Hold Fundraiser

The Wellington Zapatista Support Group (once headquartered at Wellington anarchist hangout 128 Abel Smith Street)is holding a fundraiser for "capacity-building workshops for health promoters in autonomous Zapatista communities in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas".


Mexican "Día de Los Muertos"/The Day of the Dead
Saturday, 27 October 2007
Press Release: Wellington Zapatista Support Group

HAPPY is happy to host Wellington's first truly international Day of the Dead festival, to be held on Sunday 4th November, 7pm – late, cnr Vivian and Tory St.

Originally celebrated at the gravesites of loved ones, The Day of the Dead is now celebrated in the home, the squares, the streets, the cemeteries – and this year, even in Wellington! While Mexico celebrates Día de Los Muertos every 2nd November, availability dictated that we celebrate the 'after-death'...

The proceeds from this fundraising event will go to providing capacity-building workshops for health promoters in autonomous Zapatista communities the southern Mexican state of Chiapas, one of the poorest in the country.

Unlike many indigenous communities reduced to accepting government hand-outs, the Zapatistas are committed to the peaceful development and provision of their own health, education and justice services, using members of their own communities speaking their own indigenous languages. This requires training in several technical areas.

We are doing our best to assist the Caracol of La Garrucha in the health sector with this important and essential work, by raising funds to enable capacity-building workshops in 2008 for the 50 health promoters of this zone.

4 info, pics, interviews contact Julie Webb-Pullman...

For info on Webb-Pullman's background and Cuban and Zapatista connections, go here.

Emily Bailey-Some Connections, Some Questions

Emily Bailey, with Marama Mayrick and Kate Logan is one of the three main creators of the radical film Kotahi te Ao.

According to her bio on the film's website Bailey is;

A Bachelor of Science graduate in ecology and geography, Emily has been working with several environmental and social civil society groups in Wellington, New Zealand providing research, writing and design as well as project and staff management. She also has skills and experience in photography, practical art, field botany, and in running a permaculture garden design business. She currently works on contract for the Dept of Conservation and co-manages the Wellington Peace & Environment Centre and the Harakeke Eco-collective (aka WRAG).

Bailey's activism has brought her into close contact with Wellington's anarchist set.

She has been active in several anarchist linked causes including anti GE and the anti-bypass campaign.

From a 2002 Indymedia press release

From : 'Growing Community' (in association with the Wellington Rainforest Action Group, Campaign for a Better City and Anti-Bypass Action.)

On Sunday the 1st of December the urban community garden group 'Growing Community' are organising the creation of yet another garden to stand boldly in the path of the proposed inner-city 'Bypass'. This time in an empty lot on Buller Street near the Terrace Tunnel.

The brainchild of several Wellington 20-somethings, Growing Community was set up to transform unused urban land into vibrant living food gardens for local people to use as a gathering space, to restore native wildlife and as a symbolic barrier to the 'Bypass'....

Contacts : Kane Fawcett (04) 5897-320,
fawcettino (at) or Emily
Bailey (04) 973-5355, wrag_ (at)

From a 2003 SCOOP press release

Organisers of a demonstration in Wellington this Saturday ( July 19th) say the government will face fierce opposition if it ends the moratorium on the release of Genetically Modified Organisms.

"There are too many unanswered questions regarding the threat posed by GMOs to New Zealand's environment to end the moratorium now" says Emily Bailey, spokesperson for the Harakeke Eco Collective which is organising the march.

"ERMA's approval system for GMOs remains a mess and safeguards for the environment have not been put in place. The government is recklessly dropping the moratorium regardless," says Bailey...

March to Parliament Assembles Te Aro Park (Pigeon Park) 12 noon, Saturday July 19.

For more information contact Harakeke Eco Collective or

Emily Bailey: (04) 976-4663 or 385-6728 Jonah Marinovich: (04) 389-0472 Sam Buchanan: (04) 976- 4663 or 385-6728

Note Sam Buchanan of 128 Abel Smith Street and the Wildcat Anarchist Collective turns up yet again.

Marinovich was a co-founder of the “Common Ground Community Garden” which also has links with 128 Abel Smith Street.

He later shifted shifted to the South Island’s West Coast to participate in the Save Happy Valley protest, which also has strong links to the anarchist and socialist causes.

In 2002 an Emily Bailey an Ana Brown and a Marty Brown, wrote a Pro-Palestine letter to To Victoria University's student paper "Salient" (number 13).

It would be interesting to know if this was the same Emily Bailey. It would be also interesting to know if Ana Brown, is in fact Sina Ana Brown-Davis (she usually goes by the name Ana), the Melbourne based support activist of the "Urewera 17".

It would also be interesting to know if Emily Bailey is in any way linked to "arrestee" Rongomai Bailey.

Emily Bailey's colleague, Marama Mayrick studied art and design at Wellington Art School The Learning Connexion.

Rongomai Bailey claims he first met Tame Iti when he "lectured at a Wellington design school where he (Bailey)was a student."

Perhaps there is a connection there, or am I stretching things a bit far?

No doubt some enterprising MSM media journalist will find out the answers.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Who Supported Marama Mayrick's Radical Film?

Supporters of Marama Mayrick's radical film Kotahi te Ao are listed on the its website. They are are a diverse bunch of individuals.

