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Friday, May 11, 2007

Kasrils Says Israel is "Worse Than Apartheid"

South Africa is now effectively controlled by the South African Communist Party.

While economic policies are still relatively sound, foreign policy is hard hard left.

South Africa's information Minister Ronnie Kasrils is of Jewish extraction. Unfortunately like most Marxist-Leninists he is militantly anti Israel and pro Palestinian socialism.

With ministers like this, South Africa deserves to lose the rugby this weekend.

From Cuba's La Prensa Latina

Pretoria, May 10 (Prensa Latina) South Africa affirmed on Thursday that the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, with constant air and land raids on Gaza and the West Bank, is worse than the apartheid regime.

South African Information Minister Ronnie Kasrils made his remarks during a UN-sponsored meeting in Pretoria to discuss situation in Gaza and the West Bank, and recalled that ghettos established by the former apartheid regime were never attacked by choppers and tanks, as Palestinian territories are.

The occupation is absolutely worse, said Kasrils, and explained that while no one talks of a fascist state, "it is important to tell the Israeli Government they are acting as fascists when they commit these acts."

The South African official called on the United States and European Union to lift the financial boycott imposed on the Palestine Authority since March, after the creation of a government of national unity.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, the apartheid assessment is nothing new Trev. The world's already noted and recorded many manifestations of it.

But I'm glad you raised it. You're such a "fair" libertarian.

Manifestations like women in labour needing urgent medical attention, sitting screaming in agony in the back of a taxi, while checkpoints manned by callow IDF reservists remain closed for four hours. Just closed. No reason. Just closed.

Does Cpt. Superstein - dentist, born in and latterly of NY - Right of Return of course - does he fear that the dying foetus is gonna leap out and chuck a cluster bomb or something ?

Seven hours for a 25 kilometre round trip to pay a debt or go to the market ? Checkpoint closed. Just closed.

"Pass laws" you say Minister ? Well, yes in effect. If not, then cruel, ongoing humiliation, worse for its being wilful and thought clever. I mean, in aggro terms it probably saves The Chickenhawk a couple of Starfighters a year.

One thing is clear though. There are Jewish people who don't buy into fetid zionism with its cruelty and its hatred.

People who don't labour under the moral abomination that Palestinians are relatively inhuman and may rightly be treated so.

Apartheid ? Well said Minister !

10:29 PM  
Blogger mah29001 said...

"One thing is clear though. There are Jewish people who don't buy into fetid zionism with its cruelty and its hatred."

Steve, please look into the mirror into the sort of cruelty you are accepting Steve. You are taking a word from a known individual who was long affiliated with the South African Communist Party who is inviting leaders of Hamas to South Africa to which Hamas TV promoted the Hamasitized version of Mickey Mouse to teach children to hate Israeli Jews and America.

You got to have the gall to suggest that Zionism is evil? You are everything you laud against me from being a "Nazi", "fascist", "holocaust Nazi", etc. You are all those things Steve for you to tolerate someone like Comrade Ronnie to promote Hamas in South Africa, but then suggest Zionism is "evil"?

7:54 AM  
Blogger mah29001 said...

"So sit with Holocaust Nazis if you must, go on treating Palestinians as sub-human, but don't snivel and whine, outdoing the caricature, when you're hated."

Enough of you justifying Hamas using its version of Mickey Mouse to encourage Palestinian children to hate Israeli Jews and America Steve. You're certainly exposing yourself to be all the terms you love to laud me. I should really call YOU a HOLOCAUST NAZI for ignoring all the crimes of Hamas because you certainly are such full of hate when you do ignore all of the crimes of Hamas and other similar terror groups.

8:12 AM  
Blogger mah29001 said...

Thank you Reid of America. I just gave an example of how Hamas has Hamasitized Mickey Mouse to teach Palestinian children to hate Jews and support Israel's destruction. But Steve turns a blind eye thus also exposing him to be as such an anti-Semite though he would certainly love to deny he is such a thing when his such vile hatred to anyone who dares support Israel really questions just that.

8:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Might have something to do with IDF: 10 Palestinians: 1

Your muse - "...I suggest that Israel starts using Nazi tactics to eliminate the burgeoning Palestinian problem.".....

