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Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama file 47 The Paid Soviet Agent Behind Axelrod and Obama

Obama file 46 here

Barack Obama's chief campaign strategist David Axelrod, once worked for a man who was an identified member of the Communist Party USA, a registered agent of the Soviet Union and a paid disseminator of Soviet black propaganda.

This man went on to become a key Chicago political fixer who helped elect communist linked politicians including the late Chicago mayor Harold Washington and former US Senator Carol Moseley Braun.

This man knew Barack Obama and was a key member of an organisation which endorsed Barack Obama in his 2004 US Senate race. Barack and Michelle Obama were active members of this organisation, which was once investigated by the FBI over claims of communist infiltration.

Who was this man? What was his background?

The individual in question was late Chicago lawyer David Simon Canter(1923/2004).

Born in Boston, David Canter was the son of Harry J Canter, an activist with the Industrial Workers of the World who later became secretary of the Boston Communist Party.

While the Communist Party candidate for Massachusetts secretary of state, Canter was arrested for carrying a placard "FULLER—MURDERER OF SACCO AND VANZETTI" " attacking Governor Fuller for the execution of anarchists Sacco and Vanzetti. Harry Canter was tried, convicted and jailed for a year for criminal libel in May 1929.

After his release Canter senior moved his family, including son David to the Soviet Union. The boy must have stayed in the "workers paradise" for some time because according to his obituary in the Chicago Sun-Times of August 30, 2004;

After his release, Mr. Canter’s father moved the family from Boston to Russia, where the young man developed a love for Russian literature, (Sydney) Bild said.”

By 1946 the family had turned up in Chicago, where Harry Canter worked for many years as Secretary of Chicago Local 16 of the International Typographical Union.

Harry Canter later moved to San Fransisco, where he remained active in leftist causes. David Canter however remained in Chicago.

David Canter was the left's choice for editor of the University of Chicago student newspaper "Maroon" in 1948.

In 1958 David Canter graduated from the John Marshall Law School. He also edited the Packinghouse Workers Union newspaper "Champion" newspaper.

According to communist historian Max Friedman

The Packinghouse Workers Union was a long time CPUSA-influenced, if not controlled union that later merged with the Meatcutters to form the CPUSA-run Amalgamated Meatcutters & Butcherworkmens’ Union, lead by identified CPUSA labor leader Abe Feinglass, who was also a VP of the Soviet-KGB front, the World Peace Council..Some hearings on the Packinghouse Workers were held by the House Committee on Un-American Activities and one revealed that the future Rep. Charles Hayes (D-Ill, Chicago) was a high-ranking member of the CPUSA in the Meatcutters Union along with Feinglass.

By 1960 David Canter had teamed up with well known Chicago Communist Party member and later founder of Veterans for Peace, Leroy Wolins.

The pair owned a company Translation World Publishers, which specialised in publications from and about the Soviet Union. The company soon attracted the attention of the House Un-American Activities Committee, which suspected Canter and Wolins of being conduits for Soviet propaganda.

The committee questioned Canter and Wolins on payments recieved from the Soviet Union

The committee also questioned Canter about his membership of the Communist Party.

The committee went on to find that;

Translation World Publishers was an outlet for the distribution of Soviet
propaganda...this publishing house was subsidized by Soviet funds and was created by known Communists to serve the propaganda interests of the U.S.S.R.

In 1963/64 the Soviet Union actively tried to undermine Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater, in favour of Democrat Lyndon Johnson. Goldwater lost the election paving the the way for Johnson's "Great Society".

In their 1989 book "THE KGB AGAINST THE MAIN ENEMY-How the Soviet Intelligence Service Operates against the United States" the US's premier communist researcher Herbert Romerstein and former KGB officer Stanislav Levchenko examined Soviet attempts to blacken Goldwater's name and other Soviet campaigns of the time;

The false charge that Goldwater was a racist was only one of the smear campaigns used against his candidacy by the Soviets and their surrogates. The American Communists covertly covertly assisted in this "active measures" campaign.

A 1963 booklet claimed that Goldwater was conspiring with the John Birch Society to organize a "putsch," or violent insurrection, to take over the United States in 1964. The booklet, Birch Putsch Plans for 1964, contained no address for the publisher, Domino Publications. The author used the not-veryimaginative pseudonym, "John Smith, as told to Stanhope T. McReady." There was nothing to tie this publication to the communists until an ad for the book in the pro-communist National Guardian for April 25, 1963, listed the publisher as "Domino Publications, Suite 900, 22 West Madison Street, Chicago, Ilinois."

This was in fact the address of Translation World Publishers, which was registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act as an agent of the Soviet Union. The co-owners, LeRoy Wolins and David S. Canter, were identifed by the House Committee on Un-American Activities as members of the Communist Party USA.

In 1965 Domino Publications of Chicago published a pamphlet attacking the NATO multilateral nuclear force (MLF). The pamphlet, by David S. Canter, was titled MLF-Force or Farce? It presented the Soviet arguments against the NATO nuclear defense.

By the late 1960s David Canter was publishing a small politically oriented Chicago neighbourhood newspaper Hyde Park Kenwood Voices. Canter's partner and the paper's editor was Don Rose, a journalist active in at least two Communist Party fronts.

In one of them the Alliance to End Repression, Rose worked with Quentin Young, Timuel Black and Rabbi Arnold Jacob Wolf-all now personal friends and supporters of Barack Obama.

The Alliance to End Repression was set up to abolish the Chicago Red Squad, the police unit charged with monitoring communist and radical organisations.

Unsurprisingly the paper also campaigned against the House Un-American Activities Committee.

According to Max Friedman

The one issue that I have from early 1969 featured several major stories about attempts in Chicago and elsewhere to abolish the above-mentioned internal-security groups as well as the history of the Chicago “Red Squad” from the leftist Columbia Journalism Review of late 1968.

David Canter's late wife Miriam Canter was of similar mind. She was an active fundraiser for a defense committee for prominent medical researcher and secret Communist Party member, Dr Jeremiah Stamler who was also under investigation by HCUA.

The Hyde Park Kenwood Voices folded in 1975. David Canter and Don Rose then began to "mentor" and "educate...politically", a young University of Chicago political science student and Hyde Park Herald reporter named David Axelrod.

The young journalist spent time "hanging around" the Canter household. Don Rose wrote a reference letter for Axelrod that helped him win the internship at the Chicago Tribune which would launch his stellar career.

By the early 1980s David Canter was actively trying to change the Chicago political scene. The Daley era was finally ending and Canter saw an opportunity to move City Hall to the left.

With nine others, Canter approached Democratic Party congressman Harold Washington about standing for the Chicago mayoralty. Canter had known Washington for many years, not surprising as the congressman had ties to Chicago's communists and socialists dating back until the 1940s.

Washington accepted the proposal. His vacant congessional seat was taken up by Charles Hayes, the secret Communist Party member from Canter's old Packinghouse Workers Union.

In October 2004 David Canter's son, Chicago IT consultant Marc Canter, blogged about his father's relationship with Harold Washington;

One day I stumbled downstairs into our kitchen to meet Harold Washington talking to my father. Harold was the Congressman from our district and my father was explaining to him how he could split the white vote and become the first black mayor of the city of Chicago.

My father had been mentoring, encouraging and working with Harold for 15 years by then and it worked. They won the election and Harold became history...

My father encouraged black politicians to get their piece of the pie...

My father never charged for helping anyone out - and it was only until he was 65 did he ever accept a job from anyone he helped. He was one of those idealistic reds.

Indeed David Canter would not initially take a job under Washington, but after his 1987 re-election Canter relented and became deputy commissioner of streets and sanitation.