John Pilger (internationally renowned journalist), England

Marius Enthoven, Former director-general Environment, European Commission, The Hague, The Netherlands

David Holmgren, co-originator of the Permaculture concept, Australia

Stuart Hill, Foundation Chair of Social Ecology, Australia

Declan Kennedy, Prof. Dipl.-Ing., Germany

His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, England

The Princess Royal, Princess Anne, England

The Hon. Chris Carter, Minister of Conservation, NZ

Gaylene Preston, NZ (filmmaker)

Dame Kate Harcourt, performing arts, NZ

Alistair Barry, Community Media Trust, NZ (filmmaker)

Tauni Sinclair NZ (filmmaker)

Kerry Prendergast, mayor of Wellington, NZ

Brendon Hornell, Origin One Films, NZ

Dick Hubbard, NZ (TBL) business man and board member of the Conservation Society

John Pilger is of course an extreme leftist and hero of radicals everywhere. In this part of the world he is a strong supporter of Green Left Weekly, newspaper of the Australian Marxist-Leninist organisation, Democratic Socialist Perspective, which has been supportive of those recently arrested in New Zealand.

Chris Carter is a self confessed socialist and Gaylene Preston seems to lean a little to the left.

Alister Barry, is a well known New Zealand left wing film maker.

Tauni Sinclair is a long time Maori radical activist and film maker. He is an associate of Tame Iti and in 2000 travelled with him to Fiji to support George Speight's "indigenous" coup.

According to the World Socialist Website 26th july 2000;

Iti, the leader of the group, is well known in New Zealand. With his face heavily tattooed in the traditional Maori moko style, he is frequently on hand at Maori land rights protests. Standing alongside Speight in Suva, he said the trio fully supported the rights of indigenous people to regain their power and govern themselves.

This was endorsed by Sinclair, who said that he applauded the coup. Grossly misrepresenting the character of the events in Fiji, Sinclair proclaimed, revolution is a very legitimate part of the democratic process. There's only one condition, you must succeed. Comparing the situation in Fiji with that of New Zealand, Sinclair said that were the Maori population more
numerous, similar actions as Speight's would be on the agenda there as well.

Dick Hubbard of course leans a little to the left.

I don't know much about the rest of them.

More on Marama Mayrick

New Zeal has discovered direct evidence linking suspected "terrorist" Marama Mayrick with both the Wellington anarchist community and the Mexican Zapatista revolutionaries.

I have maintained in this blog that there is a tie up between Tuhoe radicals, Wellington anarchists and the Mexican Zapatistas.

The naming of Marama Mayrick completes the triangle.

Meyrick knows Tame Iti from her early days in Whakatane. She has also been connected by TV1 to the Wellington "community house"-128 Abel Smith Steet Wellington, that is a hangout of the Wildcat Anarchist Collective.

Now comes proof that Mayrick has been financially supported by Collective members in a project involving the Zapatistas.

A few years ago Marama Mayrick studied art and design at The Learning Connexion in Wellington.

Marama Mayrick, Emily Bailey and Kate Logan

According to TLC's newsletter, August 2004, Bailey has been involved since with friends Emily Bailey and Kate Logan in an international film project.

After spending most of my time at TLC doing body sculpture and jewellery in 2002, I realized jewellery was my passion and did a one year course at Whitireia Polytechnic in 2003. While learning jewellery and protesting against the lifting of the GE Moratorium in Wellington, I realized that the world was not in such a good state of affairs....

I was questioning whether making art was the best use of my time. I decided to put down my tools and travel for a while. I also wanted to try to fulfill my idealistic dreams of saving the world. Our documentary, based in Wellington is called 'Kotahi te Ao'. It means 'There is one World' in Maori, and this project will take me to five continents, and over 20 countries in just nine months.

The film aims to inspire and empower people to make positive change. To renew hope in the belief that it is possible to live sustainably on this planet, and to show that many people are already doing so with great success. ‘Kotahi te Ao’ is open to submissions of work and ideas.

I travel with two other Wellingtonians, Emily Bailey and Kate Logan. We have filmed places of destruction and poverty around the world such as the Three Gorges Dam in China, slums in India and the effects of war here in Israel and Palestine. We are focusing the two hour documentary on working solutions though, like social movements of the coolies in India, grassroots environmental groups, ancient knowledge of hill tribes in Thailand, and direct action around the world. We have heard the most amazing stories of painful losses, but also inspiring successes.

The website of Mayrick's film Kotahi te Ao is very interesting, particularly the sponsorship page.

Sponsors of the project include former Green Party MP, Mike Ward-a well known jeweller.

Financial donations came from;

Simon, Val Morse, Steve Urlich, Peta, Sam Buchanan, Rachel Kerr, Jenny Carryer, Anon from Porirua, & Wellington community

Val Morse is a well known Wellington protestor and anarchist and is believed to be the librarian at 128 Abel Smith Street.

Sam Buchanan is a well known member of the Wildcat Anarchist Collective and apparently resides at 128 Abel Smith street.