Hey, way too Freudian For Me Mate !

Truth is, humanity commands oppressed people not to lie down to their oppressors. And they don't. No roses in Baghdad, remember ? The Iraqis declined to appear in The Chickenhawk's B grade epic.

So it is with the Palestinians. The "problem" is "burgeoning" as you say because the Palestinian people are fighting back. I grant you that's heinous in the snivelling zionist mindset - "I hit a man, he hit me back, what a bad man he is". Well tough !......Hey, enough of that snivelling already !

Gosh ROA, what with your subliminal stuff on display like this, well, got me worried it has. And this talk of "problem" - when ya gonna "Freud-it-up" and blurt out "solution" ?

Go The Palestinians !

11:38 AM  
Blogger mah29001 said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

11:54 AM  
Blogger mah29001 said...

Come on Steve, ignoring the Hamasitized version of Mickey Mouse teaching Palestinians to hate Jews is like ignoring a cross burning by the KKK.

11:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve the anti-semite from Northland,

It is obvious that you possess average intelligence at best. Speaking of Freud, it appears your anti-semitism is due to intelligence envy.

Let me explain the latest leftist talking points to someone who should know better. Calling Jews Nazi is out. It comes off sounding like irrational bigoted anti-semitism since the average person knows Israel isn't acting like a Nazi state. Hence the subject of Trevor's post. Israel as Aparthied state. The left was not taken seriously when they labeled Israel as Nazi so they have adapted their public relations campaign to call Israel an aparthied regime. It is more believable to the average world citizen than the Jews are Nazis campaign. Apparantly, leftards such as yourself haven't gotten the message.

Regarding the burgeoning Palestinian problem. Apparently the sarcasm is lost on someone of your limited intelligence so let me explain it to you. How is it possible that the Jews are committing genocide against the Palestinian when their population is exploding (burgeoning)? More than doubling since the Jewish reconquest of Judea, Samaria and Gaza. Now you understand the context of burgeoning. Sarcastic not Freudian you leftard.

Now Steve, are you going to continue calling Jews Nazis or are you going to get with the new leftist-Muslim campaign to brand Israel an aparthied state? Why are you wasting valuable internet real estate on Trevor's blog to disseminate outdated, leftarded talking points?

12:03 PM  
Blogger mah29001 said...

"In fact, a suicide bomber came close to killing then Secretary of State Colin Powell a few years ago after being transported in an ambulance. Palestinians should use their own hospitals instead of depending on Jews for their healthcare."

Celebrating an attempted/hypothetical murder of someone involved with the Bush administratoin like Powell. That is so typical. And I thought the comments from Opie and Anthony were bad with Condi Rice and Laura Bush.

You also promoting racialism among Palesitnians is also noted on how anti-Jewish/anti-Semitic you truly are steve. That comment of yours on promoting the death of Colin Powell should truly expose where you stand on terrorism. Just grow up, because it sure sounds how child-like you truly are right here to even go about and talk about supporting the death of a U.S. offical like Powell.

Agitators like you who favor terrorism are just as bad as the terrorists in my book.

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You do draw a ridiculously long bow there Mah Old Ten To One. Your biceps must be massive !

Ne'er mind. Hey, what's this big buzz with Mickey Mouse ? Speaking to Minnie just the other day over at Gaza Checkpoint 7.

She reckons he's a fine Palestinian fulla that Mickey. And fecund.....Boy ! More people prepared to fight back I guess. Sort of necessary in these times of "I hit him, he hit me back, the bad fellow...." With the resulting activation of the zionist reflex, you know, The Ratio, 10:1

Hope you guys not planning a campaign to control Palestinian fecundity anytime soon. Deja vu on that front ain't pretty.

Hey Mah, it was ROA said the Colin Powell brush with death stuff, not me. Read Reid 'afore ya squeak chap ! Don't think he was clapping about it at all, just being distrustful of ambulances. Me, I didn't say a word.

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ROA - sarcasm don't come off when you feel obliged to explain's a bit like trying to re-eat your kai, your food.....doesn't work.