Marc Canter has also written;

My brother worked for Harold in D.C. when he was still a Congressman and got a job as a lawyer prosecuting crooked cops - when Harold came to power. My father remained in the inner circle and helped out on all sorts of political and community activities.

Don Rose and David Axelrod also worked for Harold Washington. Rose served as an adviser to the mayor, while Axelrod served as a campaign consultant;

From The Nation February 6th 2007

Axelrod and Forest Claypool...opened their own consulting shop, handling mostly long-shot candidates until 1987, when Chicago Mayor Harold Washington hired the firm to help with his re-election. Four years earlier, Washington had won a historic victory...As the Tribune's city hall bureau chief, Axelrod had ringside seats. "Nineteen eighty-three, that was a phenomenal election. Harold Washington--extraordinary guy. I mean, he was the most kinetic campaigner and politician that I've ever met. It was inspiring the way the African-American community came alive around the prospect of electing Harold...

Axelrod sees Obama, who was working in Chicago as a community organizer during the Washington years, as a marker of progress, writing the second act of a story that Washington started. "In 1983, after Harold won the primary, he went to the northwest side of Chicago with Walter Mondale. They went to a place called St. Pascal's Catholic Church. And what ensued there was so ugly--the protests--that it became a national story.

Twenty-one years later, when Barack ran for the US Senate in the primary against six very strong candidates, he carried every ward on the northwest side except one, and carried the ward that St. Pascal's is in...That's what he was thinking about on primary night. I was thinking, and I told Barack, that Harold Washington is smiling down on us

While Harold Washington died shortly after starting his second term, the coalition that elected him endured. The Chicago Communist Party was a key component of this alliance as was the Democratic Socialists of America. By the late 70s Don Rose had become close to the Chicago socialists as had Charles Hayes and Harold Washington himself.

From the Chicago Democratic Socialists of America website

The 1983 Norman Thomas - Eugene V. Debs Dinner was held at the McCormick Inn on Saturday, May 7...Newly elected Mayor Harold Washington was unable to attend at the last minute. Carl Shier, who was to have introduced him, read a message from him instead, and spoke of DSA's considerable role in Washington's election campaign. Congressman Ron Dellums provided the Thomas - Debs address.

The photos below were taken by Syd Harris... A majority of the "grip & grin" shots, interestingly enough, included Charles Hayes, who (regardless of whether he had actually announced at the time of the Dinner) was already running for the Congressional seat left vacant when Harold Washington won the Chicago mayoral election.

David Orr and Charles Hayes at Chicago DSA's 1983 Thomas-Debs Dinner

When longtime Communist Party/DSA associate Carol Moseley Braun ran for US Senate in 1992 the coalition swang into action. While the communists and socialists worked on the ground, Canter, Rose and Axelrod played senior roles in the successful campaign.

Barack Obama ran the the highly successful voter registration drive that secured Moseley Braun's victory.

Marc Canter has told me that David Canter "knew Barack".

While they probably met through the Moseley campaign, the two were also both active in Independent Voters of Illinois.

David Canter had become active in the organisation in the 1940s and remained involved up to his death in 2004.

IVI was set up to campaign for endorsed candidates-especially "progressive" candidates.

The government took an interest in IVI as far back as 1944,

In 1944 the FBI prepared a more extensive intelligence report on an active political group, the Independent Voters of Illinois, apparently because it was the target of Communist "infiltration." The Independent Voters group was reported to have been formed:

"...for the purpose of developing neighborhood political units to help in the re-election of President Roosevelt and the election of progressive congressmen. Apparently, IVI endorsed or aided democrats for the most part, although it was stated to be "independent."

Other prominent IVI activists included Communist Party member Milton Cohen and alleged member Timuel Black (who both later joined Don Rose's Alliance to End Repression) and Trotskyist turned Socialist Party member Saul Mendelson.

Cohen and Mendelson both went on to join Democratic Socialists of America.

When Mendelson died in 1998, Carol Moseley Braun and Barack Obama both spoke at his memorial service.

Both Barack and Michelle Obama were members of IVI and the organisation endorsed Obama during his 2004 US Senate race.

In July 2004 IVI celebrated its 60th anniversary. Members of the event committee included

Timuel Black and Socialist Party veteran Leon Despres, DSA and Progressives for Obama member Wetty Wilhoitte, a whole host of DSA connected activists and politicians, Dick Simpson, Bernice Bild, Barbara Flynn Currie, Bob Mann, Joe Moore, David Orr, Toni Preckwinkle, Sue Purrington, Carol Moseley Braun and of course David Canter and Barack Obama.

That may have been the last time Canter and Obama met-he died the following month.

On the 30th of September 2008 Marc Canter wrote in his blog

My father was an old-time politico in Chicago and one of his old buddies - Don Rose writes a column for a Chicago web site called the ‘Chicago Daily Observer’.

In today’s column he writes that Obama has taken a 50-42 lead in the polls.

I’m saying this in honor of my father who fought for civil rights, against the Vietnam War and would be tickled pink to see what Barack is up to.

I know he’s looking down from wherever he is - and laughing right now.

I'll bet he is.

Obama file 48 here

Obama's Church: It's Hidden Ties to Black Extremism and Communism Part 2

For part one go here

By Max Friedman

Since Obama officially joined the UCC about 1988 (though his first contact with Wright was in 1985), we have to look at what the Reverend and his church have been doing ever since. While some of the Church's newsletters are not available on their website, other information about their activities do appear in the websites of black reparationists and in a black Marxist publication.

As was mentioned in Kincaid's piece, in 1998, Rev. Wright was a panelist during a conference held by the avowedly marxist, anti-imperialist "Black Radical Congress." In fact, this information was listed in "The Black Scholar" magazine (Journal of Black Studies and Research), Vol. 28, No. 3/4, Fall/Winter 1998 and was found in the section " Black Radical Congress: Summary of Workshop Sessions June 19-21, 1998, University of Illinois at Chicago".

Others on this panel entitled "Faith as a Weapon: Spirituality and the Role of the Church in the Radical Movement" were also from the far-left and included well known leftist (Prof.) Michael Eric Dyson, marxist Prof. Cornel West, and CPUSA supporter Kevin Tyson (coordinator).

Obama supporters and DSA members Cornel West and Michael Eric Dyson

In fact, many of the participants were actual co-founders of the BRC included Alkalimat, Bill Fletcher Jr (DSA), Manning Marable (DSA/COC), Cornel West (DSA), and Ahmed Obafemi (chairman, National Committe to Defend the New Afrikan Freedom Fighters - see next paragraph). Groups that helped to found the BRC included the New Afrikan People's Organization (NAPO), Black Workers for Justice, The Labor Party, the Communist Party USA, its split-off faction the Committees of Correspondence (COC), the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, African American Agenda 2000, and the Chicago Ida B. Wells Forum. The only way to describe these groups would be marxist, communist, and/or black extremist. The NAACP and the Urban League were no where to be found, and wisely so. [See: "Obama File 34 Black Radicals for Obama", 10/04/08, by the incredible research/writer Trevor Loudon of New Zealand].

[The Nov. 16, 1984 issue of "Information Digest" featured two major articles on the New Afrikan Freedom Fighters (NAFF) and the "New Afrikan People's Organization (NAPO). The NAFF was described as the "military arm of the Republic of New Afrika", while the NAPO was described as a group supporting the RNA, BLA, the Weather Underground and its front, the John Brown Anti-Klan Committee (JBAKC). "NAPO's national secretary is one Akinyele Ujoma". Ujoma was listed as a signer of "A Call to Act to Prevent World War III: April 29 (1985)" created by the marxist united front known as "No Business As Usual" (NBAU) among other causes.

