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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blog Holiday

Due to overseas travel and other commitments, there will be no blogging-barring emergencies-until the second week in November.

Thanks for reading.

Please come back in November.

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Best wishes

Trevor L

Well Done Cliff Kincaid and Fox News

Just got this Accuracy in Media press release.

It seems that Fox news has gotten rid of radical commentator Mark Lamont Hill.

Accuracy in Media editor Cliff Kincaid today welcomed FOX News Channel’s decision to fire cop-killer apologist Marc Lamont Hill as a paid analyst. Kincaid learned of Hill’s firing this morning at the annual meeting of News Corporation, the parent company of FOX News, in New York City. Accuracy in Media is a News Corp. shareholder.

Kincaid was in the middle of raising a question that he has asked in a series of recent columns – namely, while properly questioning how the Obama Administration could possibly have hired Van Jones, with his radical background, how did FOX News hire Marc Lamont Hill as an analyst, when Hill had an easily documentable record in support of cop-killers.

Before Kincaid completed the background for his question, News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch interrupted Kincaid to say that he appreciated Cliff’s work on this matter, and that Hill had been “fired” last week.

Kincaid announced that he will have more to say on this in the coming days. His previous columns on Marc Lamont Hill are available on the AIM website.

Great work Cliff and kudos to Fox for making the right call.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Beck Lists A Few White House Radicals

Anita Dunn?

Anita Dunn is the White House communications official charged with declaring war on Fox News and Glenn Beck.

She is part of Obama's inner circle, an adviser almost on a par with security risk David Axelrod.

She is married to Obama's personal lawyer Robert Bauer.

Glenn Beck nails Dunn with her own words.

To paraphrase Mao

"All insane drivel comes fronm the microphone of a Dunn"

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mr Loudon Goes To Washington

On Friday October 23, Accuracy in Media holds its 40th Anniversary conference in Washington DC- 9am to 5pm at the Omni Shoreham Hotel, Hampton Ballroom.

Speakers include;

Rep. Lamar Smith (R Texas), Chairman media Fairness Caucus.

Andrew C McCcarthy Author, Senior fellow, National Review Institute

Don Irvine Chairman, Accuracy in Media

Anita MonCrief ACORN/Project Vote "whistleblower"

Marc Morano Founder, Climate Depot

John Fund Columnist, Wall Street Journal

Trevor Loudon Blogger, New Zealand

Cliff Kincaid, Accuracy in Media

Robert Bluey, Director of Online Strategy, Heritage Foundation

Anne McElhinney, Director and Producer of "Not Evil Just Wrong"

Registration informaton here

I hope some of my readers can make it.

It'll be a great day among freedom loving people.

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Bernard Hickey Calls Out John Key

Economist Bernard Hickey asks if Prime Minister John Key is serious about reforming the NZ economy, or not.

It looks more like not.

I Don't agree with Bernard about Capital Gains Tax, but he asks the right questions.

So come on John-harden up and put our country's future before your desire to be loved.

Why European Socialists Gave Obama the Nobel Prize

President Obama has long term ties to Democratic Socialists of America, the US affiliate of the Socialist International.

Former Israeli diplomat Yoram Ettinger points out that those who awarded Obama the Nobel Prize were European affiliates of the Socialist International.

From Israel Opinion

Obama’s Nobel Prize win a blatant attempt to Europeanize US policy

According to Alfred Nobel's will – and in contrast with other Nobel Prize committees – the members of the Nobel Prize for Peace committee are not experts, but politicians, members of the Norwegian Parliament.

The chairman of the committee, Thorbjorn Jagland, former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Norway, is the Vice President and the Chairman of the Middle East Committee of the "Socialist International," known for its opposition to US and Israeli policies.

He is, also, the Chairman of the "Oslo Center for Peace and Human Rights," which advocates a Dovish-Leftist worldview, in cooperation with former President Jimmy Carter, who is close to President Obama and considered a role-model for the new Nobel laureate.

Along with other members of the Committee, Jagland represents a Parliament that has called to recognize Hamas, to dialogue with Iran, to tolerate rogue regimes, to enhance ties with Muslim regimes, to condemn (what he terms) Islamophobia and to condemn systematically the policies of Washington (until Obama's victory) and Jerusalem.

Awarding Obama the Nobel Peace Prize – in spite of the fact that the deadline for nominations was February 1, 10 days into Obama's Administration – constitutes a transparent attempt by European politicians to bolster Obama's determination in the global arena and improve his standing in the domestic arena. While Obama's stock has risen internationally, it has deteriorated internally, in light of his lack of success in the areas of unemployment, taxes, budget deficit, health insurance reform, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Russia and al-Qaeda.

Jagland and his colleagues are determined to provide Obama with a tailwind. They consider him the most UN-driven American President since Woodrow Wilson, who established the League of Nations in 1920. They encourage him to sustain his efforts to endear the UN to the American people and legislators and to highlight the UN as the key formulator of international relations. They identify with – and are eager to advance – Obama's worldview, as they assess it: that the superpower role pf the US is over, that moral equivalence – and not moral superiority – dominates relations between the US and non-Western democracies, and that the West must reconcile itself to the rise of the Muslim World.