3:10 PM  
Blogger mah29001 said...

"Ne'er mind. Hey, what's this big buzz with Mickey Mouse ? Speaking to Minnie just the other day over at Gaza Checkpoint 7."

Hamas is using Mickey to teach Palestinians to hate Israeli Jews and Americans. This is certainly right on the lines of ignoring a KKK style cross burning or a KKK style lynching to which you Steve are guilty of doing so in this episode of a Hamasitized Mickey teaching Palestinian children messages of hate.

2:09 AM  
Blogger mah29001 said...

"it is important to tell the Israeli Government they are acting as fascists when they commit these acts."

Uh, didn't KKK David Duke stated how Israel is a "Nazi country" while he supports holocaust denial and the Nazification of the Palestinian people through supporting terrorism? Yea, the KKKer David Duke is right on those lines as Comrade Ronnie.

Sort of a Red-Brown Alliance to put it.

2:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve from Northland is a twat.

Let's examine the antecedents of Yasser Arafat and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The Real Yasser Arafat

It is often said that the truth is one of the first casualties of war. This is certainly the case with regard to Palestinian Authority chairman, Yasser Arafat.

Arafat once declared Jerusalem his birthplace: "This is my city . this is where I was born." But he was not born in Jerusalem. Nor, as some of his comrades have claimed, was he born in the Khan Younis refugee camp in Gaza; but in Cairo, Egypt, in 1929.

Arafat presents himself to the world as a victim of Zionism who only took up arms because he lost his home and worldly goods when the Israeli state was created. While it is true that his parents came from Palestine, it is important to note that they were not "refugees" or "exiles." They had simply moved to Egypt in the mid-1920s, more than two decades before the state of Israel came into being in 1948.

Arafat then lived in Cairo until age 28 and identified as an Egyptian. He first became involved in radical politics in 1951 while a student at Egypt's Fuad University, working as a student organizer for the Marxist-Leninist Moslem Brotherhood.

One of the goals of the Brotherhood was to infiltrate the Islamic fundamentalist movement, in order to spread among Arabs the Soviet propaganda claim that Israel was an outpost of US imperialism. This would destabilise the Middle East, aid anti-American regimes into power, and build up Soviet influence in the region.

In 1956 Arafat, along with fellow Marxist-Leninists Salah Khalef and Khalil al-Wazir, attended the Soviet-run Prague World Festival of Youth where they formed the nucleus of the terrorist Al Fatah. This radical cell would later become the core of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO).

Arafat first came to public prominence in the West after the 1967 Arab-Israel war, with the help of the Soviets and their media stooges. He was one of the organisers of a 1972 conference held at the Baddawi refugee camp in Lebanon that established what international terrorism expert

Yossef Bodansky refers to in his book Target America as "an alliance of progressive movements and terrorist organizations." Besides the PLO, this would include terrorist cells from Europe and the Third World.

This conference institutionalized international left-wing terrorism directed from the Kremlin, intended to undermine Israel and the West and lead to socialist victory.

The makers of the US documentary "The Russian Connection" interviewed several PLO members and were told that in the 1970s, no terrorist attack on Israel would occur without first being cleared with the Soviets.

The PLO itself boasted of Arafat's regular weekly meetings with Soviet Ambassador Alexander Soldatov. The Soviets, according to the documentary, supported the PLO with arms, training, planning and propaganda.

These planned attacks were not military actions, but the killing of innocent civilians. They continue to this day in the wave of cowardly suicide bombings splashed across newspapers all over the world. The strategy is that Israel can be defeated and destroyed by the terrorist murder of as many Jewish men, women and children as possible.

In his ongoing use of terrorism, Yasser Arafat continues to employ political methods learned from his Soviet masters, displaying a consummate mastery of the Marxist-Leninist tactic of "dialectical materialism."

For Marxist-Leninists, as Mao Tse-Tung puts it, "There is nothing in this world but matter in motion." The material world is made up of a thesis (the status quo) and an antithesis (the change agent, or revolutionary). Out of the clash between these two opposites, a new socialist society will one day be born.

In an operational sense, the revolutionary rolls back the status quo wherever possible and gives ground wherever the status quo holds firm.