ID reproduced the NAPO's "statement of principles" which included the
following: "NAPO is fully committed to the building of a sovereign socialist Black nation - the Republic of New Afrika. NAPO, along with other forces in the New Afrikan Independence Movement, sees what is presently known as Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina ... s the national territory of the Black nation (New Afrika), and sees to build a national liberation movement to free the land by any means necessary."

The FBI has also characterized the RNA as a violent, terrorist group, especially for its involvement in the deadly October 1981 Brinks robbery and killings in Nyack, NY. A detailed report on the RNA was featured in the March 18, 1983 issue of "Information Digest, which listed its key members, fronts, and relationships to other marxist and/or black extremist organizations The first "president" of the RNA was Maoist criminal Robert F. Williams, formerly of RAM ].

Many of the BRC's "Sessions" moderators and panelists were from the Communist Party (CPUSA), which constituted the largest organized group at this affair, while other participants had been active members of such diverse older marxist fronts and radical groups such as "The Guardian" newspaper, American Committee on Africa, National Lawyers Guild, Democratic Socialists of America, and Institute for Policy Studies.

Many people held multiple memberships in these and other groups interrelated groups and projects including the Reparations Coordinating Committee including Johnnetta Cole, Cornel West, Ronald Walters, and Randall Robinson, the leader of the marxist terrorist support group known as "Transafrica" whose successor leader Bill Fletcher Jr., was a co-founder of Progressives for Obama with Tom Hayden (SDS, Mr. Hanoi), castroite Danny Glover, and marxist Barbara Ehrenreich who poses as a "socialist."

The sponsoring Black Radical Congress/"The Black Scholar" magazine had a list of "Contributng and Advisory Editors" who came from such marxist, far-left groups or black enthnocentric movements as the CPUSA and its split off, the Committee of Correspondence (for Democracy & Socialism), Venceremos Brigade (a CPUSA/SDS founded Cuban support group), US, Republic of New Afrika (a Maoist-oriented black extremist group with a history of armed violence), and some of the early leaders of the "Black Power" movement.

The BRC has served as a nexus of many black marxist and black racist/ethnocentric organizations as will be seen below, as have a few other reparations groups. This interlocking web of extremists must be viewed in its entirety in order to understand how it provides a nationwide structure in which individuals and groups can move, recruit, raise money, lobby legislative organizations, and propagandize, often right under the nose of unsuspecting moderates, including many churches.

For example, at the Trinity Church, Rev. Wright and his cronies were also members of and/or attending conferences held by the black racist/separatist group known as N'COBRA, National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America, as mentioned in the Kincaid columns. This group started out as a small group of black extremists in Philadelphia and has spread across the country, though its actual membership appears to be a lot smaller than they will admit to.

They publish a newsletter entitled "Black Reparation Times" which started in 2003. We will get back to the "BRT" in a few paragraphs.

An initial search of the N'COBRA website and some of its links, brought up a copy of "ENCOBRA" Special Fundraising Edition, Vol. XII, No. 1, Summer, 2003, with a cover story entitled "National Five Year Strategic Plan, Building N'COBRA and the Reparations Movement, 2003-2008". It concerned their National Board Meeting and Retreat in Princeville, No. Carolina.

Of interest was the following description of American society by Dorothy Benton Lewis, National Co-Chair, as mentioned in her yearly review and mission statement.

"The work we do in the reparations movement will transform the toxic society in which we live. We most also transform the toxic effects this society has on us."

Her hate-America venom flowed freely but Lewis' history is an interesting one, that must be brought out because of her ties to Rev. Wright and his church.

Among the groups that she credited with being predecessors of N'COBRA were the "Self-Determination Committee, Black Reparations Commission, Africa People's Socialist Party, African National Reparations Organization and the Republic of New Afrika, to new a few."

Well, the APSP pretty much describes itself as "socialist" or marxist, while the Republic of New Afrika has been a terrorist organization responsible for the killing and wounding of several police officers as well as having some of its members involved in terrorist acts across the country. They follow the old Communist Party plan of establishing an independent black nation consisting of about five states in the Black Belt of the southern U.S. (See: "The American Negro in the Communist Party", report, Dec. 22 1954, House Committee on Un-American Activities, for a short summary of the CP's plans for the south).

The African National Reparations Organization (ANRO) is very interesting because so little is known about it by the public outside of the black extremist movements. According to the authoritative publication "Information Digest" of Aug. 17, 1984, this group "was established in November 1982 by the African People's Socialist Party (APSP), an Oakland-based Marxist group that occupies a niche (and a headquarters) previously filled by the Black Panther Party (BPP). The ANRO chairman is Dorothy Lewis, formerly a leader of the National Black Independent Political Party (NBIPP). APSP chairman Joseph Waller, aka Omal Yeshitela, founded APSP in St. Petersburg, Fla. in the early 1970's."

[Note: the NBIPP was an attempt to unite many black leftist and ethnocentrist groups under one political umbrella, and it lasted for only a couple of years at the most. Leftist Ron Daniels was one of its leaders, in between his many stints with other marxist groups such as the CPUSA-National Lawyers Guild-created Center for Constitutional Rights].

Chokwe Lumumba

This brief report also mentioned that Waller, Ben Chavis (UCC, NAACP leader, CPUSA front leader, and now Black Moslem), and others set up an International Prisoners' Solidarity Committee (IPSC) and an International African Prisoners of War Solidarity Day rally (March 30-31, 1973) "in Jackson, Miss. in support of the Republic of New Afrika(RNA)" which was "initiated by leaders of the RNA" in "support of both
Eldridge Cleaver, then living in Algiers and 11 RNA members arrested after an August 1972 shootout with police and FBI agents during which one officer was killed." "Cleaver's BPP faction had given rise to the terrorist Black Liberation Army (BLA) during the 1971-72 period. Among the principal RNA organizers of the protest were Chokwe Lumumba (BRC Sessions), Leroy Boston, and Cynthia Boston (aka Fulani) - all prominent in the investigations and prosecutions following the October 1981 Brinks armed robbery and murders of two Nyack police officers and one Brinks guard), in Nyack, NY."

[Chokwe Lumumba was listed as the RNA Minister of Justice in the 3/18/83 issue of "Information Digest"].

Joseph Waller, aka Omal Yeshitela

A much longer piece on Waller was found in the "Information Digest" of March 9, 1984 in the section " "Burning Spear: African Peoples Socialist Party." It gave more information about his past ties to violence-advocacy groups, crime, domestic terrorist support groups and even foreign terrorist groups in Ireland (IRSP), Palestine (PFLP), South Africa (PAC), El Salvador (FMLN), and Nicaragua (FSLN). Domestic marxist and terrorist support groups included the mixed marxist Mass Party Organizing Committee, led by marxist attorney Arthur Kinoy (CPUSA fronts, NLG, CCR), which later became the National Coalition for Independent Political Action (NCIPA) and the Weather Underground Organization's Prairie Fire Organizing Committee (PFOC).

Waller/APSP also set up a "white" members support group known originally as the African People's Solidarity Committee (APSC) which later became the Committee in Solidarity with African Independence (CSAI), a telephone booth-sized organization. The CSAI set up a front group for themselves called the African National Reparations Organization Support Committee (ANRO-SC).

This information on the ANRO/APSP and its ties to both the RNA and BLA are important because they also tie these marxist extremist groups into the white Weather Underground Organization of Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn. The old WUO morphed into the May 19th Communist Organization, led in part by Kathy Boudin, whose son Chesa has been raised by the Ayers while his mother serves a long sentence in jail for her part in the Nyack killings (his father is serving life for this crime).