This perceived worldview also holds that the US must desist from unilateral political and military initiatives, that America should advance multilateral initiatives which reflect values and attitudes shared by the majority of the UN membership, that there is no military option against Iran, that the battle against Islamic terrorism must be conducted diplomatically, economically and legally and not militarily, that there should not be a surge in Afghanistan, that retreat from Iraq should be accelerated, that the Palestinian issue is the core cause of Middle East turbulence and anti-Western Islamic terrorism, etc.

Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama does not reflect respect by the Nobel Prize Committee toward the American President. It does not intend to express appreciation of the American legacy and American human and mega-billion monetary sacrifice, which spared Europe defeat during World War I and World War II, produced victory over Communism and minimized Islamic terrorism in Europe.

The Nobel Peace Prize Committee aimed to improve Obama's image among Americans and leverage his presidency in order to Europeanize US policy, thus accomplishing the "wet dream" of US critics, rivals and enemies. Reservations expressed by most of the US public, legislators and media suggest that the Norwegian politicians may relive the Biblical episode of Balaam in reverse: They came to bless, but ended up cursing.

Thanks to Frederick.

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Warning to America on Socialized Health Care

New Zealand, like most Western countries has had socialized health care for decades.

It is a constant source of public dissatisfaction and bitching.

The system is in perpetual crisis, with overworked and underpaid doctors and nurses, more bureaucrats than health professionals in the system, long waiting lists, rationed care and restricted access to drugs and treatment.

Families regularly have take their cancer stricken children to other centers or even Australia for treatment. People mortgage their houses to pay private hospitals to administer treatments not available in the public sector. if waiting lists get too long, you get a letter telling you you are no longer on the list, that you must go back to your family doctor (if you have one in your town) for assessment and re-apply for treatment. You can spend years in discomfort waiting for a basic hip or knee operation.

Doctors and nurses, being altruistic types by nature, keep the system functioning-but only just. Large numbers of them head overseas annually, meaning we have to recruit health professionals from the third world to cope-no aspersions cast here, they are good people. The point is that our system is so rotten we can't retain enough NZ trained professionals.

Now Americans, with the best health care in the world, are being told that they need to be more like us.

At least this guy can see the utter folly in that.

All ideology aside America.

If you want queues, rationing, reduced healthcare options, doctor shortages and more moaning and bitching support Obamcare.

You'll get it in spades.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Good on Ya Mate!

Thanks to Charles

Obama to Negotiate With Forest Fire

From the satirists at The Onion-had to tell you that in case you are a MSM "journalist" and thought this was real.

Obama To Enter Diplomatic Talks With Raging Wildfire

Thanks to Sylvia

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Guess Who Supports Obama's Nobel Prize?

Sam Webb is the national chairperson of the Communist Party USA.

He is a public spokesperson for the CPUSA, and travels extensively in the U.S. and abroad, including recent trips to South Africa, China, Vietnam, and Cuba where he met with leaders of those countries.

Sam Webb believes that President Obama is a "friend".

He also believes that Obama's Nobel Prize is well justified.

The vast majority of people ache for the easing of tensions, an end to violence, and the normalization of relations between states. They want dialogue and negotiation, not war and threats. They would like to see a concerted and cooperative effort to address global challenges. And they hope that the U.S. government will choose a constructive role in world affairs.

The new president has embraced and articulated these sentiments. In a series of speeches, he has accented human solidarity, diplomacy, cooperation, and peaceful settlement of contentious issues. In nearly every region of the world, the president has engaged with countries that during the Bush years were considered mortal enemies - Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, and others.

In Latin America, he has expressed a readiness to put relations between our government and others in the region on a different footing. In a historic speech in Prague, he voiced his wish to reduce and ultimately abolish nuclear weapons. And in an unprecedented address in Cairo he indicated his eagerness to reset relations with the Muslim world, sit down with the Iranian government, and press for a two state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

No small achievement! What the President has said (and done) so far constitutes a qualitative turn from the policies of the previous administration and an acknowledgement that the U.S. has to adapt to new world realities and challenges.

In contrast with the Bush administration that employed naked force to maintain U.S. imperial dominance (and abjectly failed in its mission), President Obama is going in a different direction. How far he will go is another question that can't be answered yet. It will depend not only on his desires, but also on the actions of the American people and of people and governments worldwide. All of us have a stake in reconfiguring and democratizing global relations.

That his deeds do not fully match his words is to be noted, but not to the point where it takes away in the least from the fact that the president has not only started a conversation, but also has created space for the rest of us to participate in this conversation which hopefully will lead to a more peaceful, just, and egalitarian world.

For that President Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

Or the Lenin Prize?

Sir Roger Douglas on Flat Tax

From the ACT Party website.

NZ Doomed To Status Quo

by Hon Sir Roger Douglas, ACT New Zealand

ACT New Zealand Finance spokesman Sir Roger Douglas today urged Prime Minister John Key to consider a flat tax, following his decision to blindly dismiss the work Treasury was doing.

“If John Key really wants to have an economic recovery – boosting productivity and exports - then he is being foolhardy to reject out of hand the idea of a flat tax, when instead he should consider all the options on the table” Sir Roger said.

“Incentives matter. A flat and low rate of tax would provide incentives for people to work, for people to seek promotions, and for people to upskill. Unfortunately, current levels of tax – combined with the abatement of benefits – means that the incentives to work harder and get ahead are dulled. Many of our best and brightest are leaving New Zealand for low taxes overseas.