Further down are listed those who have supplied accommodation, meals, transport, assistance, translation, etc, it includes;

Bettina & Luciano from the WSF in Brazil; Igor & others at MST in Brazil; Ancelmo & others at Greenpeace in Argentina; Oliver in San Cristobal, Mexico; Max in San Cristobal; Zapatistas in Oventic, Mexico; Andreas & Oscar in Mexico City;

WSF probably refers to World Social Forum, a regular international radical/anarchist/Marxist gathering. The 2005 WSF was held in Porto Alegre Brazil in January 2005.

MST probably refers to Brazil's Marxist oriented Landless Worker's Movement, which specialises in illegal peasant occupations of large estates.

"Zapatistas in Oventic" speaks for itself.

The village of Oventic is a Zapatista secure haven. According to the anarchist website UK Indymedia;

For obvious reasons of security it is strictly forbidden to photograph the people at the Zapatista Caracol of Oventic.

If Marama mayrick was actually able to film in Oventic, it would show that she had the trust of the Zapatistas.

A viewing of "Kotahi te Au" might answer that question.

Marama Mayrick, "Terrorist" Suspect Named

From TV1 News

The police have asked the Solicitor-General to review the evidence against those arrested in the so-called terror raids.

The police want to know whether there is enough evidence to lay charges under the Terrorism Suppression Act.

It comes as one of the 17 people arrested in the raids a fortnight ago was released on Monday on bail.

After two weeks in jail all Marama Mayrick wanted was a mass hug from her supporters.

Mayrick is the latest terror suspect to be granted bail and one of the few the public is allowed to see and hear from.

When asked by ONE News what the last two weeks had been like, Mayrick replied: "They have been quite surreal to be honest. My life has been turned upside down. I have been in shock for a long time."

Police first raided her flat in Hamilton two weeks ago only to find that Mayrick was staying with her parents in Ohope, in the Eastern Bay of Plenty.

Her arrest was part of raids around the country but she says police knocked instead of barging down her door.

"Maybe it's because I am white middle class," she says.

Mayrick was jointly charged with five firearms offences and on Monday freed on bail. But she is saying little as to why she was jailed in the first place.

Police believe Mayrick attended at least two training camps in the Ureweras and ONE News can reveal she is the link between a community house raided in Wellington and the raids in Ruatoki.

Mayrick grew up in Whakatane. She knows Tame Iti and also used to visit the community house while studying in Wellington.

Mayrick's bail conditions are strict - she must live at her Hamilton flat, she has a night curfew and isn't allowed to associate with Iti or any of the other co-accused. She can go to her parents' house in Ohope but is not allowed to enter Ruatoki.

She is, however, allowed to see her boyfriend Louis Galloway and that is who the last and longest hug was saved for.

"It's been very stressful. I've missed her a lot but she's a strong person," says Galloway.

Terrorist or not, Mayrick says she will now go home and tend to her garden while she awaits her day in court.

Mexican Anarchists Support NZ "Terrorist"Suspects

Further evidence of links between New Zealand anarchists, Maori radicals and Mexican revolutionaries.

From Sina Ana Brown-Davis' Blog Whenua, Fenua, Enua, Vanua

A group of anarchists flew a Tino Rangatiratanga flag and distributed information about the Uruwera 17 for several hours on Saturday 27th October, in Mexicali city centre, in the lands of the Cucapa people.

Mexicali and Calexico are one city divided by an artificial line. A line that also divides many families and the lands of many indigenous peoples. This line is the border between the USA and Mexico, two countries which, like New Zealand, have histories of genocide and oppression of indigenous peoples that continue to this day.

One of the group, Alfredo Bonano, commented "As fellow people who want to make the world a better place, it's our responsibility to support the different social struggles that exist on this planet. We are fighting against the systematic repression that governments worldwide are using against social movements."

The Mexican government is currently holding hostage over 300 political prisoners and has an appalling record of systematically using murder, torture, and rape against people struggling for social change. The need for such change is obvious in this country, home to the richest person in the world, and millions of others who lack drinking water and basic food and medical needs.

Here in Mexico as in many other countries, multinational corporations and colonial or "post-colonial" governments continue killing and repressing indigenous peoples, stealing their lands and resources and desecrating their sacred spaces. But the indigenous peoples here continue to valiantly resist, from the famous Zapatistas in Chiapas, to others, less well-known and living in almost all of the states of Mexico.

Said another member of the group, Lucia Parsons, "As we continue our work in creating a new world free from oppression and exploitation, we send our love and support to all the political prisoners. You are not alone. We are continuing on the fight inspired by your strength and dedication, with dreams of your freedom in our hearts. (And tools to tear down prison walls in our hands)"

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Revolting Images

Several hundred anarchists, Trotskyists, communists, Greens and Maori radicals yesterday protested New Zealand's "terrorist" arrests.

Saturday was designated an International Day of Action, with protests occurring in The Netherlands, Geneva, Melbourne, Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Palmerston North and Christchurch.

The Netherlands-New Zealand Embassy.

Photos from UnityBlog, Indymedia and SCOOP

70 People from various groups gathered today in Federation Square, to "demonstrate in solidarity with Tuhoe and the the activist community in Aotearoa."

Melbourne-New Zealand "indigenous anarchist" Sina Ana Brown-Davis addresses the crowd. The sign roughly translates to "go away pigs."

The Auckland Demo.