The Nyack robbery was one of several done by a joint group of M19C and BLA/exRNA members in New York and possibly other states. While this has some distant connection to Sen. Obama thru the Ayers (whom he did not know at that time), it also connects him to the Rev. Wright and his church who had direct ties to some of these people in the reparations movements, especially Lewis, Lumumba and others who either were participants and/or members of the Black Radical Congress (Cole - Venceremos Brigade, an SDS/CPUSA project; Maulana Karenga - US; Imari Obadele - RNA); and Ron Walters - too many groups to list), as well as the "Sessions" partici-pants of June 1998 (Lennox Hinds - National Conference of Black Lawyers, the US affiliate of the Soviet legal front, the International Association of Democratic Lawyers which operates thru a sister front known as the Association of American Jurists headquartered in Cuba, and who was married to Jennifer Dohrn, Bernadine Dohrn's sister); Adjoa Aiyetero - black lawyer, N'COBRA NCBL; and Tim
(Timuel) Black, a Chicago political power and friend/supporter of Obama (ACLU board member and supporter of an effort to put the CPUSA on the Illinois ballot in 1974, ("Daily World", 8/24/74, "Illinois Communists press court fight for ballot status").

According to one interesting article on Imari Obadele, entitled "Imari Obadele: The Father of the Modern Reparations Movement" by Robert C. Smith, June 2000, Obadele formed the RNA with "his Malcolm X Society associates in 1968."

From the House Committee on Un-American Activities report "Guerrilla Warfare Advocates in the United States", May 6, 1968, we find the following information on the Malcolm X Society on page 24.

"On the weekend of March 30, 1968, a convention of black nationalists was held in Detroit under the sponsorship of the Malcolm X Society. Fifty delegates to the convention signed a declaration of independence calling for the establishment of a separate Negro nation in the territory encom-passed by the States of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and South Carolina.

Robert Williams (ed:an avowed Maoist and one-time federal fugitive from kidnaping charges) was elected president of the group. H. Rap Brown, chairman of SNCC (ed: now a Black Moslem, is serving a life sentence for the murder of a law enforcement officer) was elected as the organization's 'minister of defense.' The widow of Malcolm X, Mrs. Betty Shabbazz, was elected a vice president."

Betty Shabazz

Shabazz has been a steady supporter of both communist and black moslem groups, as well as the RNA, and has accused Rev. Louis Farrakhan of having a role in the slaying of her husband, Malcolm X, the leader of a Nation of Islam faction in 1965.

Many of these names will keep appearing in other groups and causes through the years, from a few innocuous groups to those on the hardcore marxist left and/or in the black extremist arena].

For part three go here

Did Frank Marshall Davis Sell Cocaine With Obama?

Long time Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis mentored the young Barack Obama.

What kind of influence did Davis have on Obama?

Author of The Obama Nation, Jerome Corsi writes on World Net Daily

HONOLULU, Hawaii – The late Marxist activist Frank Marshall Davis, frequently accompanied by young Barack Obama and his grandfather Stanley Armour Dunham, sold marijuana and cocaine from a "Chicago style" hot dog cart Davis operated near his home on Kuhio Avenue in Waikiki in the early 1970s, WND has established.

A credible source, a well-known resident of Honolulu who spoke at length with WND on condition he not be named, disclosed that Davis was the source of drugs consumed by Obama. Davis was also the author of an autobiographical novel boasting of "swinging" and sex with minors, a copy of which WND obtained from Andrew Walden, a resident of Hilo on the island of Hawaii and publisher of the Hawaii Free Press.

Obama, in his autobiographical book "Dreams from My Father," discloses that he used both marijuana and cocaine as a high school student living with his grandparents in their Honolulu apartment.

The source said that on more than a dozen occasions he purchased "8-balls" consisting of approximately 3.6 grams of cocaine from Davis at the hot dog stand when Obama was present.

Read the whole article, follow the links. Very interesting.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama File 46 The Axelrod Axis-Who Is Behind the Man Behind Obama?

Obama File 45 here

Chicago based political consultant, David Axelrod is chief strategist and media adviser for Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign. He has known Obama since 1992 and helped Obama win his 2004 Senate race. He is the ideas man of the campaign-the man behind Obama.

Axelrod reportedly told the Washington Post;

"I thought that if I could help Barack Obama get to Washington, then I would have accomplished something great in my life."

The obvious question here is-great by what standard?

Many key figures in Obama's political life come from the far left. Does David Axelrod comform to this pattern?

Axelrod was born in New York in 1955 to leftish parents Joseph and Myril Axelrod.

In the 1940s Myril Axelrod wrote for a left leaning magazine PM. though not officially a communist publication, several Marxists (including labour editor Leo Huberman) and Communist Party members worked on the paper.

According to the Traditional Values Coalition

Former Communist Eugene Lyons, writing in The Red Decade: The Stalinist Penetration of America, noted that PM’s staff included a former editor of the Daily Worker; another was former editor of The Communist; and a third was a leader of the Communist Youth League; a fourth was a Soviet government official; and a fifth was the former staff cartoonist for the Daily Worker, the official newspaper of the Communist Party, USA.

PM's Washington DC correspondent IF Stone was later identified as involved in Soviet Intelligence operations.

Incidentally one of PM’s writers, Earl Conrad, also wrote for the leftist magazine Negro Story, as did Frank Marshall Davis the Communist Party member who was later to mentor the teen-age Barack Obama in Hawaii.

David Axelrod's own mentor was a well known Chicago journalist/political activist named Don Rose.

From the Chicago Tribune

In his early years as a political consultant, Axelrod, following in the footsteps of his mentor, the political strategist Don Rose, carved out a reputation for himself as a skillful specialist working for local progressive candidates...says Rose. "I think he's a principled, generally progressive guy... ."

Axelrod first met Rose in the early 1970s while studying political science at the University of Chicago and working as a reporter on the Hyde Park Herald

Around that time Rose edited and co-owned a small newspaper called the Hyde Park Kenwood Voices. The paper's radical tone suited the neighbourhood. It tended to follow the Communist Party line campaigning for example to abolish the House Committee on Un-American Activities. The Voice's co-owner, the late David S Canter had personal experience with the committee, being hauled before it and named as a Communist Party member in the late 1960s.

Canter and Don Rose took the young David Axelrod under their wing. They took it upon themselves to "mentor" and "educate...politically", a the young journalist. Don Rose later wrote a reference letter for Axelrod that helped win him the internship at the Chicago Tribune which launched his career.

Rose was a member of a Communist Party front at the time, the Alliance to End Repression.

The Alliance was set up to abolish the Chicago Red Squad, the police unit charged with monitoring communist and radical organisations.

Rose's personal Red Squad file accused him of being a "member of the anarchists".

The Alliance's executive director was Communist Party member Richard Criley. Further Party members involved included Abe Feinglass, Jack Spiegel, Jesse Prosten and Norman Roth.

Other radicals active in the Alliance included former Communist Party member Milton Cohen (later a founder of Chicago DSA), Quentin Young, Timuel Black and Rabbi Arnold Wolf. All three went on to join or support DSA and to form close personal friendships with Barack Obama.

Quentin Young, incidentally became the family physician to both the Obama and the Bill Ayers/Bernardine Dohrn households.

Don Rose also went on to chair another Communist Party front, the Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights, succeeding comrade Richard Criley.

Rose had been radical since the 1940s when he joined Henry Wallaces's communist controlled Progressive Party.

In the '50s Rose was involved in the campaign for nuclear disarmament and in the '60s was involved in the civil-rights movement. He was Dr. Martin Luther King’s Chicago press secretary for several

In 1968 Rose was asked to serve as press secretary to the Chicago Mobilization Committee-the Students for a Democratic Society/Communist Party influenced alliance that wreaked havoc at the Chicago Democratic Party Convention. It was during these violent times that Rose coined the famous phrase-"the whole world is watching"

Through the mobilization Committee Rose met Marilyn Katz, the SDS security officer for the demonstrations.