“If Mr Key is concerned about equity, then a flat tax can be designed that is equitable as well. Simply have a high tax free threshold with a minimum guaranteed income for individuals provided through tax credits. The idea that a flat tax is inequitable is nonsense.

“The message this sends is very clear: Mr Key is perfectly happy to lead a Government that spends around 40 percent of GDP, wasting billions of taxpayers’ dollars and churns many of those tax dollars back to the people who paid them. He is more concerned about how he will look in two years’ time rather than actually doing his job, and restoring this nation to economic prosperity.

“The modus operandi of the National Party is becoming fairly clear. They constantly talk about the need to change, about the need to boost productivity, but every option except the status quo seems to be off the table. Unfortunately for National, good ideas never die” Sir Roger said.

Go Sir Roger!

Model Obama Citizens

Sad, but true.

Friday, October 09, 2009

US Radicals 2 Carolyn Trowbridge

US Radicals 1 here

Carolyn Trowbridge is a leading Communist Party USA activist from Tuscon Arizona.

A retired nurse, Trowbridge chairs the Party's Women's Equality Commission and unsurprisingly is an active feminist.

She has been active in the Raging Grannies peace group and the immigrants rights group Derechos Humanos, supports the Alliance of Retired Americans and was recently vice president of the Arizona ACLU.

She has been active for many years-agitating against aid for the Nicaraguan contras in the '80s and is no friend of Arizona Senator John McCain.

Like many of her comrades, Carolyn Trowbridge has worked closely with the radical community group ACORN.

She is also active in Health Care for America Now-a nationwide network of mainly ACORN and SEIU aligned activists agitating for socialized health care.

Health Care for America Now is directed from Washington DC by Trowbridge's comrade, Communist Party supporter Margarida Jorge.

Carolyn Trowbridge represented SEIU and Health Care for America Now at a National Health Care Forum in Tucson on May 26 2009.

Trowbridge said she is confident the Obama administration will be able to push substantial health care reform through Congress before December.

“We have two things this year that we have never had before at the same administration that is dedicated to reform and a lot of pressure coming from people that are informed about the crisis in health care.”

Carolyn Trowbridge despises Arizona's world famous hard-line Sheriff Joe Arpaio

In an October 2009 interview with comrade Pepe Lozano of the People's World, Carolyn Trowbridge heavily criticized Sheriff Joe for his alleged harsh treatment of Latino immigrants. Trowbridge also played the race card.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has removed Sheriff Joe Arpaio's authority to arrest suspected undocumented immigrants on the streets based solely on their immigration status.

Carolyn Trowbridge, described as a Tucson, immigrant rights activist and a state board member of the American Civil Liberties Union, said the government's move was correct. The Maricopa County sheriff "has clearly violated people's human rights on a grand scale''" in tracking down and sweeping up anybody with brown skin.

In most cases he is clearly out of his jurisdiction and clearly he is also out of his mind...The guy is a maniac.

Trowbridge said Arpaio is known for causing confrontations with small town mayors and chiefs of police who speak out against his immigration roundups.

Arpaio and his posse will arrest anybody who looks like an immigrant and his definition of ‘illegal' is anybody with dark skin... Racism plays a major role here

In March, the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division announced it was investigating Arpaio's office on accusations of racial profiling, discrimination and unconstitutional searches and seizures.

There needs to be a real change in how we view immigration rights in this country and I'm heartened to know that the Obama administration is looking at this process in a more humane way said Trowbridge.

US Radicals 3 here

Warning from a Cuban-American Patriot

Cuban American Bernard Navarro lived through Castro's takeover of his homeland.

He beleives that the US under Obama is headed in the same direction.

Thanks to Robin.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Sneaky Harry Does the Republicans a Favor

Deepak Bhargava's partner Harry Hanbury makes docos for ANP.

He recently shot this clip at a Republican National Committee meeting, which was to feature a special session to vote on a resolution to re-brand the Democratic Party as the "Democrat Socialist Party."

Hanbury was obviously intending to mock the Republicans-but actually succeeded in giving me a little more confidence in the Party.

These guys actually do seem to have some idea of the Democrat's destructive agenda.

Thanks Harry.

Obama File 89 Deepak Bhargava "Advancing Change in the Age of Obama"

Obama File 88 here

Indian born, New York raised, Harvard educated, Deepak Bhargava may have seldom crossed paths with Barack Obama-but he is a key player in 44th president's movement to transform America.

Deepak Bhargava is connected to almost every aspect of the Obama movement-from George Soros to ACORN, to Democratic Socialists of America, to The Nation, to the communist dominated United for Peace and Justice, to a whole raft of "progressive" non profits.

In the video below, Deepak Bhargava opens the Heartland Democratic Presidential Forum December 10 2007 - a forum exclusively for thousands of community organizers including ACORN personnel.

Note that Obama promises to invite community organizers to the White House even before his inauguration, to contribute to setting his "agenda for change".

Deepak Bhargava's main base for activism is the Washington DC based Center for Community Change, (CCC) which he joined in 1994, after several years as legislative director for ACORN.