Auckland-self explanatory.

Auckland-Socialist Worker Central Committee member, Joe Carolan, right foreground. Anarchist banner in background.

Auckland-Green MP Keith Locke and Socialist Worker's Joe Carolan.

Auckland-anarchist banner.

Hamilton-Green Party MP and former? anarchist, Nandor Tanczos.


Wellington-illiterate anarchist slogan.

Anti-Smacking Law Starts To Bite

If for for nothing else, Labour deserves to be turfed from office for their anti-smacking legislation.

Parents will increasingly come to fear their neighbours and their kid's schools.

Who might "dob them in" for disciplining an unruly child?

Schools and caregivers are also in an unenviable position. Do they report rumoured corporal punishment to the Police or Child, Youth and Family, or do they ignore it?

What if they ignore it and the child is later killed or injured by an unbalanced parent or mum's sadistic boyfriend?

Do they become informants for the state, to cover themselves, or do they put themselves at risk by minding their own business?

With this law, Labour has placed every parent under the surveillance of their neighbours, their community and the state.

From today's Sunday Star/Times

A Wellington mother says her family has been left traumatised by new anti-smacking laws, after her son's school reported her to Child, Youth and Family for smacking him on the hand.

"I don't want to feel like a child abuser, and I don't want to be labelled as a child abuser because I smacked my son," she said. "It's brought a lot of trauma to our family unit and unnecessary stress."

The woman, who did not wish to be named because she says she fears losing her children, says another smacking several months later resulted in a visit from police.

In the first incident, she came home one day in the July school holidays to find a card left by Child, Youth and Family asking her to contact a care and protection officer.

The officer told her the agency had received a complaint from the school after her son had hit another child with a ball. When asked why, the boy told the teacher he had been smacked that morning.

The mother of four said she had smacked him on the hand after he had "thrown a wobbly" instead of getting ready for school. The smack had left no mark.

She said hers was "just an average Kiwi family". Both parents worked, did not smoke or drink or "have any addictions". They smacked rarely, preferring to use time out. She said the care and protection officer had decided not to take the matter any further.

The school was unrepentant when her husband questioned its handling of the matter.

In the second incident, in September, three police officers arrived at her house after she smacked her child outside, and a neighbour complained. The police questioned her and the child separately before deciding not to take the matter any further.

A friend who was at the house at the time, Gabrielle Allen, said the arrival of police was astonishing and intimidating.

"My friend is loud, there's a lot of volume. She's just excitable. I think she's a great mum, and she really loves her children. She's consistent but she's not over the top with discipline at all."

Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Bit of a Nip in the Air?

A bit chilly eh, what?

MAFRA, October 26 (RIA Novosti) - Russian President Vladimir Putin compared on Friday U.S. missile defense system plans for Central Europe with the 1962 Cuban crisis.

Speaking at a news conference following the Russia-EU summit in Portugal, the president said the plans, announced in January, to deploy missile interceptors in Poland and a radar in the Czech Republic were reminiscent of the political crisis caused by the Soviet Union's missile bases in Cuba in 1962.

"The situation is quite similar technologically for us. We have withdrawn the remains of bases from Vietnam and Cuba, but such threats are being created near our borders," Putin said.

The president drew attention to the fact that the decision to deploy missile defense system facilities close to Russia was preceded by a U.S. withdrawal from a defense treaty. President Putin was apparently referring to the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty which the U.S., unlike Russia, abandoned in 2002.

Although Washington claims the missile shield is needed to counter possible missile strikes from "rogue states" such as Iran and North Korea, Moscow, which has already been angered by NATO's eastward expansion in recent years, has consistently stated the move would be a threat to Russia's security and a destabilizing factor for Europe.

Maori Party Voting Patterns

From David Farrar's KiwiBlog

Audrey Young reports from the Maori Party conference, and mentions that some analysis had been done on how often the Maori Party votes with and against the other parties. The findings were:

Greens - 108 with, 55 against
Labour 89 with, 80 against
National 55 with, 112 against

I have always advocated that the Maori Party leans more to the left, and that analysis tends to support that. That is not to say Natiional and the Maori Party can’t work together - of course they can. But I recall certain bloggers from the left decrying the Maori Party as right wing conservatives etc etc.

Tariana Turia's Marxist Mentor

Maori party founder and co-leader Tariana Turia is well respected across the political spectrum.

Like her Party, Mrs Turia is very hard to pin down to a specific ideology.

In some areas she is conservative, in others she is liberal and others she is socialist.

The socialist aspect probably derives from her political awakening in the '70s when she came under the influence of the late Catholic priest Fr John Curnow.

A Marxist and Liberation Theologian, Fr Curnow influenced thousands of New Zealanders, both inside and outside the Church, with his Structural Analysis seminars.

Originally called "Marxist Structural Analysis", the seminars were based on the writings of a Mauritian Catholic priest, Fr Philippe Fanchette.

They were designed to open Catholic eyes to the "structural" inequalities in society, particularly regarding indigenous races and provide a Marxist guideline for correcting them.

Tariana Turia told North&South (February 2004) about her political awakening through women's groups in Wanganui in the '70s;

"We started meeting and politicising ourselves, Fr John Curnow took us through structural analysis, transforming our thinking and giving us an understanding of how the system worked, how the powerful operated. We learned about the treaty. It was hidden away from us when we were young, we were never taught about it, I didn't even know it existed."