Marilyn Katz, Chicago 1968

By the late 1970s Rose was linked to the Chicago coalition of former Trotskyists, Socialist Party members and communists that would in 1982 form Democratic Socialists of America.

In 1982 David S Canter and nine others invited black Democratic Congressman Harold Washington to stand for the Chicago mayoralty. Washington had a long history with Chicago's communists and socialists. When he accepted, the Communist Party and DSA formed a multi-racial alliance behind Washington.

Washington, right at a 1981 Democratic Socialist dinner in Chicago

The alliance targetted black voters in a huge voter registration drive on the city's south side.

Rose, Katz and Canter all worked on the successful campaign and all later secured jobs in Washington's administration.

In 1987 Washington successfully re-stood, aided by a young political adviser named David Axelrod.

Though Washington died in office shortly after, the communist/socialist alliance lived on.

In 1992 the alliance elected the Communist/DSA friendly Carol Moseley Braun to the US Senate.

In 2004 it helped put Barack Obama into the same Senate seat. In 2008 it is campaigning hard to put Obama in the White House.

According to Salon January 2008

When Barack Obama was 22 years old, just out of Columbia University, he took a $10,000-a-year job as a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago. It was a shrewd move for a young black man with an interest in politics...

The politician who truly set the stage for Obama's rise was also a South Side congressman: Harold Washington, who was elected mayor of Chicago in 1983...In New York, Obama read about Washington's victory and wrote to City Hall, asking for a job. He never heard back, but he made it to Chicago just months after Washington took office...

Washington dropped dead of a heart attack in his second term. But the confidence he instilled in black leaders became a permanent factor in Chicago politics. His success inspired Jesse Jackson to run for president in 1984, which in turn inspired Obama, who was impressed to see a black man on the same stage as Walter Mondale and Gary Hart. Washington also strengthened the community organizations in which Obama was cutting his teeth, says Ransom. Obama's Project Vote, which put him on the local political map, was a successor to the South Side voter registration drive that made Washington's election possible.

Chicago has two unique advantages, says political consultant Don Rose. First, it's in Cook County, which contains nearly half of Illinois' voters. Second, the local Democratic Party is a countywide organization. After Chicago's Carol Moseley Braun beat two white men to win the 1992 Democratic Senate primary, precinct captains in white Chicago neighborhoods and the suburbs whipped up votes for her in the general election.

"They had to go out and sell the black person to demonstrate that the party was still open," says Rose, who sees "direct links" from Washington to Moseley Braun to Obama.

Rose, Canter and Axelrod both worked on Moseley Braun's 1992 campaign. Marilyn Katz worked with Obama on Project Vote, the huge voter registration drive that ensured Moseley Braun's victory.

By the early 2000s Rose, Katz and another Obama associate and former SDS member Carl Davidson had formed Chicagoans Aainst the War in Iraq.

It was this group that organised the 2002 Chicago anti war rally where Obama famously came out strongly against the Iraq War.

The speech was a major turning point in Obama's career. Obama carefully consulted David Axelrod before staking out his position.

Katz incidentally is now an Obama fundraiser and an endorser of the Progressives for Obama website. Carl Davidson helped found the organisation moderates its website.

In August this year Don Rose and Marilyn Katz gave an interview to the DSA linked journal In These Times, just before Obama's "coronation" at the Democratic Party Convention in Denver.

Here are some excerpts

ITT 40 years ago this week, Chicago police battled protesters at the DNC. Two ’60s radicals remember the madness, and look to Denver for change...

The ‘68 Democratic National Convention debacle remains a symbol of everything that went wrong with American politics, society and culture in that tumultuous and iconic year. It was five days of mayhem in the Windy City, five days that left the Democratic Party in shambles...

In August 1968, those explosive battles put Chicago at the epicenter of one of the most searing political and social upheavals of the 20th century. In August 2008, a U.S. senator from Chicago will be anointed the first black major-party nominee for the presidency of the United States.

Don Rose...the political wise man has helped elect mayors and senators since then, from Harold Washington to Paul Simon. Now 77, Rose - a mentor to David Axelrod, Obama’s top campaign strategist...

The 1983 election of Harold Washington as Chicago’s first black mayor came courtesy of a progressive coalition of blacks, Latinos and so-called “Lakefront liberals.” Katz and Rose were there, once again, as advisors and operatives.

Katz: My straight line goes from ‘66/’68 to the folks who began to work together and formed the core group of the Harold Washington campaign. (Almost) everyone I worked with in 1982 I had met as a kid in ‘68. I believe that Barack Obama could only have emerged in Chicago. Why? Because since ‘68 there was a web of relationships between black civil rights groups, anti-war groups, women’s activities, immigrant rights activities, that has sustained and grown...

ITT What we did here in Chicago had international implications: In ‘68 there was a workers’ movement in Paris, there was a worldwide movement of students. We lost that in the intervening 40 years. Now in 2008, with Barack Obama, we have a renewed sense that the whole world is watching again.

Katz: I think that millions of young people are flocking to Barack, as we did to the anti-war movement...

ITT The Democratic Party will gather once again later this month. Everybody is expecting a big party in Denver. Will it be an Obama coronation? Is that what we should be looking for?

So how do you resolve Obama’s move to the center? What about holding his feet to the fire? Don’t we need to keep him true to progressive issues?

Katz: We have to get him into office so then we can be the left opposition. I think it is a delicate balance between those of us who are progressive, how much you push, how much you don’t want to put him in very difficult positions that would embarrass him or give John McCain some advantage...

Rose: I believe that almost everything the Obama people do, like the McCain people, like the Hillary people, is a fairly well-tested proposition.

Given that, I think Obama’s positions, the ones we like, don’t like and applaud, are all very well-tested. I know the guys who are doing these things, and they have run a virtually flawless campaign. So I have a lot of confidence that they know what they’re doing when they trim their sails and when they attack this way and attack the other way. I believe they are doing what will win and I think they have a concept of what will win.

Indeed Don Rose does "know the guys who are doing these things"

He mentored their leader.

Obama File 47 here

Obama's Church: It's Hidden Ties to Black Extremism and Communism Part 1

This is part one of a several part guest series on the hidden side of Barack Obama's former Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.

The author Max Friedman is an expert on the US far left, in which he worked undercover in the late 1960s and 1970s.

Friedman has testified before US Senate internal Security hearings, has contributed to several books and has written numerous columns and articles.

This is by far the most comprehensive examination of Obama's church to date.

Obama's Church: It's Hidden Ties to Black Extremism and Communism

Barack Obama and Rev Jeremiah Wright

Sen. Barack Obama, his wife Michelle, and later his children, attended the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago for close to 20 years, yet when inflammatory tapes of its infamous Rev. Jeremiah Wright surfaced off it's own website, the Messiah-in-Waiting didn't say anything for a long time. Finally, when pressed, he said that White's statements were disturbing and that this wasn't the Rev. Wright he knew (i.e.the man who had married him to Michelle, baptized his daughters, and whose sermons he listened to several times a month. This was also the man whose sermon became the title of Obama's second book, "Audacity of Hope" in which the Reverend was mentioned a number of times.

So what else didn't he know? Apparently a lot, or he had been avoiding, omitting, distorting, and just plain lying about nearly everything connected to the Rev. Wright and Trinity United Church of Christ.

For starters, Obama has lied about knowing the real ideological extremism of Wright and "black theology", a hybrid form of marxism and black nationalism which centers around reparations, extreme ethnocentrism, and disguised racism (until Rev. Wright's speeches started to be heard on the Sean Hannity Show and seen on various internet sites).