Bhargava became the Center's Executive Director in 2004 and has successfully pushed the organization to develop the power and capacity of low-income people, especially low-income people of color, to change the policies and institutions that affect their lives.

Deepak Bhargava has sharpened the Center's focus on grassroots community organizing as the central strategy for social justice and on public policy change as the key lever to improve poor people's lives.

Bhargava conceived and led the Center's work on immigration reform, which has resulted in the creation of the Fair Immigration Reform Movement, a leading grassroots network pressing for changes in the country's immigration laws.

He has spearheaded the creation of innovative new projects like Generation Change, a program that recruits, trains and places the next generation of community organizers, and the Community Voting Project, which brings large numbers of low-income voters into the electoral process.

Helping Bhargava change America, is CCC board member Heather Booth, the former Students for a Democratic Society radical, turned Democratic Party power player.

Booth runs the Midwest Academy out of Chicago-churning out hundreds of "community" and union organizers.

Booth and her husband Paul, a labor union power broker, both have close ties to the US's largest marxist organization, Democrativc Socialists of America.

As does Deepak Bhargava.

Over September 20-22 2002 Frances Fox Piven, Deepak Bhargava and Holly Sklar were billed as keynote speakers at “Confronting the Low-Wage Economy” at the First Congregational Church-Washington, DC, organized by Democratic Socialists of America.

This conference will kick off DSA’s Low Wage Justice Project, which is designed to bring the human consequences of the low wage economy to the attention of the American people.

DSA member Frances Fox Piven is the co-author of the famous Cloward-Piven Strategy developed in the 1960s-widely used by ACORN, DSA and US "community organizers" ever since.

The strategy calls for organizers to encourage the "poor" to enroll for every entitlement possible, in order to bankrupt the US government, to bring about chaos and eventual social revolution.

In his speech to the conference Deepak Bhargava refered favourably to the work of DSA founder [Michael Harrington and his book "The Other America"-which is widely credited with sparking the massive growth of US welfarism in the 1960s under Kennedy and Johnson.

So I do want to say that I enter this new period with a tremendous amount of optimism. Before nine-eleven we saw larger numbers mobilized in the streets on a whole range of issues, immigration, living wages than we'd seen in a long, long time. There is no question that nine-eleven has taken the wind to some degree out of those sails, but I think both the demographic, the organizational, the economic realities underneath that momentum at the local level are still present, and it's up to our imagination and our will to rekindle it over the next couple of years. But I think we can make great strides on this anniversary of Michael Harrington's The Other America in doing something serious about it...

Deepak Bhargava's radical ties extend in several directions.

At the higher level, Bhargava is a board member at George Soros' Open Society Institute (OSI).

On November 29, 2006 Bhargava participated in a roundtable discussion at OSI New York entitled "How Do Progressives Connect Ideas to Action?"

Individuals and organizations with similarly progressive goals often dilute their power by working alone or even working at cross-purposes. As Americans who are politically left of center move forward, questions of infrastructure, communication, and collaboration are particularly important.

Participants included;

Robert Borosage-A trustee of the far left Washington "think tank" Institute for Policy Studies and founder/CEO of Campaign for America's Future.

Rosa Brooks Daughter of IPS Trustee and DSA member Barbara Ehrenreich. Now a senior advisor to the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, Michele Flournoy.

Anna Burger AFL-CIO, later a Progressives for Obama endorser and key player in labor union/Obama White House dealings.

Eric Foner DSA member.

Katrina vanden Heuvel IPS trustee, The Nation editor.

John Podesta Center for American Progress founder. CAP is a key source of "progressive" personnel for the Obama Administration.

Joel Rogers Key DSA aligned "progressive" activist. A founder of the radical New Party which Obama joined in Chicago in 1995.

As of July 17, 2007 Deepak Bhargava, Center for Community Change was affiliated with United for Peace and Justice-the US peace movement umbrella group.

UFPJ was intiated to oppose the Iraq war by the Institute for Policy Studies . It is completely dominated by communists and radicals, which doesn't seem to bother Bhargava.

Also leading organizations affiliated to UFPJ in July 2007, were Communist Party members Judith LeBlanc, Rosalio Munoz, Alfred Marder and Erica Smiley, Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism aligned activists Leslie Cagan, Attieno Davis, Howard Wallace and Van Gosse, DSA leaders Jason Schulman and Lucas Shapiro, Freedom Road Socialist Organization Maoists, Dennis O'Neil and Juliet Ucelli, IPSers Phyllis Bennis, Saif Rahman and Arthur Waskow and a very familiar name to readers of this blog-Van Jones of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights.

Bhargava serves on the editorial board of the The Nation--effectively the house journal of the IPS.

Fellow Editorial board members include;

Barbara Ehrenreich DSA member, IPS Trustee, New Party and Progressives for Obama founder.

Eric Foner DSA member.

Lani Guinier Daughter of communist Ewart Guinier.

Tom Hayden SDS and Progressives for Obama founder.

Deborah Meier DSA member and speaker in 1998, with Barack Obama at the memorial service of Chicago DSA member Saul Mendelson)

Victor Navasky IPS Trustee, The Nation.

Marcus Raskin IPS founder.

Below is a video of Deepak Bhargava speaking at a The Nation forum in April 2009, on the prospects for "progressive" gains under Obama's "stealth agenda".