New Zealand can probably thank an obscure Catholic priest for the formation of the Maori Party.

Hopefully its leaders will take the Party in a liberal direction that would make old John Curnow turn in his grave.

Indigenous People's Struggles-Which Way Forward?

An indigenous rights supporter left this comment on this post.

There is one significant problem with alot of your theories and such. Indigenous Peoples struggles are completly outside the left to right spectrum. We stand for self determination based on our respective values as Tribal Nations. Such assertions are not a threat to the US, Canada, New Zealand, etc. Fundamentally, as legally and politically distinct Peoples, why should someone form a Maori Iwi or hapu have to go to the local authority to build an outhouse on their own land? Simply put, it is about autonomy.

The Left can be just as destructive toward Indigenous Peoples aspirations as the Right. These Leftists have very different agendas from those asserting tino rangatiratanga and mana motuhake. Our issues and struggles sometimes are aligned, but it is also fair to say that sometimes Right wing issues also align. For us, we will work with any who are willing to support us. Ultimately, for most of us involved in Indigenous Peoples assertions of self determination, it is oour traditional spiritual beliefs that form our philosophical political views, not the writings or actions of non-Indigenous.

One major reason for this Blog is to expose the Marxist manipulation of indigenous people's movements and racial/religious minorities and oppressed groups.

This is called National Question politics. It ranges from stirring up the most brutal racial conflict imaginable (common in the third world) to the Communist Party USA's subtle manipulation of black and Latino voters to ensure Democratic Party election victories.

The Aboriginal rights movement in Australia, the American Indian movement in the US and Canada, the struggle of the Islamic minority in the Southern Philippines, the indigenous struggles of Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, Peru and Argentina are all manipulated by local Marxist parties or organisations.

That said, the above commentator is partly right.

In New Zealand we can see Maori Party MPs like Hone Harawira praise maori business initiatives on one hand and communist dictatorship on the other.

Most radical Maori are not Marxists or anarchists. Most are nationalists. However a significant number are Marxists, or are sympatheic to leftist ideals.

These people are willing to co-operate with Marxists and their agendas.

It only takes a few well networked activists to sway a whole population in a certain direction.

The ACT Party and certain elements in the National Party realise that though the Maori Party is dominated by the left, there is a big constituency in the Party for liberal ideas like school choice and devolution of state power.

Therefore ACT will happily engage with the Maori Party or other Maori activists in pursuing liberal ideals, while strongly opposing socialist proposals from the same quarters.

I work to expose the Marxist and anarchist manipulations of "indigenous" movements because they are so little understood and so destructive.

That does not mean I am blind to the positive side of these movements.

I am all for "self determination", but will only support such movements it when they are heading in a liberal rather than a socialist direction.

Indigenous peoples are individuals first. Their future freedom and prosperity depends, like everyone else's, in embracing economic liberalism, private property rights and limited constitutional government.

Subcomandante Marcos, Che Guevara, Noam Chomsky, Franz Fanon, Louis Farrakhan and Malcolm X offer nothing.

Thomas Sowell, Adam Smith and Hernando de Soto point the way forward.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Ultra Left Left Beats Hard Left at Ecan

While the recent local body elections were generally kind to forces of good, a socialist scored a key victory in my home town of Christchurch.

I was both shocked and amused when former Trotskyist turned Green, Rik Tindall and his running mate David Sutherland, defeated Christchurch 2021 leftist incumbents Richard Budd and Elizabeth Cunningham, to win the two east Christchuch East seats on Ecan (the regional council).

Rik and David Sutherland stood on the Save Our Water ticket and campaigned against the Central Plains Water Scheme proposal.

Ecan is now almost evenly split between socialists and Tories, with former Labour cabinet minister Kerry Burke narrowly regaining the chairmanship on the second ballot.

The first vote was a 7 to 7 tie.

I am genuinely interested to see how radical Rik will go in his new position of responsibility.

Tariana Turia On Bolshevik History and Sedition

On Wednesday, Maori Party leader Tariana Turiana spoke in Parliament on the repeal of the sedition laws.

She used the occasion to note the 90th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution.

Unfortunately I'm not sure if she was for it or agin' it.

Tena koe, tena tatou katoa.

Mr Speaker, nothing in this House is a matter of chance.

We in the Maori Party had to wonder then, why it was today, of all days, that the minority Government has deemed it so, that the Parliament must deal, in rapid succession, with Acts to do with:

Terrorism Suppression

Seditious Offences

Armed forces, court martials and defence.

As any keen historian would know, today, October 24, marks the 90th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution; which overthrew the Russian Provisional Government and was followed by civil war.

That revolution was led by the Bolsheviks, the Left Socialist Revolutionaries and anarchists; with troops commencing their takeover of government buildings on October 24.

Mr Speaker, far be it for me to draw any comparison between the October Uprising of 1917 and the events of Aotearoa in the last few weeks, but I do have to wonder at the sudden cause for timing, in placing these Bills at the top of the order paper.

What do you think?

NCEA Chickens Coming Home to Roost?

Rigorous external exams are no longer the norm in our secondary schools.