For a very good summary of the "Black Liberation Theology" concepts that guided Rev. Wright and some other black clergy/churches,, as written by racist extremist Dr. James Cone in his book "Black Power and Black Theology", see Joshua Muravchik's article "Obama's Leftism" in the October 2008 issue of "Commentary Magazine"

It was not widely known in the white world, or even in the general American populace, that the not-so-right Reverend was the leader of a Black extremist church which supports white reparations to American blacks because of slavery. However, two good columns by veteran writer Cliff Kincaid addressed this issue, the first on March 3, 2008, at Small government Times in a piece entitled "Does Obama favor slavery 'reparations?'", and a more detailed column in the "Accuracy In Media (AIM) Bulletin" of April 21, 2008.

This second column, entitled "Obama and the Drive for Slavery Reparations", provides a great amount of details about what was not generally known about Wright and his church concerning this issue. Some of the people mentioned in this article have been associated with marxist groups including the Democratic Socialists of America and the Republic of New Africa (once a violent Maoist group), other black extremist groups, and have had contact with foreign governments, movements, and America-haters.

While in and of itself, this is not too surprising to those who have followed the far-left movements in the US over the past 40 years, what is of concern is who Wright and other leaders of that particular church have been associating with over the years that the Obamas were members.

We know almost nothing of Wright's teaching trip to Cuba in 1984 "to teach Christians about the value of nonviolent protest" and his trip with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, the black extremist, racist, anti-semite and cult-figure, to Libya in a gesture of support to Libyan dictator Muammar Kadafi (Qaddafi) in 1984 and 1987. (The first trip was loaded with black extremists and communists, though no complete list or story about those individuals appeared in a search of the internet).

Ben Chavis

However, the ever vigilant "Information Digest" of Aug. 3, 1984, did a three-page story on "Cuba Courts the Black Churches" concerning the visit of June 1984 Rev. Jesse Jackson and some 300 black church leaders to Cuba. Among those who went there was the Rev. Benjamin Chavis (then the director of the Commission for Racial Justice (CRJ) of the United Church of Christ, as well as a leader of the CPUSA front, the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression (NAARP), the successor to the Angela Davis Defense Organization/Committee, who later headed the NAACP before being ousted, and who finally ended up converting to being a Black Muslim with NOI leader's Louis Farrakhan.

James Cone
Others included the gamut of the black church spectrum from moderates to marxists to black theology proponents including James Cone, Union Theological Seminary (UTS), the author of the key book on "Black Liberation Theology" to which Rev. Wright and his church subscribe.

Jackson gave his usual praise for Cuba, "an all out struggle against war and for peace" and a lot that the western press never published. His fondness for supporting communist and Middle Eastern dictators would fill a small book, but some good older material can be found at the conservative weekly "Human Events" and the internal security newsletter "The American Sentinel" (for whom I was a reporter/editor. "AS" also included a lot on Jackson's top foreign affairs aide, longtime identified CPUSA organizer and suspected Soviet agent-of-influence Jack O'Dell, aka Hunter Pitts O'Dell, aka Jack Vesey).

The Rev. Wright was quoted as having said "Since speaking to Raul Suarez in Nicaragua this March about this conference, I have been looking forward to coming to Cuba to enter into this dialogue with the Christians here. The Seminar met all my expectations, and in fact, surpassed many of them.

Apparently Wright missed talking to Eusebio Penalver, who was decribed in the article "Jeremiah Wright's Cuban Friends", April 30, 2008, by "Humberto" at "" as "the longest suffering black political prisoner in modern history, surpassing Nelson Mandela's record in time behind bars and probably doubling the horrors suffered by Mandela during this period." [Penalver was held for 29 years before being released to go to the US, where he now lives]

The writer also wrote that "Jackson and Wright's Cuban pilgrimage was arranged by the Cuban Council of Churches, who sprang for the full $300,000 tab," and quoted Wright as saying in a sermon last year (ed: no details given on when/where) that:

"I have been affiliated with the Cuban Council of Churches since the 1980s," and that "I have several close Cuban friends who work with the CCH and you have heard me preach about our affiliation and the Black Theology Project's trips to Cuba."

He also reported said: "Our denomination's Global Ministries is committed to calling for an end to the U.S. sanctions against Cuba."

The article said that the Cuban Council of Churches was descrivbed by a Cuban intelligence officer defector, Juan Vives, as "an arm of Cuba's ICAP (Instituto Cubano de Amistad con los Pueblos) itself an arm of Cuba's DGI, Cuba's secret police, founded and mentored by the KGB and East German STASI." One long-time ICAP chief, Rene Cruz Rodriquez, was identified in the article as a major Castro executioner, and that he was indicted on Nov. 5, 1982 by a grand jury in Florida for "drug smuggling."

The official Cuban newspaper "Granma" was quoted in the ID article of 8/3/84 as saying that the conference talked about many things concerning racism, social justice and civil rights in the U.S. and that "Other important subjects discussed were the history of black religion in the United States, the work of theologists in the Caribbean, theology and Marxist analysis, black liberation theology and the significance of the life and work of Martin Luther King for Cuban Churches."

So besides supporting terrorist/dictator Muammar Qaddafi during his several trips to Libya with Rev. Farrakhan, Wright was also a friend of Communist Cuban and the marxist Sandinista regime in Nicaragua where religion was led by marxist Jesuit priest Fr. Miguel D'Escoto, now a leader of one of the United Nation's key organizations.

The the Trinity United Church in Chicago had its reverend up to his ears in friendly relations with the Communist butchers of Havana, Managua, and Qaddafi in Libya, all in one year. Not a bad day's work. The Church's motto of "Unashamedly Black and Unapologetically Christian" seemed to have left out and "we are also supporters of anti-semites, terrorists and communists here and abroad."

One good article covering this topic is "Obama Ties to 'Separatist' Pastor Raise Big Questions," The Jewish Journal, by Edwin Black, March 20, 2008

In it, Black wrote the following:

Louis Farrakhan

"The Farrakhan-Wright connection is no distant matter of the turbulent '80s. Farrakhan, Wright and the church have remained in close contact until this very day. As recently as December 2007, the church's publication bestowed upon Farrakhan its highest honor, the Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. Trumpeter Award for Lifetime Achievement."

There was also a report that Wright accompanied Rev. Jesse Jackson to Lebanon and Syria to "free" a captured US pilot who was shot down during the fighting there in 1983 That trip really needs to be examined in great detail because it may have been the result of a Soviet KGB operation and operative.

For part 2 go here

ACORN Election Fraud

Can the West Survive Obama?

A friend sent me this Republican fund-raising message from the US. it's good to the Republicans understand at least some of what is at stake in theis election.

If Obama wins, it doesn't just mean one or two terms of "liberalism"-it means a permanent shift to left, an entire cultural change that may never be undone.

The real question is a foreign policy one. A re-surgent Russia, an ever stronger China and radical Islam will work increasingly together to challenge the West.

Will Obama stand up to them? If he doesn't who will?

Can the US survive Obama? Can the West survive Obama?

That is what is really at stake here.

Message from The National Republican Trust PAC

From Scott Wheeler

Dear Supporter:

I have some incredible news for you.

Last week I reported that the National Republican Trust PAC had raised more than $1 million for its emergency effort to expose Barack Obama in key swing states.

Our goal was to raise $2 million by today.

We smashed that goal: we have raised over $3 million today!

Your generosity made this possible.

You are standing up for this country against one of the most vicious assaults ever waged on the Republican party by the liberal media establishment.

Smear after smear against Sarah Palin and John McCain. But Obama's leftwing agenda and radical friends get barely any attention from the big media!

Let me tell you what's at stake here.

Obama has promised two major initiatives as soon as he becomes president.

First, he wants to close down talk radio with the so called "Fairness Doctrine."