Hence, the dialectic is best understood in terms of the analogy of a hammer hammering in a nail. The hammer smashes down onto the nail, driving it further into the wood. At that point the force is expended and no further progress towards the goal is possible. The hammer then draws back and re-gathers its force before smashing down again. Marxist-Leninists therefore view any retreat or concession as merely temporary and tactical.

The Palestinian Arab leadership employs the dialectical tactic of "peace" and/or violence, often offering both at the same time, at strategically advantageous points on the road to its ultimate goal of destroying the Israeli state.

What are the roots of the Arab-Israeli conflict? Within hours of the historic 1948 United Nations decision to create a Jewish state, Israel was attacked without warning by six Arab nations promising to complete Hitler's work. Despite repeated assurances from Jewish leaders that all non-combatants would remain unmolested, many Palestinian Arabs then fled to refugee camps in Lebanon and the Gaza strip, at that time part of Egypt.

They expected to return to their homes in a few days once the Arabs armies were victorious. But the unthinkable happened. The Jews won. Ever since that time, the Palestinian Arab leaders have kept their people trapped in squalid refugee camps as a political weapon.

This demonstrates Yasser Arafat's mastery of another Marxist-Leninist political tactic, "The National Question." Based on the works of Lenin, Marxist-Leninists have for decades encouraged the independence aspirations of indigenous peoples and minority groups to bring about the overthrow of the existing social order, and eventual socialist control.

Arafat's Soviet instructors soon helped him to see that world opinion could be mobilised behind his cause if the refugees became "Palestinians" rather than Arabs. By becoming "Palestinians," the Arabs succeeded in turning the Arab-Israeli conflict from a war of annihilation against the Jews into a struggle of dispossessed natives against colonialist invaders.

On all the evidence, Yasser Arafat is no Palestinian nationalist. He is a professional Soviet-trained revolutionary who has hooked into a group of people with a grievance and seamlessly shaped them into a political force in the pursuit of his socialist nightmares.

While the Soviet Union and its Evil Empire has imploded and Moscow is no longer the epicenter for world socialist domination, the political strategies set in motion by the Soviets decades ago continue to find expression in the present-day Arab-Israeli conflict.

The barrier to co-existence between Israelis and Palestinian Arabs, most of whom want peace and economic prosperity, is a Palestinian Arab leadership wedded to Marxist-Leninist ideology and endorsed in its hatred, division and violence by Western intellectuals of the same stripe who are perennial cheerleaders for the destruction of a free society.

The Arab League’s recent Middle East peace proposal demands not only a right for any Palestinian Arab to make his home in the new Palestinian State that the peace plan proposes, but insists on an equal right for Palestinians to live in Israel proper.

This would require Israel to accept millions of Palestinian Arabs who would relocate into Israel itself, rather than making their homes in the newly created Palestinian State.

The 1948 war that led to the Palestinian Arab displacement began within hours of the historic United Nations decision to create a Jewish homeland and (it should be noted) the same Palestinian state that the Arab League now demands as the price of “peace.”

Israel was attacked without warning by five Arab nations who refused to accept an independent Jewish state in their midst. Despite repeated assurances from Jewish leaders that non-combatants would remain unmolested, many Palestinian Arabs fled to refugee camps in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, at that time part of Egypt.

They expected to return to their homes in a few days once the Arabs were victorious. But the unthinkable happened. The Jews won. Ever since that time, the Palestinian Arab leaders have kept their people trapped in squalid refugee camps as a political weapon, rather than encouraging them to migrate to other Arab countries where they could make new homes.

The Arab League and the United Nations currently count some 4.3 million Palestinian Arabs as "refugees" or the descendants of refugees.

This must rule out Arab claims of Israeli "genocide," since the 700,000 Palestinian Arab refugees of 1948-9 have evidently multiplied by some 600% in less than 60 years.

It should also be noted that only a small minority of the refugees (and of the Palestinian Arab population in general) were actually land-owners. Most were tenant farmers or "fellahin." Others were urban tradesmen, many of whom had arrived only recently in the area from Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon, drawn by the economic opportunities presented by the surging Jewish population in the early part of the 20th Century. The idea that the great-great-grandchildren of such arrivals possess any ancestral right to re-occupy homes and land in Israel is risible.