The "caring and feelgood" National Certificate of Educational Achiement has been with us a few years now. NCEA students are now entering the universities, where examinations are the norm and students are still measured against their peers.

How is the NCEA "crop" measuring up?

I got this email today from a friend at Waikato University.

I tutor second and third year at Waikato and I recently had some really interesting discussions with some of the lecturers, which have been stewing in my brain for a while. This year's third years are (mostly) the first group to come through university with NCEA rather than Bursary. And there is anecdotal evidence at least that they are different to previous years. The lecturers have been talking about how they are generally less interested in working, unmotivated and have been trained to search for the easiest options.

It comes through in the questions they ask and their approach to assignments. It's most obvious right now because there are still a few bursary students around. The A-grade range is still there, but there is a drop in the B-range and more people in the C-range. The assignments do not change much from year to year so NCEA would appear to take away motivation for those who are very capable but not exceptional, which is the majority. No doubt you will appreciate the long-term effect this will have on New Zealand. We already have six more years of mediocre students coming up and that's only if NCEA is scrapped this summer, which won't happen.

Are the NCEA chickens coming home to roost? Have we killed the chicken that laid the golden educational egg?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Trotskyist, Radical Maori Lawyer, American Indian Activist, Address Rotorua Rally

From Socialist Worker's UnityBlog

Flags, drums, banners and a passionate flow of over 700 kaumatua, pakeke, rangatahi and tamariki marched peacefully against the police anti-terror raids which began 15 October.

The procession started at the mall end of Rotorua's city centre at 12.15pm and marched down Tutanakai Street to City Focus where several speakers touched upon the reasons behind the raids and importance of standing firm in support of civil liberties and indigenous rights. Among those who spoke were lawyer Annette Sykes, principal and EBOP Okurei Maori councillor, Hawea Vercoe, veteran activist Bernie Hornfeck and an indigenous brother from North America (who has a Tuhoe wife and children).

More Aussie Socialist Solidarity for "Terror" Suspects

From Socialist Worker's UnityBlog

Queensland Murri leader protests NZ police raids on Maori activists:
Sam Watson says ‘Brutal, racist use of police repression in Aotearoa’

Sam Watson, Queensland Murri leader and Socialist Alliance Senate candidate in the coming Australian federal elections, condemned the recent raids by New Zealand police on the homes of Maori and other social movement activists, in a statement released on October 24. The raids by more than 300 police, many armed, were carried out on the morning of October 15, in cities and towns the length and breadth of NZ.

“These ‘anti-terror’ raids by NZ police are nothing more than the brutal, racist use of repression against Maori and other political activists,” Sam Watson said. “Indigenous people in Australia, who recently suffered a military invasion of their lands in the Northern Territory, by the Howard government, condemn these acts of aggression by the NZ state.

“We understand, and fully support, the movement by Maori activists to stand up for their social and land rights, stolen by the NZ government over many decades. We protest the use of police repression and violence in Aotearoa, just as we have stood up against police killings and legal discrimination here in Australia – most recently in the case of Mulrunji Doomadgee on Palm Island.

“We stand shoulder to shoulder with the indigenous communities of Aotearoa in their continuing struggle for their rights, and call for the dropping of all these unjust and trumped-up charges by the NZ police.

“Together, we will win!”

In solidarity,

Sam Watson.

Socialist Alliance is a front for Australia's largest Marxist-Leninist organisation, the Democratic Socialist Perspective.

The DSP is in turn closely allied to New Zealand's Socialist Worker.

The DSP was also recently the main organiser of the Pacific International Solidarity Forum which was addressed by another arrestee solidarity activist Sina Ana Brown-Davis.

Omar Hamed, "Terrorist" Suspect, Named

The youngest of the 17 "terrorist" suspects arrested last Monday, has been named. He is 19 year old Omar Hamed.

Like all other arrestees, Hamed has been charged with firearm offences and may face "terrorism" charges.

From Socialist Worker's UnityBlog

Name supression was today lifted on our friend and comrade, Omar Hamed.

Omar is a fighter, a thinker, a writer, a journalist, and someone whom we are proud to call our friend.

Omar is NOT a terrorist. Omar is NOT a threat to anyone's life and limb.

Omar is 19 years old. He should NOT be spending the next two years of his life in jail, without bail or trial, on secret and therefore suspect evidence, while the police try to fit up a case against him - and terrorise every other activist in the country while they're at it.

Omar is a volunteer organiser for Solidarity Union. Another Solidarity organiser, Jimmy O'Dea - a 72-year-old man in health difficulties - had his house raided today by EIGHT police cars, on the excuse of suspected involvement with a kidnapping.

Who is Omar Hamed?


Half-Palestinian, born in Greece but raised in New Zealand, he has campaigned for social justice from an early age. In the past he has told reporters that he gained his inspiration from seeing his mother struggling to stop National and NZ First attacks on social welfare.

He told them that once he began to get a better understanding of issues he started writing and educating others. He has written several pieces published on in recent months.

An active member in Students for Peace and Justice in Palestine, Omar is also active in a range of causes in New Zealand, that include the campaign aimed at raising the minimum wage, and Radical Youth.

He currently studies History and Sociology at Auckland University.