And remember this Orwellian "Fairness" broadcasting law could easily be made to apply to Fox News. (this also includes any faith based tv- Christian and Jewish TV)

Second, Obama wants to give 12 million illegals citizenship. You may recall they tried that in 2007 but failed.

This time Obama will have super-majorities in the Senate and the House.

He will get his wish.

As these illegals become citizens most will register as Democrats and vote for Democratic candidates.

Obama knows that by granting millions of illegals citizenship they will have a super-majority over the Republicans in every future national election.

This single act — giving illegals citizenship — will give the Democrats permanent control over the House and Senate for a generation to come.

We already know just how close the past two elections have been.

If Obama puts even just a few hundred thousand new immigrant voters on the election rolls, he will effectively end the two party system in this nation.

That's what's at stake here.

We need to continue our battle. We need your help.

Make sure you see our ads — go to now.

Make sure you donate. Go Here Now.

Make sure you tell your family and friends to donate.

Dick Morris has said repeatedly Obama can be beaten. He believes our ad campaign can do just that.

Thank you again for your help to our worthy cause.

Yours for America,

Scott Wheeler
Executive Director

Good luck to you. We're all depending on you.

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Farrakhan Calls Obama "Messiah"

Honest Greens

Here's something different.

Peter Cresswell at Not PC has designed some honest billboards for the Green Party.

Obama Puts the Economy First

Obama's Foul Weather Friends

An excellent introduction to Obama's foul Weather friends

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Obama File 45 Obama's Cuddly Old, Terrorist Friendly, Socialist Friend and Neighbour-Rabbi Arnold Wolf

Obama File 44 here

Though Barack Obama doesn't dare admit it, he has long standing ties to Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).

Despite their innocuous name, these people are Marxists, extremists, many of them former Communist Party supporters.

Obama has personal ties to several DSA members or supporters including Danny Davis, Jan Schakowsky, William McNary, Quentin Young and his next door neighbour Jackie Grimshaw.

Here's another for the list-Rabbi Arnold Jacob Wolf.

Rabbi Wolf is a member of Rabbis for Obama, he has held Obama fundraisers in his home is an ardent propagandist for the Senator.

In an interview with the June 2008 Weekly Standard Rabbi Wolf explained Obama's place in the neighbourhood.

"Barack is perfect for the neighborhood!" Rabbi Arnold Wolf told me, when I stopped by his Hyde Park house one afternoon for a talk. He's as round and white-bearded as Santa, with the same twinkle. He came to Hyde Park before urban renewal and saw its effects firsthand. For 25 years he led the congregation at KAM Isaiah Israel, a synagogue across the street from Obama's mansion.

"You can't say Barack's a product of Hyde Park. He's not really from here. But everybody saw the potential early on. We had a party for him at our house when he was just starting, back in the Nineties. I said right away: 'Here's a guy who could sell our product, and sell it with splendor!' "

I asked him what the Hyde Park product was.

"People think we're radicals here, wild-eyed!" he said. "Bill Ayers--I know Bill Ayers very well. Bill Ayers is an aging, toothless radical. A pussycat. And his wife, too. I sat on a commission with his wife a few years ago. My god, she was more critical of the left than I was! The two of them, they're utterly conventional people. They had a violent streak at one time. But now--they're thoroughly conventional, just very nice, well-educated people from the neighborhood."

But back to the product Obama could sell?

"The thing is, it's not what you might think," Rabbi Wolf said. "It's not radical. It's not extreme. It's a rational, progressive philosophy based on experience. You see it here. This neighborhood is genuinely integrated. We did it here, we really did it! Not just talk about it. Look around. And Barack and his family fit right in. This is their neighborhood."

According to the Chicago Sun-Times

Rabbi Arnold Jacob Wolf knew Ayers in the 1960s and re-met Ayers and Dohrn decades later. He describes Ayers as "wonderful, compassionate, thoughtful, serious," Wolf said. I asked him to help reconcile the past and the present. "What we want is not to let bygones be bygones, but to transform ourselves into the kind of people we want to be and ought to be," Wolf said.

The famous 1995 meeting In the home of Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn was apparently one of several functions designed to introduce Obama to the Hyde Park set.

From the Chicago Sun-Times

*Around this time, Obama started to attend a series of coffees in the Hyde Park community where he lived, standard operating procedure for political rookies running in the neighborhoods surrounding the University of Chicago.

"I was certainly (hosting) one of the first," said Rabbi Arnold Jacob Wolf, rabbi emeritus at Chicago's KAM Isaiah Israel

"There were several every week," he recalled... "I remember what I said to him: 'Someday you are going to be vice president of the United States.' He laughed and said, 'Why not president?'''

In March this year Rabbi Wolf wrote in the Jewish Week.

But it's not neighborly instinct that's led me to support the Obama candidacy: I support Barack Obama because he stands for what I believe, what our tradition demands.

I've worked with Obama for more than a decade, as has my son, a lawyer...

I am very proud to be his neighbor. I hope someday to visit him in the White House.

If Obama stands for what Rabbi Wolf believes, it may be helpful to know what those beliefs actually are.

Unfortunately Rabbi Wolf believes in socialism.

In 2000 Rabbi Wolf was named as a member of Democratic Socialists of America in the DSA publication Religious Socialism.

In April this year Rabbi Wolf sent a "Shalom" to Chicago DSA's 50th annual Eugene V. Debs - Norman Thomas -Michael Harrington Dinner.

Rabbi Wolf's activism goes back to the 1940s when;

Rabbi Wolf served as the American representative to Brit Shalom, joining other renowned Jewish leaders including Judah Magnes, Martin Buber, and Henrietta Szold in calling for "Jewish-Arab cooperation, as both necessary and possible." In 1949, he was instrumental in founding Israel's Givat Haviva Educational Institute, created to educate for peace, democracy, coexistence and social solidarity.

In 1973, Rabbi Wolf served as founding chair of the American Jewish movement "Breira: A Project of Concern in Diaspora-Israel Relations."

Breira called for discussions with the Palestine liberation Organisation, for US recognition of the PLO and for PLO participation at all peace talks.

According to Michael E. Staub in his book Torn At the Roots: The Crisis of Jewish Liberalism in Postwar America;

Breira survived four tumultuous years. Its proposals on Israeli-Diaspora Jewish relations and Palestinian nationalism generated fierce international debate over the limits of public dissent and conflict in Jewish communal life, and virtually every major American Jewish organization took a public stand on the group and what it advocated"

Breira was attacked from the beginning;

Major Jewish organizations denounced Breira members as PLO supporters; some rabbis and other Jewish professionals were threatened with dismissal. A campaign in the Jewish press effectively isolated Breira from the larger Jewish community. The organized Jewish community's attacks on Breira as it sought to build support for Israeli doves and dissidents, and provide them with some kind of forum here to win support, is now legend.

Breira was destroyed after five leaders including Rabbi Wolf and Arthur Waskow secretly met with PLO representative in Washington DC.

Details of the meeting were leaked by the Jerusalem Post and Breira collapsed in the subsequent uproar.

As Rabbi Wolf recently told the Chicago Jewish News

"I met with PLO people as long as 30 years ago. Two of them were assassinated for meeting with me and other Jews. Now I'm careful. I don't want to risk any lives on any side."

Arthur Waskow, incidentally was involved with the radical Washington think tank, Institute for Policy Studies, an organisation strongly connected to both Cuba and the Democratic Socialists of America.

Like a lot of older DSA members, Rabbi Wolf has, what used to be desribed in a more honest era, a "communist front record as long as your arm".

One of the more interesting associations was Rabbi Wolf's 1970's involvement in the Chicago Communist Party front Alliance to End Repression.