The Arab League’s insistence on a "right of return" shows that the Arabs still refuse to accept Israel as a sovereign nation entitled to control its own destiny. They are effectively demanding not one Palestinian Arab homeland, but two: one east of the Jordan, the other west of it.

The ludicrous "peace proposal" requires Israel to give up two of the basics of national existence: the right to control entry into the country, and the right to define citizenship. Without that ability, Israeli sovereignty is rendered effectively meaningless.

Israel’s Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni, clearly articulates the core issue. "Just as Israel is the homeland for 800,000 Jewish refugees who fled or were expelled from Arab countries, so a new state of Palestine should be the homeland for Palestinian Arab refugees."

If the Palestinian Arabs will negotiate peace based on getting their own homeland, they get to decide who lives in their new state, but they don't get to decide who lives in the neighbouring state of Israel. Why have a "two state solution" if the Palestinian Arabs insist upon a similar "right" to live in both states?

Israel’s current population of 7.1 million comprises 76 percent (5.396 million) Jews, 20 percent (1.42 million) Arabs, and four percent (284, 000) Christians and others. Based on current birth rates the Jewish majority is already shrinking because Arab families are reproducing almost three times faster than their Jewish counterparts.

The “right of return” demanded by the Arab League would soon lead to Jewish Israel being swamped demographically. Admitting millions of descendants of displaced Palestinian Arabs means that within a few decades, Israel would cease to exist. An Arab majority would simply overrun the dwindling Jewish population, using the mechanisms of Israeli democracy to create a single, united Palestinian Arab state without even a shot being fired.

Israel is right to reject such a proposal.

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Can I ask you a few questions? Did you know Uriel Zosche Kelman and Eli Cara? (Israelis) They were caught here (in 2004) trying to obtain passports using a birth certificate from a tetraplegic with cerebral palsy. They are Mossad and were spying on our country .. why? (They went to prison here for three months for that crime) And do you know about a former Israeli diplomat Zev William Barkan (I think he was actually an American) who pissed off when the above two were arrested? And somebody called Tony Resnick? Who pissed off as well.... Do you know these people MAH?

Do you think that is OK MAH? (And no I am not anti-semite Reid from America and MAH does actually have his own blog in America that nobody ever posts on) Israel did finally apologise for those "citizens" from Israel.

Why MAH were they spying on us?

We have all kinds of people in Aotearoa and mostly we all live together and care about each other ...Jewish and Muslim, Maori and Pakeha, Pasifika, English, Scottish,Irish, South African etc etc.

Good on you if you can answer these questions.



9:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I don't have a blog.

Please enlighten us why Israel would would spy on such a righteous nation such as NZ.

10:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well written. By someone. Not, I venture, by Anonymous above. Oh, the internet is a wonderful thing is it not ? Particularly when under the digits of those skilled enough to deploy "cut and paste".

There are such skilled folk you know - look at Mah. How else could he possibly "repeat" line after line of one's post right back at one ? Without spelling errors ?

Reminds me of the "constructed" sophistry I used to get from the US Information Service over 40 years ago. When I was a callow cheerleader for US crimes in another country against another people - Vietnam.

Eyecatching in the homilie above, are the following planks:

Commies were always behind the resistance anyway ("...oh well, ask no further...);

A Palestinian state can never be allowed because Arabs breed too quickly ( I hear a hint of a "solution" ?);

It is preposterous to the point of offensiveness that descendants of displaced Palestinians plead the Right of Return ("...but yes of course, Palestinians are not as human as Jews...and far too fecund...");

Anyone seeing a monstrous, humanity defying, double standard here, viz. Jewish people constitutionally "having" the Right of Return - "...well... that person would "have" to be an anti-semite... and a commie...!"

Nice try Anonymous but you shed no light on the reasons for IDF: 10 Palestinians: 1

Actually, maybe you do. It is clearly wilful, advised policy. Chilling really. And you wonder why I refer to undoubtedly the most horrific period in recent history, in conjunction with the name of its perpetrators ?