On February 26 2009, Mike Lux, Miles Rapoport of Demos, Deepak Bhargava and Gloria Totten of Progressive Majority spoke at the Center for Community Change in New York at a forum entitled "Progressives in an Obama World: The Role of the Progressive Movement in a Democratically Controlled Washington".

The forum blurb identified Obama as a "progressive" and went on to say;

Since the 2004 election, the progressive movement has built a powerful infrastructure of think tanks, media outlets and advocacy organizations. Frustrated by the conservative ascendancy and the dominance of conservative ideas, individuals and institutions have put forward new paradigms for government and promoted a bold vision for the future.

But now a progressive holds the highest office in the land. As the movement struggles to define its role in the Obama era, important questions remain unanswered: What is the role of such organizations in Washington and how can they best create political space for Obama to act? On what issues should the movement compromise and on which take strong stands? How can progressives build consensus to make their efforts more effective?

The panel will feature progressive leaders Deepak Bhargava, Miles Rapoport and Mike Lux; the speakers will draw on two new books, ‘Thinking Big: Progressive Ideas for a New Era,’ and The Progressive Revolution: How the Best in America Came to Be, as they discuss what progressives can do to create momentum for greater boldness at a time when opportunities and challenges abound.

Miles Rapoport is another former SDSer, DSA associate, ACORN defender and ardent Obama supporter. Interestingly Rapoport became president of New York "think tank" Demos in 2000-while Obama was still a founding Trustee of the organization.

Van Jones, incidentally is still listed as a Demos Trustee.

Below is another Bhargava speech from February 2009, given to the Liberty Hill foundation "Advancing Change in the Age of Obama".

On Wednesday, November 05, 2008 Deepak Bhargava and the Center for Community Change issued a statement on the new President-elect;

Community Organizers Welcome One of Their Own to the White House

Community organizers across the country congratulate the historic victory of one of our own and herald the role community organizing played in revitalizing participation in our democratic process.

“Community organizing helped mobilize voters like never before with grassroots organizations engaging in electoral politics. Sen. Obama’s own campaign was modeled on the tools of organizing, building the national groundswell that got him to this moment.

“Election Day is just the beginning. Community organizing will continue to play an important role in keeping an expectant and motivated electorate working together with the new Administration to find solutions for our shared problems. Together we will strive to realize the dream we voted for – an America that works for all of us.

On December 4, thousands of grassroots leaders will host Realizing the Promise: A forum on Community, Faith and Democracy to lay out a strategy to work with President-elect Obama and the new Congress on the people’s agenda for change.

Mild-mannered Deepak Bhargava is at the heart of the US social revolution.

He and Obama may never have exchanged more than a few words, but they are assuredly working for the same future.

Obama File 90 here

Fox Hires Radical Commentator

I'm not one to criticize Fox News.

Without Fox we wouldn't have Glenn Beck and his colleagues to shine on a light on the Obama administration.

But why has Fox hired ultra radical Marc Lamont Hill as a regular commentator?

Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media has the story here

Who would plaster his Twitter page with police mug shot photos of convicted cop-killer Assata Shakur? Fox News contributor Marc Lamont Hill did. At least until David Horowitz and Accuracy in Media took notice and wrote about it. Now the page features photos of boxing great Muhammad Ali. Hill's MySpace page is also gone...

On December 6, 2006, when reports indicated that Cuban dictator Fidel Castro was sick, Fox News contributor Marc Lamont Hill declared on his blog that he was afraid the information might be true. "My fears about Fidel's health are not only personal but political," he wrote.

Back in February 2008, Hill wrote that he thought Barack Obama was too much of a moderate. "For many black people," he wrote, "Obama's success would provide symbolic value by showing that the black man (not woman!) can make it to the top. Although black faces in high places may provide psychological comfort, they are often incorporated into a Cosbyesque gospel of personal responsibility ('Obama did it, so can you!') that allows dangerous public policies to go unchallenged."

Hill warned about "the triple threat of global racism, poverty, and militarism" and warned that Obama may not turn out to be "the revolutionary outsider that he's portrayed to be."

What up Rupert? Why give space to this man?

Simpson On Ayers and Obama's Book

My good friend James Simpson-of Cloward-Piven fame is now a columnist with the Washington Examiner.

Today he posted a very interesting piece on the chance meeting of another friend blogger Ann Leary and former terrorist and Obama neighbour Bill Ayers.

Last Friday we posted an article on these pages asserting Bill Ayers' authorship of President Barack Obama's 'Dreams From My Father,' based on claims made by Obama biographer Christopher Andersen. It is possible that we have now gotten direct confirmation of this from Bill Ayers himself.

Anne Leary of Back Yard Conservative was passing through Washington, DC’s Reagan National Airport yesterday, and was surprised to come across Bill Ayers at Starbucks: “scruffy, thinning beard, dippy earring, and the wire rims, heading to order.” She struck up a conversation with him and snapped the accompanying photo. (Photo provided courtesy Anne Leary.)

I interviewed Anne this morning about it.

Ayers was in Washington, he told her, for a conference on education.

“That's what I do, education,” he said. “You shouldn't believe everything you hear about me... You know nothing about me.”

To which she responded, “I said, I know plenty--I'm from Chicago, a conservative blogger, and I'll post this.”

