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Monday, August 17, 2009

Obama File 82 Exclusive! Obama, the Communist Van Jones and the Demos Connection.

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Why did President Obama choose a communist-Van Jones to be his "Green Jobs Czar"?

Why did Obama risk controversy by appointing a well known street radical to a senior position in the White House?

I have explored Jones' links to former Weather Underground supporters, '60s Maoists and the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism here-connections both men have in common.

There is another connection however-one as yet untouched by either the mainstream media or the blogosphere.

In a September 26 2008 article, posted on the website of the radical Institute for Policy Studies, two IPS staffers Phyllis Bennis and Chuck Collins posited 22 names they thought would make suitable appointments for an Obama administration.

Take note that this was several weeks before Obama was even elected.

Collins recommended;

Van Jones, of the Ella Baker Center, to direct the Commerce Department’s new “green jobs initiative,”

Nearly six months later, on March 10 2009 Van Jones was appointed "Green Jobs Czar" -or more officially Special Adviser for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

So what's the connection here?

One organization unites Barack Obama, Van Jones and Chuck Collins-Demos a Fifth Avenue New York based think tank.

A little known, but highly influential organization, Demos is a key component of the "progressive" machine that brought Obama and the Democrats to power in 2008.

Besides being Director, Program on Inequality and the Common Good, at the Institute for Policy Studies, Chuck Collins works for Demos as Director of the Tax Program -Business for Shared Prosperity.

Incidentally in the mid 1990s, Collins was one of several IPS people who helped organise the New Party-which Obama joined in 1995 in Chicago.

Van Jones serves om the Demos Board of Trustees.

So where does Obama fit in?

According to the Demos website;

Demos began as a vision of Charles Halpern--then the president of the Nathan Cummings Foundation and a veteran non-profit entrepreneur. He was troubled by the narrow conversation about America's future. On the eve of the 21st century, it seemed that America no longer had the imagination to tackle its largest problems and build a more just society.

Halpern set out to challenge the status quo with a new institution. He envisioned a dynamic hub for creative scholars and cutting-edge practitioners--an organization that combined ideas and action to chart a new set of priorities for America.

By 1999, Halpern had assembled a talented working group to develop Demos. Among them were David Callahan, a fellow at the Century Foundation; Rob Fersh, a long-time policy advocate; Stephen Heintz, Vice-President of the East-West Institute; Sara Horowitz, founder of Working Today; Arnie Miller, a leading executive recruiter; Barack Obama, then a state senator from Illinois; David Skaggs, a congressman from Colorado; and Linda Tarr-Whelan, an internationally recognized expert on women and economic development. This working group would eventually form the core of Demos' staff and Board of Trustees.

The question here is obvious. Why would an obscure Illinois State Senator with a funny name be "cherry picked" to help set up a new "think tank" in New York?

All the others had track records: Heintz was even a member of the "prestigious" Council on Foreign Relations.

Why humble Barack Obama?

One possible connection was Obama's work in the early 1990s leading Illinois Project Vote and his strong connections to the radical community group ACORN.

Demos worked extremely closely with ACORN and its voter registration wing Project Vote on several projects.

In fact the three organizations could be said to be almost "partners."

2005 report on Demos/ACORN/Project Vote motor registration project

Demos Fellow Lorraine Minnite serves on the Project Vote board.

Demos President Miles Rapoport was one of ACORN's most ardent defenders when the organization was accused of widespread voter registration fraud during the 2008 election.

Another possible connection is through the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS)itself.

The IPS website proudly lists Demos as a "partner" organization.

Several Demos personnel have IPS connections including founder "father of public interest law" Charles Halpern.

In the 1960s Halpern became corporate secretary to IPS. He began to attend IPS seminars and parties at the Institute and at the home of founder Marcus Raskin, where he mixed with radicals such as Paul Goodman and Ivan Ilich.

When Raskin and several other activists were arrested for conspiring to obstruct the military draft during the vietnam War, Halpern helped with their defence. Halpern even flew with Raskin to a meeting with the other defendants and their lawyers at the Greenwich Village home of radical lawyer and secret Communist Party USA member Leonard Boudin-father of future Weather Underground terrorist Cathy Boudin.

Halpern later served as as president of the left leaning Nathan Cummings Fund which was a significant IPS donor.

Several people around Obama have IPS connections including his Chicago mentor, former Congressman Abner Mikva.

In 1979 Don Rose, a mentor to Obama's right hand man David Axelrod served in the leadership of the IPS spinoff Conference on Alternative State and Local Policies, with Miles Rapoport.

The four founders of Progressives for Obama-Barbara Ehrenreich, Bill Fletcher Jr, Danny Glover and Tom Hayden all have IPS ties.

Ehrenreich is an IPS Trustee, Bill Fletcher Jr is an IPS Scholar, both are members of Democratic Socialists of America and both helped found the New Party.

Danny Glover chairs the board of IPS "partner organization" TransAfrica Forum and Tom Hayden is a long term IPS associate, going back to Conference on Alternative State and Local Policies days.

Even Saul Alinsky, the Chicago radical who's methods Obama learnt in his "community organizing" days was an occasional IPS lecturer back in the 1960s.

Seven years ago Van Jones was a San Francisco hardcore Alinskyite street communist. After hooking up with the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, Democratic Socialists of America, former '60s Maoists, Weather Underground supporters and Demos he managed to land a job in the White House.

Twenty two years ago Barack Obama was a Chicago Alinskyite "community organiser". After hooking up with the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, Democratic Socialists of America, former '60s Maoists, Weather Underground supporters and Demos he managed to land a job in the White House.

Could there be a connection?

Obama file 83 here


Anonymous TC Martin said...

Trevor, another facinating "Obama File." Your closing question, "Could there be a connection?" My answer, YES! The web of radical/communist/socialist organizations working overtime to as Obama has said - Re-make America is astounding. It is my belief that Obama was "Chosen" as the radical lefts "Spokesmodel" to assend to public office to help sell a radical agenda. And of course Obama like most communists lie about their true goals. When Obama speaks about how he doesn't want single payer universal Health Care, or how he doesn't what to run the auto industry, AIG et al, we know his words are lies, because his actions are the opposite of his words. Communist have to lie about their true goals and dress thier agenda as something else for public consumption. As I always say: Obama is Communist dressed as a Democrat for public sonsumption.

2:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forwarded to the "good guys" Robin

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Steve Nice Guy Northland said...

Eight articles, a massive thirteen backscratching responses from fascisctically inclined goons.


This is an astoundingly successful blog Loudon.

2:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama and his pals would much prefer the politically correct word used instead of communists they call themselves "progressive" so much more polite.It even sounds as if they stand for something other than their own lust for despotic power and rapacious greed.
Remember democracy in the 21st century is all about window dressing, just look at NZ pretending to uphold the finest democratic principles, and yet we do not have a Fourth estate ,or an independant judiciary or a real opposition, one party state is the way.
Democracy today is virtual reality managed by MSM.
NZ even has a new system called "whitebox" .Trevor would know all about this fascinating development in state sponsored spying on the free people of NZ.
NZ SIS has to make sure no-one is thinking improper thoughts, the whole game comes unstuck if independent thought were to occur, the media blinkers are essential wearing if we are to believe in the delusion of MMP.
Disneyland is comparable, aye Trevor.

4:34 PM  
Anonymous partner portal girl said...

NZ SIS has to make sure no-one is thinking improper thoughts, the whole game comes unstuck if independent thought were to occur, -- vey well said sir... very well said...

7:37 PM  

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