Worse, you, not me, lead the discussion from apartheid to genocide. How excellently subliminal is that ?

10:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Dear Good Forces of zionism, Mah, ROA, Cut and Paste, et al: I've been watching some old-time television, you know - just some light relief from the travails of my chats with you fullas.

Ever noticed how uncannily The Chickenhawk resembles that much-loved wag of yore, Maxwell Smart ? Yes, him of the shoe-phone, the magnificent malapropism.

I guess fact can be stranger than fiction but it's pretty bold of the American public to make such a spectacle its president, you think ?

7:58 AM  
Blogger mah29001 said...

And here I am being lectured by people like Steve, HAM and others how Communism, the Mocscow-Beijing military pact being allied with neo-Nazis and Fascists are not a threat.

But when someone who is pro-Israel logs on and is assumed to be an Israeli citizen by anti-Semitic/anti-Jewish/anti-Israeli Lefties. What can I say? The only fools who are looking for whatever is under everybody's beds are you anti-Semitic neo-McCarthyite Lefties. Pardon me to Trev as he may take offense of me stepping over the line, but I think he should be stepping over the line of other people who promote anti-Semitic/anti-Jewish leanings into stating how I was a "spy" or "spying" on far lefties. Just because I happen to be a Jewish American and pro-Israel.

This is just as bizarre as referring to be a "CIA-front group".

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve the anti-semite from Northland,

You still haven't answered my question from my first comment. Give me an example of a nation that is not occupying anothers ethnic homeland?

So apparently it's moral for the British to occupy Maori land. France and Spain to occupy Basque land. Russia to occupy 100 ethnic homelands. USA to occupy native lands, etc, etc... But it isn't acceptable for Jews to reconquest their ancient homeland which was deeded to them in the Bible.

So your standard for Jews which is post-modern moral perfection. All other ethnic groups are exempted from the standard you apply to Jews.

When the British"occupiers" and Maori fought during the 19th century was the death count 10 Maori to 1 British or was it much higher?

Get over the Palestinians. They are depraved losers and the people who back them are half-wit losers and moral degenerates.

Yes Steve, only a moral degenerate supports the Palestinians.

9:26 AM  
Blogger mah29001 said...

"So apparently it's moral for the British to occupy Maori land. France and Spain to occupy Basque land. Russia to occupy 100 ethnic homelands. USA to occupy native lands, etc, etc... But it isn't acceptable for Jews to reconquest their ancient homeland which was deeded to them in the Bible."

Reid. Don't bother Steve with facts. You may also want to add how Mao occupied Tibet and oppressed the Muslims in what is now Western China. Guess that's okay with Steve. Mao used even more horrible tactics of reconquest of what use to be Chinese territory at one part of China's history. I guess it must also be okay for the most brutal dictator of modern history to do just that.

9:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now here I am being exactly like the self proclaimed zionists on this blog - quoting their words right back at them:


Nice !!!

Very, very 30s Reichstag Mein Fuhrer.

Unwittingly you've proved my point - Holocaust Nazis ! Just listen to yourself.

And I suggest you get yourself rather better informed before, in typical "We fascists know it all !" style, you start nutting on about New Zealand and Maori.

What can be said as a preliminary remark however is that were second New Zealanders a bunch of snivelling "me, me, me" zionists, there wouldn't by now be any Maori in New Zealand. They would have been despatched as DEPRAVED LOSERS.

And while you're about checking out that truism you might make some enquiry about Prime Minister "Bonsai" Howard's Australia. And the way that country treats Aboriginal people.

Yes, Bonsai is a staunch ally of your president Maxwell (The Chickenhawk) Smart.

So do some study Honey. Talk to me again when you know something worth knowing.

Until then - Ka Kite !

3:53 PM  
Blogger mah29001 said...

Steve the Unintellgent Anti-Semite from Northland,

You are certainly exposed to be quite brainwashed. You have no desire to promote freedom of expression or have a rational debate. In fact, your crazy rants remind me of the way Adolf Hitler or any of his supporters would shout down their opponents as they tried to make a rational point. Doesn't matter if it's someone like me or Reid or anyone else.