I bet his heart skipped a beat on that one.

But he didn’t scowl, and didn’t run off as he has been known to do. Instead, unprompted, he blurted out: “I wrote ‘Dreams From My Father… Michelle asked me to.” Then he added “And if you can prove it we can split the royalties.”

Read the rest here

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

US Radicals 1 Margarida Jorge

Margarida Jorge is the Washington DC National Field Director for Health Care for America Now-HCan, a nationwide network based around ACORN, Jobs with Justice and some labor unions, dedicated to promoting "single payer", or socialized health care.

In this role, Jorge works with labor, community, faith, grassroots, and progressive organizations to move Members of Congress to support HCAN’s vision of health care reform in ways that build power for permanent local organizations. Previously, Jorge directed Americans for Health Care, SEIU’s grassroots campaign to win health care for all and also worked on candidate elections, state legislative fights, and ballot initiative campaigns in the states.

Margarida Jorge began her career in the labor movement, where she organized low-income health care workers in the South and the Midwest for nearly 10 years.

She is closely associated with the Communist Party USA.

In September 2006 the Peoples Weekly World listed several associates and members of the Missouri/Kansas club of the Communist Party USA.

They were;

Colan Holmes , Glenn Burleigh , Jim Wilkerson , Jocelyn Cochran-Biggs , Joey Mooney , John Pappademos , Julie Terbrock , Katrina Molnor , Kaveh Razani , Margarida Jorge , Mary Barbur , Nafisa Kabir , Phil Webb , Quincy Boyd , Russ Ford , Steve Johnson , Tony Pecinovsky , Yvette Harris , Zenobia Thompson.

According to the Communist Party journal Political Affairs, Jorge was keynote speaker at a People's Weekly World function in St Louis in April 2009.

''17th Annual Hershel Walker ‘Peace & Justice’ Awards Breakfast Missouri/Kansas Friends of People’s Weekly World St Louis, MO April 25, Sat., 9:30 a.m.''

''Keynote speaker: Margarida Jorge, Nat’l Field Dir HCAN (Health Care for America Now!). Awardees: Lara Granich, Exec Dir Missouri Jobs with Justice, Don Giljum, Bus Mgr Operating Engineers Local 148, VP of St. Louis Central Labor Council, Maida Coleman, former 5th Dist Sen & current candidate for mayor.''

Contact for the event was Tony Pecinovsky of the Communist Party USA.

In August 2009 Margarida Jorge wrote an extensive memo to HCAN field partners offering guidance on how to deal with "right wing" protestors at health care town hall meetings.

''Margarida Jorge To: HCAN Field Partners''

''RE: HCAN—Responding to Right-Wing Attacks in the Field - August 4, 2009''

''Since early February, we’ve seen increasing numbers of militant right-wing activists attending public meetings across the country targeting Members of Congress and President Obama. Now in the August recess, the “tea-bagger” protesters and right-wing activists are showing up in larger numbers with a mission to be as disruptive as possible in the hopes of rattling Members of Congress and halting health care reform through pure spectacle and obstruction.''

''Our response is shaped by 3 things:''

''Our targets are Members of Congress who must vote “yes” for this bill. Our targets are not the rightwing extremists. The targets of these attacks are Members of Congress. Those Members are also our targets.''

''We need to use these attacks as opportunities to work with the Members in ways that build our relationship in the field and bring us together as allies in health care reform. Members may be more receptive to partnering with us if they know we will help them combat the opposition.''

''Our core message is effective, and we should always come back to it. Our campaign plan has always anticipated opposition. No matter what the right-wingers bring up to distract the debate, we should always circle back to our key message. We are on the side of quality, affordable health care for everyone, and we are against turning over health care reform to the insurance companies and lobbyists who got us into this mess to begin with. We need to educate the press and the public that the protesters are aligned with the corporate lobbyists and insurance companies who are trying to stop reform.''

A few months ago, Margarida Jorge was a low level supporter of the Missouri Communist Party, working with ACORN, Jobs with Justice and the like.

Now she plays a key role in a nationwide organization at the center of of the national healthcare debate.

Her job is to defuse the opposition to Obama's health care reforms by applying the skills and techniques developed by her Communist Party friends.

US radicals 2 here

US Radicals Profiled

To complement my Obama files, I thought I should add a series of profiles on influential American leftists.

The USA is undergoing a socialist revolution right now and the country's fate hangs in the balance.

That means, in effect, that the fate of the planet is at stake.

I thought it might be helpful to my US readers to know more about some of the radicals they are up against.

Hopefully it might just help to tip the balance in a positive direction.

Some will be well known, some will be obscure.

All will be influential.

Glenn Beck is a Bona Fide Hero

After exposing Van Jones, ACORN, Valerie Jarrett and countless other boils on the bum of American politics, Glenn Beck has become a target.

The MSM has been digging around Beck's past, even digging up his mother's 30 year old suicide.

Glenn Beck is fighting back.

Let's support him all the way.

Monday, October 05, 2009


This is nasty.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

"The Day Obamacare Died"

Overly optimistic, but hilarious.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Many a True Word Said in Jest...

So called "free market" economist and Obama adviser Austan Goulsbee at a recent comedy show in Chicago.