The Alliance was set up to abolish the Chicago Red Squad, the police unit charged with monitoring communist and radical organisations.

Rabbi Wolf served as the organisation's vice chair. The Alliance's executive director was Richard Criley, a well known member of the Communist Party USA.

Other Communist Party members involved included Abe Feinglass, Jack Spiegel, Jesse Prosten and Norman Roth.

Other radicals active in the Alliance were former Communist Party member Milton Cohen (later a founder of Chicago DSA) and two government accused communists, Quentin Young and Timuel Black.

Young went on to join Chicago DSA where he still works with Rabbi Wolf.

Timuel Black went on to join the Communist Party offshoot Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism.

Both Young and Black are close friends of Barack Obama.

Quentin Young and Barack Obama share the love, 2003

Another key Alliance to End Repression activist was journalist Donald C Rose- himself later an Obama supporter. Rose went on to mentor an up and coming young Chicago journalist named David Axelrod-that's right, the same David Axelrod who is now now running Obama's presidential campaign.

Rabbi Wolf's hoped for trip to the White House has been a long time in the making.

Obama file 46 here

Obama On Wealth Redistribution

If you have any remaining doubts that Barack Obama is a socialist, check out this stunning audio from 2001.

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Obama File 44 More On Barack Obama and the Socialist New Party

Obama File 43 here

Despite documentary evidence to the contrary Barack Obama's Fight the Smears website continues to deny that Barack Obama was a member of the ACORN/Democratic Socialists of America initiated New Party.

Let's delve into the matter to see what more information we might find.

If you go to the website of Barack Obama's old law firm Miner,Barhill&Galland you will find this short profile of Madison Wisconsin based partner Sarah Siskind.

It seems that a few years ago Ms Suskind represented ACORN in a successful class action against sub-prime mortgage lender Household Finance Corporation.

For the last ten years, the firm (principally Sarah Siskind) has also represented individual consumers and organizational plaintiffs in class action lawsuits challenging predatory lending practices. These include a series of deceptive practices actions brought in Illinois, California and Massachusetts against Household Finance Corporation, and recently consolidated in In re Household Lending Litigation, Case No. C-02-1240 and Related Cases, N.D. Ca.) and settled for $152 million in benefits and future practice change relief...

Ms. Siskind currently represents ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) and individual plaintiffs in three deceptive practices actions against Wells Fargo Financial, Inc. in state court class actions pending in California (ACORN v. Wells Fargo and Cortazar v. Wells Fargo) and Illinois (Taylor v. Wells Fargo).

According to this November 25th 2003 press release

Household, ACORN and consumers reach proposed settlement

CHICAGO -- Household International, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of HSBC Holdings plc (NYSE:HBC), the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), and a series of borrowers from across the United States, announced today they have reached a proposed settlement of nationwide class action litigation relating to the mortgage lending practices of Household’s two U.S. branch -based businesses, Household Finance Corporation and Beneficial Corporation.

The core of the proposed settlement is a Foreclosure Avoidance Program (FAP). FAP will provide relief to Household borrowers who are delinquent on their payments and at risk of losing their homes.

Components of FAP include:
· Interest rate reductions.
· Waivers of unpaid late charges.
· Deferral of accrued unpaid interest.
· Principal reductions.

Sounds like a great deal all round. Sarah Siskind and Miner, Barhill&Galland make money. ACORN strikes it rich and gets to force another mortgage lender to make even softer loans which will eventually help scuttle the US economy. A revolutionary win-win if ever I saw one.

According to this report Sarah Siskind is a generous donor to Barack Obama's campaign.

Sarah Siskind Contribution List in 2008
Name & Location Employer/Occupation Dollar
Amount Date Primary/
General Contibuted To
Siskind, Sarah
53726 Miner Barnhill/Attorney $200 01/29/2008 G OBAMA FOR AMERICA - Democrat
Siskind, Sarah
53726 Miner Barnhill/Attorney $-200 01/29/2008 P OBAMA FOR AMERICA - Democrat
Siskind, Sarah
53726 Miner Barnhill/Attorney $1,000 01/29/2008 P OBAMA FOR AMERICA - Democrat
Siskind, Sarah
53726 Miner Barnhill/Attorney $500 12/19/2007 P OBAMA FOR AMERICA - Democrat
Siskind, Sarah
53726 Miner Barnhill/Attorney $1,000 10/10/2007 P OBAMA FOR AMERICA - Democrat

It also turns out that Sarah Siskind also fought another important case in in 1997.

It involved the New Party. Siskind took a case to the Supreme court to overturn state bans on "fusion" voting. The New Party wanted to use fusion voting, whereby candidates could run on both Democratic Party and New Party tickets, combining the vote from both.

Barack Obama signed up for this in 1996 when he ran as both a Democrat and New Party member for the Illinois State Senate.

The case failed and the New Party consequently went into sharp decline.

The case did however reveal an interesting connection.

With allusions to possible electoral chaos, justices of the U.S. Supreme Court expressed skepticism Wednesday over an effort to overturn 40 state laws that forbid nominations of the same candidate by more than one political party.

The high court heard arguments in a case from Minnesota that was orchestrated by a Wisconsin couple Joel Rogers, a University of Wisconsin-Madison law professor, and his wife, Madison attorney Sarah E. Siskind.

Rogers is a co-founder and national chair of the New Party, which describes itself as progressive and claims 10,000 members nationwide

How about that? Obama's legal partner and ACORN lawyer Sarah Siskind is married to Joel Rogers, the founder and chairman of the ACORN initiated New Party-which Barack Obama didn't join.

Many Obama supporters have argued that the New Party wasn't socialist anyway.

Every year for decades Democratic Socialists of America ran an annual Socialist Scholars Conference usually, but not always at the Cooper Union in New York.

These were almost certainly the "socialist conferences at Cooper Union" that Obama wrote of attending in his 1995 autobiography "Dreams From My Father".

Here is the introduction to the programme for the 1997 conference.


1997 Socialist Scholars Conference
March 28, 29, 30
Borough of Manhattan Community College

Join Doug Henwood, Robert Heilbroner, Paul Sweezy, Harry Magdoff, Bill Tabb, Frances Fox Piven, Bob Fitch, Jane Slaughter, and Ellen Meiksins Wood as they debate changes in the labor movement, Marxist theory, the state of the economy, market socialism, and other areas where theory and practice meet.

Listen to the United States' only independent and socialist congressman, Rep. Bernie Sanders, dialogue with Joel Rogers of the New Party and In These Times' Salim Muwakkil on independent politics..

"In These Times" incidentally also has strong links to Democratic Socialists of America and is strongly Pro-Obama.

The Frances Fox Piven listed above is a prominent DSA member and is regarded as the brains behind ACORN. She was a leading activist in the New Party and is now an endorser of the Progressives for Obama website.

Manning Marable, Bill Fletcher and Barbara Ehrenreich, also addressed the 1997 conference. All three were DSA activists and New Party leaders. Early this year Fletcher and Ehrenreich were two of the four founders of Progressives for Obama, while Marable chairs the organisation's parent body Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS).

Democratic Party congressman Major Owens, A DSA member, Communist fronter and avid Obama supporter also spoke.

In 2004 Socialist Scholars changed its name to Left Forum.

Speakers at the 2005 conference included Barbara Ehrenreich, Bill Fletcher, Manning Marable and Frances Fox Piven plus Robin DG Kelly of MDS and Progressives for Obama, Gerald Horne from the Communist Party USA and MDS and of course Joel Rogers.

It's such a small world that Barack Obama wants to rule.

Obama File 45 here

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Walden on the Obama/Frank Marshall Davis Connection

Hawaii journalist Andrew Walden has been working extensively on the links between Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis and the young Barack Obama.