Maire Leadbeater the head of the New Zealand Indonesian Human Rights Committee and sister of Green MP Keith Locke has worked together a lot with him.

She describes him as someone who is, "very dedicated and committed to human justice.”

Hamed was also instrumental in organizing the recent protests against the US-NZ Partnership forum and also lives and helps run A Space Inside Social Centre, an Anarchist collective on Symonds Street.

Omar Hamed was a founder and leader of the anarchist/socialist organisation, Radical Youth which has organised several demonstrations in Auckland, mainly around youth wage rates.

Some members of Radical Youth have undergone activist training at green MP Sue Bradford's Marxist training school, the Kotare Centre at Wellsford, north of Auckland.

Omar Hamed has travelled extensively in the Pacific to network with fellow radicals.

In late 2006 he was in New Caledonia attending the conference of the ultra militant Kanaky and Exploited Workers Union (USTKE).

In a report on the Noumea conference Hamed stated;

Pierre Chauvat of the USTKE told me frankly that they want a Kanak Chavez or a Kanak Morales who will be able to take the struggle against colonialism both new and old into the new millennium. The USTKE preparing for a long struggle both industrially and politically even though they are told to keep out of politics by many of the ruling elite.

They are also training their young militants for the new struggle so that they can continue the fight against colonisation. Pierre Chauvat is adamant that rebuilding a network of struggle across the Pacific is a high priority and building links with activists and unions in Australia and Aotearoa is important to cement the bonds of solidarity and struggle needed to free Kanaky from the iron grip of colonisation.

Hamed's work with Students for Justice in Palestine has brought him close to fellow militant Harmeet Singh Sooden, who gained worldwide fame in late 2005 after being kidnapped for several months by Iraqi militants.

In 2006 Hamed travelled to Australia to protest against the G20 Summit in Melbourne.

In an article on the Summit, Hamed quoted that favourite of anarchists and Maori radicals, Zapatista leader, Subcomandante Marcos.

Neo-liberalism must be stopped. Subcomandante Marcos of the Mexican Zapatista movement said: “what the Right offers is to turn the world into one big mall where they can buy Indians here, women there…”

Omar Hamed is undoubtedly one of New Zealand's most active and dedicated young militants.

Is he also a "terrorist"?

I sincerely hope not.

Elderly Trotskyist's House Raided By Police

From Socialist Worker's UnityBlog



Union activists say that a police raid on a 72-year old trade unionist in poor health today is part of a crackdown on all political activists.

This afternoon at 2pm, eight police cars raided the Orakei house of Jimmy O'Dea, a 72-year-old trade unionist in poor health. The house was searched under a warrant mentioning a kidnapping in the area.

Jimmy O'Dea says that when he told the police he was too old to be involved in any such thing, the police replied: "No you're not."

"Jimmy O'Dea has been a fighter for both Maori and trade union rights for decades now," said Joe Carolan, secretary of Solidarity Union.

"Jimmy helped to organise trade union support for the Bastion Point occupation in 1978.

"Despite his poor health, he's been helping organise the new Solidarity union among industrial workers in South Auckland.
"To anyone who knows Jimmy, the idea that he could be involved in a kidnapping is purely ridiculous," said Joe Carolan.

"But what is true is that Jimmy is known as a fighter for workers' rights and Maori rights. The police know him as a 'troublemaker' from way back.
"If this is a coincidence, it's a very peculiar one," said Carolan.

"We have been saying that the "anti-terror" raids of last week are an attempt to strike fear in the heart of all political activists.

"This raid on a 72-year old man in poor health just confirms what we've been saying."

New Zeal Jimmy O'Dea is a longtime member of Socialist Worker and before that was a leading Communist Party activist.

Check out his profile here. Check out his involvement with Bastion Point here.

By all accounts O'Dea he is a lovely old chap-but he does have a callous streak.

O'Dea has also been a long time supporter of the Irish Republican Army's armed struggle for a socialist Ireland.

In a June 1971 was Secretary of the Irish Connelly Association in Auckland. When interviewed by Truth newspaper, O'Dea defended his organisation's financial support of the Irish Republican cause.

"Of course we send them funds for arms. What else?... We think the only way to get united Ireland is by violence... A few people on both sides are killed, but what is this compared to the thousands who die through starvation over the years? You've got to put these things in perspective. The cause justifies the casualties."

Nice people can be fanatics too, you know.

Rodney on the EFB, Michael Cullen, Dave Henderson

ACT leader Rodney Hide makes the point that Labour's draconian Electoral Finance Bill will cast a very wide net.

From Rodney's Blog

Clause 5 of the Electoral Finance Act will catch the movie We're Here to Help. Here's what the Minister of Justice has to say about that:

Rodney Hide: Does he agree that the Electoral Finance Bill is too broad in its sweep, when South Pacific Pictures’ movie We’re Here to Help, about Dave Henderson’s fight with the Inland Revenue Department, is captured by clause 5 as "words and graphics" that will persuade voters not to vote for a particular party, especially in light of Michael Cullen’s repeated attacks under privilege on Dave Henderson, and does he not think that that is absurd, given that the Government, through the Film Commission, has poured $1.9 million of taxpayers’ money into the movie, which none the less under his bill would be declared election advertising?