Alleged "Terrorist" Nuts Off About Kiwi Troops in Afghanistan

Here's four individuals from Peace Action Wellington disrupting Associate Minister of Defence Heather Roy during a very recent consultation meeting over the new defence policy in Upper Hutt.

Two of the four are members of the Marxist-Leninist Workers Party of NZ.

The most vocal is NZ born, US raised anarchist Val Morse.

At least she kept her clothes on this time.

Val right, sunglasses

Val has a bit of cheek (no pun intended) going on about NZ troops in Afghanistan, while she still awaits trial for her alleged role in Tame Iti's alleged terrorist training camps in the Ureweras.

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The More Things Change...

This 1934 anti "New Deal" cartoon from Chicago, sums up todays Obama administration perfectly.

Thanks to JP.

Obama File 88 Parallel Lives? Obama's "Go To" Man, Patrick Gaspard and New York Socialism

Obama File 87 here

In June 2009 Patrick Gaspard, a Brooklyn-based, 41-year-old Democratic operative, became White House director of the Office of Political Affairs.

Patrick Gaspard’s official responsibility is to provide the president with an "accurate assessment of the political dynamics affecting the work of his administration" and to "work with powerbrokers around the country to help push the president’s agenda".

According to Rep. Gregory Meeks;

He’s a low key, behind-the-scenes, no-fingerprints kind of guy. I need something, I call Patrick. And if he calls, it’s a big deal. He’s close to the president.

Considerable attention has been focused on Gaspard's ties to the radical community group ACORN.

This post looks at Gaspard's ties to the groups behind ACORN-the groups that helped President Obama during his Chicago days-Democratic Socialists of America and the Communist Party offshoot Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism.

Patrick Gaspard was reportedly born in Kinshasa, Zaire, after his father, a political opponent of the Duvalier dictatorship in Haiti, fled there.

Patrick Gaspard’s father moved with his wife from Haiti to "post-liberation" Zaire, when its pro-communist leader, Patrice Lumumba, appealed to French-speaking academics of African descent to teach there.

Three years after Patrick Gaspard’s birth, the family moved to New York.

Like Obama, Patrick Gaspard wrote poetry. Like Obama , Patrick Gaspard grew up admiring third world leftists and revolutionaries. He reportedly idolized Aime Cesaire, a radical poet/politician from the French colony of Martinique.

Cesaire was elected to the French Parliament with the French Communist Party, but later left to form his own leftist party in Martinique.

Cesaire also taught the anti-colonialist Marxist theorist Frantz Fanon, of whom Obama wrote admiringly in his autobiography, Dreams From My Fathers.

Patrick Gaspard got his start in politics, in the mid 1980s, organizing demonstrations in New York City for "social justice" in Haiti.

He got his first taste of campaign work in the 1988 presidential campaign of Jesse Jackson-like Obama a product of the Chicago socialist machine.

Patrick Gaspard went on to David Dinkins’ first New York mayoral race, as an intern in Dinkins' office and then to City Hall, when Dinkins won the New York Mayoralty.

Dinkins was at the time, a member of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).

In 1997, outgoing Manhattan borough president Ruth Messinger, also a member of Democratic Socialists of America, enlisted Gaspard for her doomed mayoral campaign against Rudy Giuliani.

After the Messinger debacle, Gaspard became chief of staff to Councilwoman Margarita Lopez, a radical feminist from the Lower East Side.

In 1999, Lopez loaned Gaspard out to help Local 1199 of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) to organize a march in protest of the police shooting death of Amadou Diallo, a Guinean immigrant.

Gaspard was allegedly a key organizer of the civil disorder that followed Diallo's death.

The union was one of the central organizers of the civil disobedience that followed, and 1199 President Dennis Rivera and then-Political Director Bill Lynch asked Gaspard to coordinate those efforts.

Dennis Rivera, president of Local 1199, recruited Gaspard to the union- where after some he rose to the rank of union Executive Vice President.

It is important to realize that Local 1199 is one of New York's most powerful and militant labor unions.

Founded in 1932, the union was left led from the start and was investigated in 1948 by the House Un-American Activities Committee for Communist "infiltration".

At at a March 2007 meeting to celebrate the [[Communist Party USA]] donation of its papers to New York's Tamiment Library, Steve Kramer, executive vice president of Service Employees Union [[Local 1199]], spoke of the Communist Party’s role in building and maintaining his union.

Recounting 1199’s “''disastrous”'' 1984 strike and internal strife in which “''the union almost tore itself up'',” Kramer said that but for the party’s efforts, “''1199 would have been a small union''” Today, with nearly 300,000 members, it is the world’s largest union local.

When the Communist Party split in 1991, several Local 1199 officials joined the dissenting faction and took many comrades into the breakaway Committees of Correspondence.

Among those Local 1199 officials signing the Communist Party dissenter's "An initiative to Unite and Renew the Party" document, which brought tensions to crisis point, were Paul Friedman (Local 1199 Vice President), Rafael Pizarro (Local 1199 organiser), Geoffrey Jaques (associate editor 1199 News) and Marshall Garcia (Local 1199 executive Vice President).

Friedman, Pizarro, Jacques and Garcia all went on to support Committees of Correspondence.

Pizarro also went on to help found the radical New Party, which Obama joined in Chicago in 1995.