In fact, those in the Party for Socialism and Liberation who shouted down the Minutemen also remind me of Hitler and the Nazis. You Steve are the only one who deserves to be lauded all the hateful terms you do with your opponents.

You can not stand how much of a loser you really are if all you do is go on the Internet and make these unintelligent rants and shout downs. I don't want to offend Trev [parton in advance], but it seems like I may have to suggest that even a five-year-old could make a better argument than you Steve with the sort of attitude you have toward anyone else who dares disagree with you.

You are the only fascist, apologist holocaust Nazi here who does not even give a damn to what's going on with the very people you are proclaiming to defend such as the Palestinians. Do you care Steve of Mickey Mouse being used to encourage Palestinians to embrace terrorism among other things hate Jews, America and the West? Do you Steve?

Having you Steve ignore this, is also right on the lines of a white racist in America ignoring all the segragation laws that are in plan view as blue as the sky. Shame on you.

4:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mah, short enquiry - where the hell is Northerland ? Checked my passport. Never been there as far as I can tell.

They got cable, Fox, '56 Bel Airs ? Don't wanna know unless.

4:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Mah, I've tried and I've tried and I've tried but I just can't get up a sweat about Mickey Mouse. Anyway, Minnie reckons he's fine, so what's the bad buzz ?

Strange how your pretensions to "debate" should be supported by unending reference to Dear Old Mick.

Work with me Mah.....stay with me now: "1 2 3, a figment Mickey is he, 4 5 8, zionists must not hate".

There, you a happier wee fulla now Mah ? Feel your bile excreting away do you ? That's the one !

4:30 PM  
Blogger mah29001 said...

Knock it off Steve. YOU are the one who needs to learn anger mangement.

4:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where in God's, Maxwell Smart's, The Chickenhawk's name, did we get anger management from Darling ???

You're being very subliminal again Cpt. Superstein ! You give too much away Babe.

8:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

REID did you actually read my post? This is what I said "And no I am not anti-semite Reid from America and MAH does actually have his own blog in America that nobody ever posts on" ...I wasn't talking about you!

"Listen HAM, I am not an Israeli citizen, I'm an American citizen and no I am not spying.

All this exposes is what an anti-semitic twat you are."

How come on your blog you say you are pro Israel, pro America and a Zionist? And anti-commie of course! I did not accuse you of spying I asked you some questions which you seem unable to answer.

I am not "anti-semitic twat" how rude you silly old fart - so are you REID. Oh my goodness two silly old farts from America. Can't read, can't spell eg "anger mangement" (MAH) and are very rude "twats" themselves. And certainly you two silly old twats have no sense of humour or debate at all!

Ka kite ano


PS I can "cut and paste" too!
PSS Reid we actually have a Treaty us tangata whenua and pakeha do you? Bet you can't answer that either Reid!

10:32 PM  
Blogger mah29001 said...

"I am not "anti-semitic twat" how rude you silly old fart - so are you REID. Oh my goodness two silly old farts from America. Can't read, can't spell eg "anger mangement" (MAH) and are very rude "twats" themselves. And certainly you two silly old twats have no sense of humour or debate at all!"

You are the rude one HAM for accusing me of being an Israeli spy or leading toward that assumption. That is on the lines of anti-Semitism as also thinking how Cathlocs in power will be "controlled" by the Pope.

I'm putting my foot down on anyone who dares accuse me to be such things.

3:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once again MAH and Reid, I'd ask you not to attempt to 'debate' anything with 'steve'.

His mind is diseased and it's quite clear from reading his posts that this is so.


7:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...






10:11 PM  
Blogger mah29001 said...

Steve, you clearly do not know how close you are to being a Communist. The CPUSA recently parrotted Putin's comments on how anyone in the West that dares supports the U.S., Britain, France, Australia policies are "fascist".

You're clearly brainwashed Steve, and the more you bury your head in the sand and use totalitarian tactics to attack anyone else you disagree with to be a "fascist", a "holocaust Nazi", you are more of a Communist everytime you promote it, since you seem to love to promote their rhetoric.

5:31 AM  

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