Hon MARK BURTON: Perhaps the relevant part of the member’s question in particular is around clause 5(1)(a), and I would suggest in particular clause 5(1)(a)(iii), which has been the focus of a considerable number of submissions. It is, I believe, an area in which the select committee will offer its view, and I would not be surprised to see a suggested refinement to that clause. I would be happy to consider that, as I have indicated all along.

Meanwhile Deputy Prime Minister MIchael Cullen refuses to retract his defamatory attacks on Dave made -- of course -- under privilege:

11. RODNEY HIDE (Leader--ACT) to the Minister of Finance: Does he stand by his statement that Mr David Henderson, or "Hendo" is "one of the biggest and nastiest tax evaders in this country … who ran the sex industry in Christchurch and avoided tax thereon” and has he any evidence to support his claims?

Hon Dr MICHAEL CULLEN (Minister of Finance) : Mr Henderson has exercised his right to make a formal response to this House and I have no further comment to make on the matter.

Rodney Hide: How then can Dave Henderson ever get fair treatment from the Inland Revenue Department when the Deputy Prime Minister has already declared him guilty of criminal tax evasion and he has never even been charged or had any evidence produced against him, and why is the Deputy Prime Minister not big enough to apologise and say that he got it wrong?

Hon Dr MICHAEL CULLEN: Under the Tax Administration Act, of course, the Inland Revenue Department must not take any instructions from Ministers on such matters, at all.

Rodney Hide: Does the Minister not find it richly ironic that the taxpayer, through the Film Commission, has put $1.9 million into a movie, We're Here to Help, showing that the Inland Revenue Department unfairly victimised Mr Dave Henderson--a victimisation that continues to this day because of the wild allegations that were made by the Deputy Prime Minister under privilege and that to this day have not been retracted?

Hon Dr MICHAEL CULLEN: I repeat that under the Tax Administration Act, the Inland Revenue Department must act independently and cannot be directed. The fact that the Film Commission has helped fund a film shows what a democracy this is. But I would like to quote to the member from the blurb for the film: "This film does not purport to be an accurate account of the events involving Mr Henderson and the IRD."

So much for Michael Cullen's respect for the truth and another peson's reputation.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Trotskyists Justify Violence Against Fellow Kiwis

The Trotskyists from Socialist Worker justify Maori violence against their fellow countrymen.

From UnityBlog

Some commentators - even some of those “on the Left” - are wagging their fingers at the people who are currently stewing in jail without trial or bail, saying they should have known better than to even look like they were preparing to challenge the State.

But this is a colonial nation. The New Zealand state was founded on acts of violence and dispossession of the tangata whenua. No-one disputes that. And no-one should be surprised that some Maori are not prepared to accept the status of a defeated people. Challenging the New Zealand state is their political birthright - not an act of “terrorism”.

Setting the Record Straight

Two comments on this thread warrant a reply.

Anonymous said...

It all goes to show how stupid democracy has been to tolerate anarchists and other extremists who would destroy democracy.

What will happen of course is that we will all have to sacrifice some of our civil rights to safeguard our system from these neurotic losers.

A government of a free society should tolerate all strands of opinion anon. Only if criminal activity-vandalism, intimidation, arson, murder, treason, espionage etc are involved should the state step in.

The state has all the powers it needs to deal with these threats and should be given no more. No sacrifice of our freedoms should be required to deal with thugs.

Private citizens like myself should be free to criticise any stupid ideas, individuals or groups we see fit. In return they should be free to criticise people like me-in their own media of course.

Secret Trev Fan just about but nearly re considering said...


It was good to see ACT party leader Rodney Hide stand up for liberty tonight in parliament and oppose the passage of the Suppression of Terrorism Act, alongside his parliamentary colleagues in the Maori and Green parties.

He questioned the draconian powers that Clarke and co now take for themselves- how, on the word of one woman, an organisation can be deemed terrorist, have its assets frozen, and people locked up.

Another right winger, Ross Meraunt, has also admirably spoke out for liberty at the moment, fearing a groupthink peer culture within the Intelligence community that has led to the present debacle.

You yourself have researched many of these people accused, who are now held without bail in a "Guantanamo" grey legal area, and you probably know deep down within you that these guys are not terrorist. Dreamers, maybe. Idiots, definitely. But a secret revolutionary organisation led by someone as public and as theatrical as Tame Iti? Cue belly laugh.

STF-I'm glad Rodney opposed the Bill. My desire to crack a walnut does not mean I want a sledgehammer held over us all.

The police have ample powers to deal with the likes of those arrested and to grant the state greater powers would be disastrous.

Unfortunately STF, I do believe some of those arrested are capable of some pretty heavy stuff.

I certainly think they would be capable of acts that would damage our tourist trade or agricultural sector. I don't want to give these fools any ideas, but burning down a few key tourist spots could do huge harm to this country.

Mostly however, I think most of these people would rather be martyrs to their respective causes. Their supporters are already busy blackening NZ's name with the UN and on the Internet.

Tame Iti as the Kiwi Leonard Peltier perhaps?

Certain anarchists and Maori radicals have been committing all sorts of criminal activity and thuggery for years. Had the police dealt with them sooner we might not now have 19 year old kids languishing in jail.