Many other 1199ers also supported Committees of Correspondence, including Lenore Colbert (Local 1199 Vice President), Pat Harris (Local 1199 Vice President), David Kranz and Socorro Laguerra (Local 1199 rank and file), Pam Mills (Local 1199 Seattle), Bruce Richard (SEIU San Francisco, now a Local 1199 Vice President), Angela Doyle (Local 1199 Vice President) and Nelson Valdez (Local 1199 Vice President}.

Doyle, Valdez and Richard still hold senior positions with the union.

In addition, leading Committees of Correspondence member Mael Apollon is involved with the Local 1199 Child Care Fund.

Also of note is the late Merrilee Milstein , who was from 1972 to 1994, Vice President of the New England Local 1199. Milstein was a hard left activist in her own right and was married to Communist Party member Brian Steinberg.

Milstein left 1199, to become assistant to then Connecticut Secretary of State Miles Rapoport-now president of the ACORN supporting, DSA linked, New York think tank Demos.

Barack Obama was one of Demos' first Trustees when it was established in 1999.

Gerry Hudson, now a vice president of the SEIU, also got his start at Local 1199 in New York. Hudson is a member of Democratic Socialists of America and also serves on the board of the Apollo Alliance-founded by Obama's recently departed "Green Jobs Czar" Van Jones.

In 2003, Patrick Gaspard was granted leave from Local 1199 to work as the deputy national field director for the presidential campaign of Howard Dean. After Dean was eliminated from the race, Gaspard became national field director for George Soros’ political action group America Coming Together.

Later Gaspard helped Yvette Clarke win the Congressional seat vacated by Democratic Socialists of America member and Communist Party supporter Major Owens.

Clarke is now a member of the leftist Congressional Progressive Caucus-which has long and deep ties to DSA.

In 1995 Patrick Gaspard was an organizer for the New Jersey chapter of the New Party, a creation of ACORN, DSA and Committees of Correspondence.

By 2001 Gaspard was a leading activist in the New Party offshoot, the New York Working Families Party-a DSA/ACORN/Committees of Correspondence/Communist Party collaboration.

Gaspard and Bertha Lewis of ACORN, wrote a letter to the July 2, 2001 issue of The Nation;

In the course of their letter, Gaspard and Lewis describe their extensive joint involvement in Working Families Party activities. The letter is signed: "Bertha Lewis, ACORN, WFP; Patrick Gaspard, SEIU State Council, WFP."

According to DSA's Democratic Left Summer 2001

Veterans of the left will remember that the 1968 Peace and Freedom Party and the 1980 Citizens Party arose at moments of greater left-wing strength and did not significantly alter the national electoral landscape. Nor has, unfortunately, the New Party, which many DSAers work with in states where “fusion” of third party and major party votes is possible (such as the DSA co-sponsored Working Families Party in N.Y. State).

The DSA youth wing's 2004 "Life After Bush" Conference included;

A series of well-attended workshops detailed the nuts-and-bolts of electoral activism, lead by veteran campaigners from trade unions and the NY DSA-affiliated fusion Working Families Party.

Speakers at Life after Bush included;

Cornel West, DSA, New Party founder, 2008 member of Barack Obama's Black Advisory Council. A Progressives for Obama endorser.

Frances Fox Piven, DSA, New Party founder, co-creator of the famous Cloward-Piven Strategy for wrecking the US economy. A Progressives for Obama endorser.

Steve Max DSA Director of Organizing and Training, Midwest Academy Chicago.

Leslie Cagan Committees of Correspondence, National Coordindator, United for
Peace and Justice

Ian Williams DSA, a correspondent for In These Times and The Nation

Bertha Lewis, Co-Chair, Working Families Party, Executive Director, New York ACORN.

DSA member Jay Mazur is also prominent in the Working Families Party and is also an endorser of the Progressives for Obama website.

Patrick Gaspard is still listed on the advisory board of the the WFP aligned Working Families Center, alongside;

Working Families Party co-chair Bob Master

Working Families Party Secretary and New York ACORN head, Jon Kest.

SEIU's Hector Figueroa-a regular speaker at DSA's Socialist Scholars Conferences - including the 2004 event where Van Jones also spoke.

Andrea Batista Schlesinger -on the board of the Oakland based Applied research Center which is closely aligned with Van Jones' Ella Baker Human Rights Center.

Former Committees of Correspondence National Coordinating Committee member Nathan Newman, who recently wrote in the Daily Kos I knew Van (Jones) pretty well back in the early 90s when we were both involved in community organizing efforts, including involvement in a variety of left-leaning groups.

Barack Obama, as a young man, admired third world revolutionaries like Frantz Fanon. He went into community organizing and the DSA/Committees of Correspondence aligned Chicago left, before moving on to the White House.

Van Jones, as a young man, admired third world revolutionaries like Amilcar Cabral. He went from radical community organizing into the San Francisco Committees of Correspondence and the New York DSA aligned left (like Obama, Jones was a Trustee of the DSA aligned Demos), before moving on to the White House.

Patrick Gaspard, as a young man, admired third world revolutionaries like Aime Cesaire. He went into radical organizing and mixed with the DSA/Committees of Correspondence aligned New York left, before moving on to the White House.

Parallel lives? Or just the way US socialism works?

Obama File 89 here